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The rapid advancement of technology has enabled many institutions around the world to offer online courses for students who want to benefit from the perks of learning from credible institutions without stressful commutes.

Online international schools like Cambridge Home School Online are now offering easy and affordable access to an array of subjects with flexibility and convenience for every lifestyle.

Online schooling is a viable alternative for those who don’t want to move across the globe for quality education. eLearning allows you to study at top online schools that don’t need to be in your country of residence.

Many parents often worry about the extra screen time required for online learning. However, studies have shown online learning offers a safe space for students with all abilities and backgrounds to grow and learn practical skills that improve their interpersonal and professional relationships.

Plus, we advocate an intelligent use of technology to enhance the learning abilities of children while helping them improve self-discipline and stirring the curiosity and motivation required for self-learning. Our classes are designed dynamically to help students learn how to communicate respectfully, participate confidently, and seek support whenever they don’t understand a concept without feeling embarrassed.

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Our MA/MSc/PhD qualified teachers monitor instances of discrimination, bullying, anxious or depressed behaviours, and other issues closely to nip them in the bud.

Our students know no such negative behaviours toward other peers or teachers will be tolerated at our online school. The low teacher-student ratio per class helps our education specialists to keep an eye on and provide personalised feedback about each child. They build a strong relationship with each child to gain insights into their learning capabilities and ensure they receive personalised attention.


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Moreover, students can attend lectures from any location, connect with others online, and participate in healthy discussions to stay on top of the latest happenings in different parts of the world. It frees them from the constraints of physical classrooms and allows respecting family, work, or other commitments. They can also spend extra time socialising, exploring new places, learning new skills, enjoying hobbies and interests, and practising self-care.

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Currently, Cambridge Home School Online is helping parents’ dreams come true by accepting applications from students in Europe, the UK, Africa, Central Asia, South Asia, the Middle East, and many other regions worldwide.

However, while cloud-based features have made learning a lot smarter, the attention spans and learning motivation of students are declining fast due to many contributing factors. Focusing isn’t always easy, with so many distractions all around. But with little effort, you can help your child excel at an online school. You first need to create a dedicated study space where they can attend classes and complete homework or revise lessons without distractions.


a space with all the features of a good study room for online students


The Importance of a Separate Study Room

Many parents are tempted to set up a study corner in their children’s bedrooms. Although this is a quick and easy approach, it’s unsuitable for younger children. Even for older students, the approach isn’t feasible if they lack the motivation to focus on their studies.

The best way to counter the problem is to dedicate a separate study room free from comic books, toys, gadgets, gaming consoles, and other distractions. It helps ensure young children don’t lose the gist of their lessons by getting distracted by anything within sight. Although older students tend to have more self-control, they can easily fall into the trap too.

Whether you turn a guestroom, library, or any extra room into a study room, make sure it’s the quietest room. Soundproofing the room is also a great way to ensure no noise disturbs the focus of children during online classes or study hours.

The room should get ample sunlight, so it’s bright instead of gloomy and dark. Teens often love darker rooms for the vibes and overall privacy they create. But brighter rooms increase motivation levels and have a generally uplifting effect on students of all ages.

We recommend choosing a visually appealing design and colour palette that adds a refreshing touch to the room. But don’t go overboard. Some colour schemes tend to have a negative impact on productivity and well-being. The space should have a bright and engaging atmosphere that doesn’t affect attentiveness.

Ask about your child’s preferences before starting work on creating the study room. Their comfort and opinion matter as it’s supposed to be a space where they feel inspired. They might have some ideas about the elements they’d like in the room.

As long as they don’t add to any distractions, their active participation in the room’s fun and positive transition can help them look forward to studying well and acing their online classes.

Study tables, notebooks, stationery, course books, a steady internet connection, and a laptop or desktop computer are some essentials that supplement the learning process.

In our 20+ years of experience, we’ve concluded that laptops and desktop computers are better than tablets or mobile devices when it comes to retaining discipline and focus among young students. Our experts discuss some more features of a good study room for online students in detail.


a well-lit and ventilated study room


#1- Good Lighting and Ventilation

Natural light can make or break any space. Working under fluorescent lights for long hours cannot match the comfort of natural reflected light that brings warmth and vitality to the room. Setting a comfortable desk near a window can make the space productive. Natural sunlight is also healthy for children, emotionally and physically.

Moreover, focusing on a computer screen for too long in dimly lit rooms can cause eyestrain. Having plenty of lighting can illuminate the textbooks and support good vision hygiene. Low-maintenance houseplants like snake or aloe plants are also great for making the place more calming. Research shows that plants help improve indoor air quality and attention, so adding them to the room can add a hint of colour while making it more peaceful.

#2- Double Down on Comfort

While ergonomics and overall aesthetic appeal are both important, comfort often precedes other things. The studying table, chair, and other fixtures must be comfortable, spacious, and at the perfect height.

Build multiple comfortable spots where the child can study so they don’t get tired of sitting in the same spot repeatedly. Comfort is key, but make sure it’s limited to good posture. Beyond that, the relaxing environment can induce sleep or make the child unproductive.

A neutral sitting posture with ample space to rest the elbows and feet without hunching the body improves mood and the ability to focus, allowing children to breeze through the lessons.

#3- Motivational Scents

While motivational quotes are common pick-me-ups, essential oils like peppermint, rosemary, and lavender have been shown to increase retention and concentration. Try dabbing or diffusing mood-boosting scents before they sit down for online classes, exams, or study sessions to see the difference.

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#4- Keep Things Organised

Tidy up the space and get rid of any clutter to reduce distractions. Turn this into a fun-filled activity with your child: pick up a spot where all the books and supplies can be stored neatly.

Add some personal touches and motivational quotes, and set up the computer where the internet works best. Rearranging all the items every day before the class is a waste of time. A desk organiser is also a great way to keep all supplies organised and within reach.

Teach them to tidy up the space at the end of each session so all notebooks, binders, and stationery are kept in an organised manner. This also helps them learn prioritisation and time management skills.


a child reading a book on the rug in a well-organised study room


Work with them to devise a schedule and pin it in a space where they can refer to it easily. Teach them to use it to prioritise tasks, allocate time to projects, and identify when to take breaks throughout the day. Soon they’ll learn to stop wasting time procrastinating, as it doesn’t contribute to any goals.

While clocks can be an enemy and a best friend at the same time, they should be out of sight because children tend to keep an eye on them. It can lead to distractions or anxiety by a sense of urgency. However, when they use the clock to set time-related goals, plan breaks, schedule the next assignments, or use it to keep moving forward, they learn to manage their time well. This is a skill that will help them excel even in their professional life.

#5- Set Rules

Ensure the children don’t bring games or any other recreational materials to the study room. When they want to enjoy League of Legends or board games, they can do so in the living room or their bedroom.

Children shouldn’t ideally be allowed to watch TV shows, YouTube or TikTok videos, and movies in the study room. Although our educators use multimedia to help children grasp concepts and retain ideas creatively, children should know the difference between entertainment and edutainment.

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The space should be reserved predominantly for homework, classes, coursework, revision, or other school-related work. They should only be allowed to access the eLibrary, power points, recorded lectures, podcasts, and study guides in the room.

Long hours require breaks, so encourage them to bring healthy snacks to the room but keep them from having full meals in there.


parents, teachers, and school representatives discussing the admission process on an online British school


Now that you know the features of a good study room for online students, the next step is to enrol the child into a reputable online British School where your child can excel at academics while learning real-world skills.

If you’re ready to help your children grow into attentive, compassionate, empathic, intelligent, and skilled individuals, this is the right time to submit an application form at one of the best online British schools in the UK.

As one of the leading online international schools, Cambridge Home School Online offers classes starting from primary prep school all the way through to IGCSEs and Sixth Form, working with students across the globe.

If our positive reviews and features have convinced you to follow through, reach out to our representatives. They can walk you through the admissions process and important term dates. You can submit the application form or send an email to receive prompt guidance about our curriculum, fee structure, and scholarships & bursaries.

Our comprehensive curriculum is focused on preparing each student for the practical life ahead of them. 86% of our IGCSE students secured A’s and A*’s, and 83% secured B’s in all primary subjects. A significant percentage of students at our online British school receive instant offers from some of the best universities worldwide. The names included top universities such as Princeton, Berkeley, Yale, Oxford, Cambridge, Harvard, MIT, and Columbia, among others.

The near-perfect score our top online school has received on TrustSpot from students and parents worldwide signifies why our institution is a good fit for every student.


How does online schooling accommodate different student lifestyles?

Online schooling, such as that offered by Cambridge Home School Online, provides flexibility and convenience, allowing students to learn from anywhere without the need for stressful commutes, and to schedule their study around personal commitments.

What are the benefits of online learning for students from diverse backgrounds?

Online learning offers a safe and inclusive space where students from various abilities and backgrounds can grow, learn practical skills, and improve interpersonal and professional relationships, with reduced concerns about screen time.

How do online schools like Cambridge Home School Online ensure student welfare?

Online schools like Cambridge Home School Online employ qualified teachers who closely monitor students for any signs of discrimination or bullying, and foster a positive environment by providing personalised attention and building strong relationships with each student.

What are the key considerations when setting up a study space for online learning?

A good study space should be quiet, well-lit, and free from distractions. It should also be comfortable but not overly relaxing to the point of inducing laziness, with a design that promotes motivation and focus.

How can parents ensure their children remain focused and organized in an online school?

Parents can help their children excel in online schooling by creating a dedicated study room, setting clear rules about its use, providing organizational tools, teaching time management skills, and ensuring a supportive environment that discourages recreational distractions during study time.

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