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We Excite, Inform, And Skill Young Physicists With Modern Teaching Methods

Physics is a broad-based discipline that aims to understand how things work through experiments, theories, and application. It is imperative for students to learn many of the concepts taught in Physics as they will help them see the world from a whole new perspective. Through lectures and hands-on experiments, students can learn about the various facets of the universe. In order to meet the requirements of various majors and degrees, Cambridge Home School Online offers a diverse and modern homeschooling program that is designed to meet these goals.

Students at the Lower School level need quality guidance through subject specialists and regularly-updated resources. To facilitate students and embed a passion for learning about Physics concepts, Cambridge Home School Online boasts highly qualified Physics teachers with a modern curriculum who can help your child master the subject. Having a firm grasp of Physics is paramount for your child to attain a multitude of opportunities as they grow up.

Through Cambridge Home School Online, we enable students of years 7, 8, and 9 to perfect their understanding and application of fundamental Physics theories and concepts through our Lower School online homeschooling program.

Course Details


  • Independent Curriculum informed by the best of Cambridge and English National Curriculum


  • 1 Year

Delivery Method

  • LIVE online classes of 8-10 students

Start Date

  • September – July (Rolling enrolment throughout the year


How We Stand Out

Cambridge Home School Online utilises a multitude of different methods to ensure that your child not only gets the best possible education but also garners a passion for the subject that broadens their scientific literacy.

Our resources include audio-visual lectures, case studies, and mock exams that help your child remember correct grammar usage. Teachers deliver a high-quality online classroom experience that prepares children for academic success and their ability to reason. Thorough explanations and up-to-date material allow children to develop a mastery of the fundamentals of physics, which will allow them to recall and apply knowledge quickly.

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Why Choose Cambridge Home School

Unmatched Academic Support

At Cambridge Home School Online, we have a team of highly-trained and experienced subject specialist teachers. Often, the curriculum for students is homogenised and does not take modern trends into account. Students are often not given the attention they require from their teachers, affecting their learning and retention capabilities. A large number of students in the same room makes it difficult for teachers to track their academic progress as well.


Small Classroom Size

To ensure that students are given the attention they need to learn and retain the information, our classes are divided into small groups of 8–10 students. We believe that students perform better academically when they receive their teachers’ attention. In most conventional schools, the student-teacher ratio is high. This means that too many students are in class, preventing a learning environment from being engaging, interactive, stimulating, and retentive.

Pastoral Support

Our school counsellors are present to help students manage their academic and non-academic needs. They build trust by providing support, thereby helping the school understand the child’s specific needs to pay attention in class. Today’s students are more prone to experiencing stress and anxiety due to the endless variety of factors affecting their academic performance. This is especially the case for lower school students under pressure to secure top grades to get into their university of choice. By integrating students’ needs into how we design our curriculum, we’re able to provide them with a healthy and supportive learning environment.

An IGCSE student taking an online class in Dubai

About The Teacher

Dr Koos is in charge of our Physics division for the Lower school, IGCSE and A-Level students. He is a highly experienced Chemist and has devoted several years to teaching students about the fundamentals and intricacies of Physics. Apart from his vast experience in the field, he considers his friendly and approachable demeanour as his greatest strength, something he has received acclaim for from parents and teachers alike.

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