Terms First day of term Last day of term
Autumn Term Monday 6th  September 2021 Friday 22 October 2021
Autumn Term Monday 01 November 2021 Friday 17 December 2021
Spring Term Wednesday 05 January 2022 Friday 11 February 2022
Spring Term Monday 21 February 2022 Friday 01 April 2022
Summer Term Monday 25 April 2022 Friday 27 May 2022
Summer Term Monday 06 June 2022 Friday 8 July 2022

* School Closed for UK Bank Holidays


Terms First day of term Last day of term
Autumn Term Monday 05 September 2022 Friday 14 October 2022
Autumn Term Monday 31 October 2022 Friday 16 December 2022
Spring Term Thursday 05 January 2023 Friday 10 February 2023
Spring Term Monday 20 February 2023 Friday 31 March 2023
Summer Term Monday 24 April 2023 Friday 26 May 2023
Summer Term Monday 05 June 2023 Friday 07 July 2023

* School Closed for UK Bank Holidays

We appreciate your interest in Cambridge Home School Online

Our school is almost always full. We’re presently accepting selected applications for September 2022 and 2023. Please submit an early application to increase your chances of enrolment. For more information, feel free to speak with our chatbot or give us a call.
Among the most prestigious online schools globally, we offer just a few places each year. At CHS, we have a team of MA/PhD qualified subject specialist teachers on board. Moreover, we keep the student-teacher ratio low, use an independent curriculum, and offer one-on-one attention to each pupil.

Owing to our high quality of education and a strong focus on academic growth, we receive an exceedingly high number of applications each year. Unfortunately, this affects the overall chances of acceptance to Cambridge Home School Online.

We advise parents to register their children and join our waiting list in advance. You can also submit an enhanced application to give your child a better opportunity of studying at CHS. We’ve outlined the process of completing an enhanced application below; please take a look.