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At Cambridge Primary Prep School, we believe that every student must develop a strong interest in science. This is only possible when students are taught engaging, stimulating, interactive, and fun lessons that demand their attention from the very beginning. Science shouldn’t be presented as a boring subject to young children. This often results in students dreading it instead of appreciating it.

Our MA/MSc/PhD qualified subject specialist teachers use advanced online learning software systems to help students develop a passion for science. We also leverage cutting-edge audio-visual elements to further build interest in the subject. As students pay closer attention to their lessons, they learn better.

We teach science twice a week. The topics change every half term. Our goal is to provide each student with a quality science education that helps them utilise their scientific knowledge and understanding exceptionally well. By using a well-planned, well-structured, and creative approach to teaching science, we ensure that our students remain engrossed in their lessons. Whether students are learning about the human body, growth and reproduction, sources of energy, classification of animals, or any other topic, they develop a natural curiosity for these areas.

We also plan in-class activities and projects to further build each student’s interest in science, nature, different types of scientific enquiry, and the various methods of science. Moreover, they’re provided complete access to an online library of resources and previous lessons. Our students learn exceptionally well and start utilising their skills from a young age. They answer questions about the world around them, sit their tests and exams with confidence, and develop a more nuanced understanding of foundational science topics. Students are provided complete support through and through. If they’re struggling with a particular topic, the learning pace is readjusted to help them get back on track. We believe in using an individualised teaching approach for science. Since the subject can be slightly more complex at times, it must be taught strategically and consistently. We avoid overwhelming students with big chunks of knowledge. Instead, each subtopic is further broken down into small sections that can be easily understood and retained in the long run. By building a strong and secure foundation in science, we help our students become confident learners who progress remarkably well in the upcoming academic stages.


We offer a range of assessments during our live lessons. These include summative tests, worksheets, pop quizzes, group activities, and more. Using these assignments, our teachers assess each student’s scientific knowledge and skills.


Homework is given at the end of each week. Students get a chance to polish their skills and cover more ground. We plan homework around a range of different topics and subtopics, taking special care to cover everything in the syllabus.


Parents are given 24/7 access to their children’s coursework. We also maintain an open line of communication between parents and teachers to ensure complete transparency. Additionally, we hold 3 parent-teacher consultations each year, one in every term.

Miss Aiken

About The Teacher

From Miss. Aiken

Miss. Aiken is an experienced and dedicated teacher who is very friendly and approachable. She enjoys her teaching and this really shows in lessons. Children enjoy their lessons and achieve exceptionally high test results.

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