Sixth Form (A Levels)
English Language


The Cambridge A Level English Language examination requires students to demonstrate excellent speaking, reading, writing, and comprehension skills. Our MA/MSc/PhD qualified teachers build and polish these skills in students, enabling them to sit their exams with confidence and clarity. Students learn key grammar and punctuation rules. They also learn how to communicate their thoughts, ideas, and feelings with clarity and creativity.

We focus on building good vocabulary and enabling students to develop a personal writing style. Students are encouraged to respond critically to a range of different texts. Their communication, reading, analysis, research, and argumentative skills are strengthened significantly.

Students learn how to place text in its context, which helps them understand and respond to it better. They also learn how to express themselves more creatively and artfully, taking special care to keep readers interested from the get-go. We also teach numerous semantic, phonological, morphological, and syntactic aspects of the English language. Students understand that these are fluid, not fixed. They change with time and context.

By building and strengthening the English Language foundation, we ensure that our students perform exceptionally well in their examinations. They also outperform their peers as they pursue English Language in university. Our students secure top grades in A Levels and attend some of the most prestigious universities today, including Oxford, Cambridge, Yale, Harvard, and Princeton, among others.

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Course Outline

The course follows the current Cambridge International Exam (CIE) A Level 9093 specification.

Paper 1

The paper includes three questions. Candidates must answer two questions: Question 1 and either Question 2 or Question 3. All questions carry equal marks. Paper 1 is externally assessed and carries 50 marks. The examination is 2 hours and 15 minutes long. It weighs 25% of the final grade.

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Paper 2

Paper 2 comprises two sections: Section A and Section B. Students must answer two questions: one from Section A and one from Section B. All questions carry equal marks. Paper 2 is also externally assessed and carries 50 marks. The duration is 2 hours and the weightage is 25%.

Paper 3
Text Analysis

Paper 3 contains two questions. Candidates are required to answer both questions; they carry equal marks. Paper 3 is externally assessed. It carries 50 marks and must be attempted within 2 hours and 15 minutes. It weighs 25%.


Paper 4
Language Topics

Paper 4 comprises three questions, each on a different topic. Students must answer two questions. Each question carries equal marks. Paper 4 is externally assessed and must be attempted within 2 hours and 15 minutes. It weighs 25%.


Meet The Teacher

I love leаrning оf аll kinds аnd I hоpe tо pаss оn this enthusiаsm tо my students. Eаch persоn leаrns best in his оr her оwn pаrticulаr wаy, sо I prоvide persоnаlised lessоn plаns tо meet the individuаl needs оf my students.I am an experienced teacher of English, a poet and writer. I аm interested in film аnd music, аnd I`m аlwаys trying tо find new mоvies аnd musiciаns.

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