How to Choose Your IGCSE Subjects – A Guide

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The IGCSE is a reputed education qualification that’s awarded by Cambridge International. The IGCSE curriculum is offered by some top schools throughout the world. It’s a set of academic courses that are designed for students aged 14 to 16.

Six core subjects are included in the curriculum, which also includes subjects such as Mathematics, Science, and Humanities. There are additionally multiple options for students to choose from, depending on what they want to study in the future.

The IGCSE is widely recognised in various countries worldwide and can help prepare you for university and secure a better job.

The program’s assessment and syllabus are two parts of the curriculum. The former covers the content that’s been selected based on international standards for relevance, quality, coherence, and balance. Examinations are then conducted at the end of each course.

While the demand for IGCSE education has grown progressively year-on-year, many students face difficulty in attaining the guidance and tutoring they need to get exceptional grades. The disparity is seen especially in developing countries, where the quality of education in conventional schools leaves much to be desired.

To help students from around the world receive quality British education, Cambridge Home School Online provides online homeschooling for Primary Prep, Lower School, Upper School, and Sixth Form students, allowing them to study from experienced teachers based in the UK from the comfort of their home.

That said, before you can seek the best education for your child, you must hone in on what subjects will suit them best. Here’s everything you need to know before making an informed decision.

Why is IGCSE Well Known?

A student t A student taking online IGCSE Sociology classesaking online IGCSE Sociology classes


The IGCSE is regarded as one of the most widely recognised educational credentials in the world. The program’s courses are known for developing students’ vital educational qualities. These include problem-solving, information recall, and teamwork.

The qualification is widely used as a springboard for various higher-level courses, such as Cambridge International A Levels. It’s similar to the UK’s GCSE in terms of allowing pupils to enter various educational institutions.

Through the IGCSE program, candidates can choose the subjects that they’re most interested in. This allows them to develop their skills and knowledge while gaining a flexible outlook on what they want to pursue as a career in the future.

The IGCSE program is widely used as a way for students to prepare for university and life in general. It also provides them with the necessary skills to succeed in the workforce. The program’s curriculum helps students develop their confidence and adapt to new ideas of careers.

It’s regarded as a highly trustworthy educational credential that can be used to get into various educational institutions worldwide.

Many schools in the UK, Australia, Canada, and the US recognise good marks in the IGCSE English as a Second Language. This is a clear indication that the candidate is capable of speaking and writing English properly.

Guide to IGCSE Subjects

A student taking online IGCSE Sociolo A student taking notesgy classes


The IGCSE program offers various assessment methods, such as oral, written, practical, and coursework. These allow candidates to demonstrate their comprehension and knowledge.

The Cambridge ICE is a group award given to candidates who have taken at least seven subjects from the program’s five curriculum areas.

Those who have taken at least seven subjects from the program’s five curriculum areas are eligible for the Cambridge ICE. They can select any of the syllabus categories for their seventh subject.

Essential Tips for Choosing IGCSE Subjects

Choosing the right subjects for the IGCSE program is very important for every student. They should consider their interests, academic strengths, and skills when making their choices.

It’s best to first try some classes to see if they can help you identify your interests. Doing so will allow you to explore different options and make an informed decision.

Deciding the right subjects for the IGCSE program is very important for every student. It can affect their future career and education. There are several factors that you should consider before making a final decision regarding what subjects to study.

Think about your goals and how you want your future educational and professional endeavours to pan out. You must also consider the time commitment you can allocate for every subject. If the course is too time-consuming, it might not be feasible to balance it with other subjects.

You should also consider the different routes that are available for the program. The Higher Tier, Ordinary Tier, and Foundation Tier are all different levels of qualifications. The higher tiers are usually more demanding than the lower levels.

Before choosing a particular subject, try to identify your weaknesses and strengths. By choosing the appropriate subjects that will help you with good grades, you can make an informed decision.

How Your Choice of IGCSE Subjects Affects Your A levels

Students should consider their interests, degree of proficiency, and the field of work they want to pursue when choosing IGCSE subjects. By selecting the appropriate subjects, applicants will be able to choose the ones that will help them reach their goals.

Pupils should be informed that IGCSE subjects will most likely be the same as those taken for Cambridge International A Levels or the IB Diploma Programme.

Many of the skills that students learn during their IGCSE examinations can be applied to the Cambridge International A Levels or the IB Diploma Programme.

How Cambridge Home School Online Enables Students To Secure Top Grades

A student taking online IGCSE Sociology classes


Success in the International GCSE examinations is paramount. Students must achieve exceptional results in these years to get into university and A Levels. The IGCSEs are highly regarded standalone qualifications that allow students to get a passport to higher education.

Those who perform well at their A Levels are accepted into some of the world’s most prestigious universities and receive a wide range of financial and academic opportunities. IGCSEs are the building blocks towards exceptional academic performance in A Levels and beyond.

Cambridge Home School Online aims to prepare students for success by implementing an independent and well-rounded Upper School curriculum. This ensures that they have the necessary skills and knowledge to succeed in these challenging academic subjects.

Although students have various subjects to choose from at Cambridge Home School Online, many A Level subjects require passing grades in the same courses at the IGCSE level. This means that studying Biology, Psychology, and Mathematics at the same level is required for A Levels entry in the same subjects.

As for A Levels, students are only allowed to study subjects that they have already taken at the IGCSE level, and they must have at least a B to be considered for admission. Cambridge Home School Online encourages students to study as many IGCSEs as possible, but we recommend avoiding choosing too few.

Although students can change their minds about what they want to study in university, this doesn’t apply at the A Level junction. By choosing a wide range of subjects at the IGCSE level, you’ll have the best possible chance of securing a place at a prestigious university.

Cambridge Home School Online aims to help students improve their grades and develop the necessary skills to succeed in these challenging academic subjects through fully qualified and experienced MA/MSc/PhD-qualified teachers.

Students can study at their own pace and be supported by their peers. No matter where they are in the world, the learning experience is given priority at Cambridge Home School Online.

Students from Cambridge Home School Online typically receive higher grades than their counterparts from other schools. This is through highly experienced teachers who have the necessary skills and knowledge to help them succeed in these challenging academic subjects. In addition, our small class size allows us to provide a more engaging and interactive learning environment.

Our large collection of educational resources, including study guides, past papers, and video-recorded lessons, also help students prepare. With these tools, students can easily catch up on their homework and complete their studies. Cambridge Home School Online’s high-quality education helps students develop the necessary skills to succeed in their studies and their careers.

The Takeaway

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The choice of subjects for the IGCSE examinations is very important for students as it can help them determine their future direction.

In the UK, children usually study between six and nine subjects at the Upper School level. They can choose from a wide range of subjects, such as English Language and Literature, Mathematics, and one or more Sciences. They can also take a language, such as French or Spanish. In addition, Computer Science has become a popular choice for students interested in entering the digital economy.

Your child should start with at least five subjects, with Mathematics and English being their first choices. For additional subjects, students should select a range of topics that they are interested in. There is no mandatory requirement for these additional subjects.

The development of skills is a vital part of the IGCSE courses, and this can take time for students to improve. The typical study time for most subjects at the IGCSE level is 150 hours. In English, Mathematics, and Combined Science, you should expect your child to spend around 180 hours studying.

If your child’s examinations are taking place outside of the recommended timescale, you should consider online homeschooling.

The choice of subjects for the IGCSE examinations should be based on whether or not your child will be going on to A level. In addition, the requirements for universities vary globally, so it’s important that your child chooses the right subjects. A good pass at the IGCSE will also be expected if your child plans on taking any of these subjects at A level.

To ensure that your child’s future university admission requirements are not overlooked, we encourage you to contact us to arrange a meeting and discuss what to expect through the A Level and IGCSE programs.

Register for IGCSEs Online Today!

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Today, parents are more aware of what their children want to achieve in the future. They want them to have a clear path to success after Lower School.

Cambridge Home School Online is a leading provider of high-quality online education for students from various countries. Our highly experienced, MA/MSc/PhD-qualified teachers leverage the opportunities of the internet to provide interactive and engaging online sessions.

We leverage EdTech and have small classroom sizes to help improve student learning outcomes. Additionally, we provide a wide variety of resources, including recorded lectures and an eLibrary designed to help students keep track of their studies after they finish school.

Our record speaks for itself; with a near-perfect score on TrustSpot, we’re proud to have helped students from around the world receive quality education and make the most of this critical stage in their academics. We also encourage and facilitate parents to be involved in the operations of the school.

The objective of Cambridge Home School is to help its students reach their academic goals by developing a strong foundation that will allow them to excel in further studies. This process is carried out through the use of various tools and methods that are designed to help students improve their skills.

The school’s high-quality education allows its students to network with some of the most prominent individuals in the world and gain admission to some of the country’s most prestigious universities.

Due to the limited number of available seats in the school, we encourage parents to start registering their children now. We will be able to help you with any questions that you might have regarding the school and online education. In addition, we will also help you make an informed choice regarding the right school for your child.

The classes are delivered through its online platform, which allows students to receive their education from anywhere in the world. The school’s goal is to provide each student with the necessary attention to master their studies at this stage.

Cambridge Home School Online provides online homeschooling for Primary Prep, Lower School, Upper School, and Sixth Form students, allowing them to study from experienced teachers based in the UK from the comfort of their homes.

For more information on our IGCSE school online classes, contact us today!

How Online Learning Fosters Self-Directed Learning And Curiosity

: A child studies online while seated at their desk.

While online schooling, tutoring, and other educational courses and classes have been available online for years, COVID-19 saw a stark increase in their frequency. In the UK alone, the EdTech sector saw a 72% increase in 2020, valuing over £3.2bn, as students across all age groups began to switch to online learning and academics.

The rise in online learning, however, was a long time coming, given its ease, convenience, affordability, and flexibility, and the steady growth of technology, both in general and for this purpose. From smartphones to tablets and computers, to schooling, testing, and hobby-based apps, tools, websites, and platforms, the EdTech world is rapidly growing and evolving, and online learning is fast-replacing or complementing conventional schooling and educational methods.

According to the University of Potomac, 70% of students prefer online classes compared to conventional brick-and-mortar classrooms, while many of their peers enjoy a combination of both options. It comes as no surprise then, that so many parents and students alike are deeply in favour of this mode of learning.

Like 77% of other academic leaders across the globe, our Cambridge-based online British O level school also truly advocates for the intelligent use of technology to improve education and believes that it helps improve self-discipline, self-directed learning, and curiosity, offering the following advantages:

Our online British school encourages them to take charge of their education

Online learning and schooling encourage students to take charge of their education and schooling—engage in classes, build a routine, and apply discipline to their day-to-day lives.

Not only are they more inclined to enjoy the subjects they’re learning, but online learning will teach them to add structure to their day without the formal scheduling that conventional school systems do. They may have classes spaced throughout the day, or in the evening, and may get homework and assignments that are their responsibility to complete.

While the tutors and instructors at our online independent school are available to help, guide, and instruct students on what they need to do, students are still encouraged to take ownership of their own progress.

The more students feel involved, responsible, and accountable for their progress and results, the better they will perform because it builds a sense of personal interest and develops a greater vested interest in their academics. While challenges with attendance and participation arise in online education too, there has been a link between higher attendance and students’ verbal and psychological commitment to their class schedule.

This teaches us that students do feel ownership and act on it when given the chance to prove themselves and given a sense of independence.

 A child focuses on their tutoring lesson on-screen.


Online learning at our British school helps students adapt to all environments

Another major contributor to students’ self-direction and discipline is the way online learning helps them adapt to different environments. While there have been several studies into the many ways classroom design affects focus and productivity, it’s also important to think about the alternative that our online international school provides.

Being away from a conventional classroom challenges students’ perception of a ‘learning environment’, and workspace, pushing them to find ways to adapt to wherever they may be. It encourages them to develop techniques that enable them to focus more, and increase their productivity, while also helping them explore their own learning styles.

Being outside a brick-and-mortar classroom and studying in common areas around their homes, libraries, or their bedrooms, among other spaces, will prepare them for finding what works for them and helps them maximise their productivity regardless of what and who is around them.

It doesn’t matter whether there’s noise, the humdrum of home life, other family members, siblings, and pets around them, or even free access to their gadgets and toys when they’re learning online, ultimately they’ll develop the ability to focus, and adapt.

Not only is this an important life skill during their school years, but will benefit them during their time at university, and as an adult in the workforce where they will be exposed to various kinds of environments. We offer high-quality British education online for children in locations such as the UK, Middle East, Europe, Central Asia, and other regions allowing them to study in a unique study environment, in a time zone similar to our team here in Cambridge, without the conventions of a standard schooling environment. We have students across different age groups, including Primary Prep, Lower School, Upper School, and Sixth Form engaging in our learning model.

There is a greater sense of productivity in learning at our online independent school

Speaking of which, one of the greatest perks of online learning for students is the comfort and convenience it offers, allowing students to explore new hobbies, interests, and passions without the pressure of rushing from one lesson to the next or being on a strict regimen.

Balancing the comfort of studying from their homes and safe spaces with other activities such as sports, crafts, art, etc. is a great way for students to enjoy themselves more while still meeting all their educational milestones.

Conventional schools cater to dozens of students at a time, with limited options for leisure activities that add to students’ development and progress, and pressure to abide by a schedule that doesn’t factor in their individual interests. From getting adequate rest to having spare time to socialise , improving other skills, working on their hobbies, to spending more time with their families, online learning enables students to do much more without stretching themselves thin.

Students across the world are burnt out due to a heavy academic workload, the pressure to compete against their peers, and develop multiple unique abilities, and doing that while attending standard school is extremely challenging. However, we’re helping change that by offering students located anywhere in the world a prestigious education from Cambridge, while participating in their home life and activities with minimal stress, and helping students learn at their own pace. We pride ourselves on being one of the best international schools online in our approach toward encouraging independent learning, self-exploration, curiosity about various interests, and using self-directed learning to explore hobbies and interests alongside academic pursuits.


They receive the space and support to ask questions

One of the advantages that our online British school offers is that classroom sizes are small. We teach groups of 8-10 students at a time, allowing for plenty of opportunities to stop, pause, reflect, and ask questions. When students are getting more time and individual attention in their online learning classes, they are likely to engage more, ask questions, and seek help and support—and that’s what our aim is.

By providing students with the space to receive help, they get more self-direction and identify where they’re struggling, what they can’t understand, what is overwhelming or confusing for them, and how they’d benefit the most.

Cambridge Home School Online’s team of educators is exceptionally talented, with MA/MSc/PhD degrees, and they play a vital role in encouraging critical thinking skills among students. Their guidance and support is what helps students reach their potential, and increase their chances of acceptance into top universities, and hone skills that will benefit them professionally too.

In fact, it’s because of our teachers’ commitment that our top online school holds a near-perfect score on TrustSpot.

We want students to be independent thinkers and have the ability to solve problems, raise concerns, and be used to asking for extra help. We foster an environment of meaningful learning which sets our students up for long-term success and provides them with goals and a direction to move in. Curiosity is the key to academic success and personal development, and we want our students to embrace it to the fullest, whether they’re 7 or 17. A mind with questions is a mind that’s active.

Students find new ways to interact with their peers and tutors

Being away from the conventional classroom and studying in online classes for secondary and primary education can also be lonely, however. Despite the engaging, social atmosphere we strive to create consistently, some students may struggle with interaction. But that’s where their own sense of curiosity and camaraderie comes in.

They will often find unique ways to interact with their peers and tutors, from video conversations to letters, emails, text messages, and various social media apps that bridge the gap. It’s incredible how our innate desire to be social is what drives students to build meaningful connections with their peers, despite physical distance. We work with students across the UK, parts of Europe, South Asian countries including Bangladesh and India, and other parts of the world, and many of them forge lifelong friendships through online schooling.

Friendship is a cornerstone of academic success, and peer groups have been known to foster intellectual growth, mutual respect, and development, and help students reach their academic and learning goals more effectively. Self-directed learning isn’t solely about doing homework and attending class without external reminders and discipline; it’s also about fostering key skills that students need to thrive.

A student focuses on her online class while wearing headphones.


Time management is a key skill that they develop this way

Time management is one of the greatest issues students face, regardless of what learning model their educators use. However, online learning has played a major role in pushing students to implement more effective time management strategies in their routines.

While classes at our online British school offer flexible scheduling, we do encourage students to take ownership of time management and scheduling more effectively. As a result, we have students from India, Bangladesh, and many other places learning from some of the top educators in Cambridge, while still managing their class schedules, assignment submissions, homework, tests, and other assessments on their own.

This is a key skill that’s a significant part of self-directed learning and focuses on choosing and implementing the most effective strategy for their individual needs, and working on ways to reach their goals without help from others. It’s not fear that makes them manage their time better; it’s greater efficiency.

They learn how to use different types of tools and technology

In today’s technologically charged and advanced climate, it’s nearly impossible to keep up with all the developments around us. New devices, gadgets, platforms, software, apps, tools are changing how we approach different aspects of our daily life. As a result of that, students engaged in online learning have a serious advantage over others. They have the latest tools and technology at their fingertips and learn how to make the most efficient use of it, saving more time, effort, and energy.

We encourage students enrolled in our online British international school to adopt technology in their lives to get closer to their learning objectives and goals. There are apps that are designed to improve memory and retention, make scheduling easier, track assignments and homework better, improve their writing and reading skills alongside regular classes and curricula, and create a learning environment that is more conducive to their goals.

Founded in 2002, our international online British school has been making Cambridge online education accessible to students across the world for twenty years, thanks to the advent of EdTech.

We have adapted the top EdTech tools to help students in Primary Prep/Key Stage 2 (ages 7 to 10), Lower School/Key Stage 3 (ages 11 to 13), Upper School/IGCSEs (ages 14 to 16), and Sixth Form/AS & A-Levels (ages 17 to 19), and offering our students and their parents many advantages.

From greater school-life balance, to top-notch academic results, healthy social interactions, time for hobbies, our students are excelling across the board. We also have a live chat box and email option for families that are looking to learn more about our technology, tools, and teaching model.

The world is their technological oyster and EdTech is the stepping stone they need to get closer to it. In fact, it’s also the way of the future, helping students use technology to minimise environmental impact from fuel costs, loss of money and time spent on conventional education, and other secondary benefits of online learning.

A parent helps her child with online classes while sitting at the table.


They can study, review material, and learn whenever they want

Seeing as how identifying human and material resources and using them effectively are also core tenets of self-directed learning, online learning helps students build a library of knowledge and information that is accessible to them.

We provide students with various kinds of educational material and content, including course material, supplementary material, tools, and the ability to interact directly with English-speaking educators from Cambridge. This allows students to go back and review material, study it again, and learn any time they want, based on their own convenience and needs.

As opposed to the conventional classroom where lessons happen once and students are expected to cope on their own, online learning creates a database of information and references that students can access and refer to independently. Additionally, they will always be able to do their own research, look for their own sources, and expand their understanding of a subject, which deepens their engagement with the syllabus.

A child studies online while seated at their desk.


Give your children a brighter futureget started with our online British school today!

Our British private online school offers several benefits and advantages to students and parents alike, including small classroom sizes, an incredibly talented and educated staff including subject specialist teachers with various qualifications including MA, MSc, and PhD degrees. You can take a look at our online application or explore our online classes for secondary and primary education programs, curricula, and more.

We accept enrolment at different points in the year, and you can take a closer look at our term dates and admissions process here, alongside our fee structure, bursaries and scholarships. If you’d like to speak to our team members directly, we encourage you to send us an email or reach out to us via our live chat bot.

You can also read our reviews and see what other students and parents have had to say about their experience with us!

How Students Can Schedule Wider Reading For A Levels

An O-Level student preparing for online classes

Widening reading is a type of personal exploration that you can do to improve your understanding of certain subjects. It can also help you demonstrate your passion for the subjects you’re studying. You can do different kinds of wider reading to make it easier for you to keep motivated. Having a good understanding of your chosen subjects will allow you to start your university career in a stronger position.

Are you struggling to start reading beyond what your teacher has told you? This post will help you understand what wider reading is and how it can help with your A Level and university applications.

What Is Wider Reading?

The concept of wider reading is not limited to just reading. It also covers other activities such as competitions and documentaries. For students who can make time for these activities, there’s no better way to learn about a wide range of concepts and better prepare for further studies than wider reading.

Through wider reading, you can explore topics you’re passionate about. This practice can help you demonstrate your passion for the subject and show off your knowledge in an interview. It can also help you prepare for university.

A study conducted by the Institute of Education revealed that children who regularly read scored higher on their spelling, vocabulary, and math tests. This doesn’t mean that students taking A Levels must integrate wider reading during their revisions; the practice instead helps empower students to gain a better understanding of the course concepts.

Through weekly enrichment seminars, you can improve your knowledge about a particular subject and demonstrate your passion for it in an interview. This practice can help you stand out from the crowd and impress the admissions tutors.

Wider Reading For A-Levels

: An O-Level student preparing for online classes


Widening reading is often referred to as a “super curriculum learning” technique by schools and universities. It allows students to acquire a higher level of knowledge than they would through conventional classroom teaching.

Examinations require that candidates show evidence of wider reading in order to reach top marks. For instance, in the A Level Biology exam, the marking criteria state that the answer shows that students can “read beyond the requirements.”

If you’re already interested in a particular subject, you might be able to easily acquire additional marks through wider reading.

You’ll be able to incorporate relevant concepts into your answers if you practice, and this will help you stand out from the crowd. For example, in a Geography essay, you can use case studies to evaluate the effectiveness of strategies following natural disasters.

With wider reading, you’ll be able to understand the specification better, which can help you confidently answer questions.

Wider Reading For University Applications

By participating in wider reading, you can have a firm grasp of core concepts taught in A Levels and show your passion for studying your course. This practice can help you stand out from the crowd and demonstrate how well you can work independently.

Your Personal Statement should also explain why you’re a good fit for the course you’re applying to. It’s important to note that wider reading should be included in your statement, as well as in the admissions criteria for the degree you’re applying to. For instance, at Cambridge Medical School, the Key Criteria state that applicants should have a sound understanding of ethical, legal, and community issues.

In admissions tests, wider reading can also be used to show off your knowledge. For instance, in the Cambridge Law Test, candidates are expected to demonstrate their knowledge of current affairs.

Your interviewer might ask you to share something interesting that you’ve recently read. This can be a crucial part of a successful interview, as it lets you show off your passion for the subject.

Your interviewer will also judge you on the basis of your various skills with regard to effectively thinking critically and solving difficult questions. With wider reading, you’ll be able to practice these skills.

Wider reading can also help you develop other skills that you’ll need to succeed in university, such as academic research. Wider reading enrichment supervisions are designed to provide you with a deeper understanding of a particular subject. These sessions can be included in your Personal Statement and in interviews.

What Counts As Wider Reading?

A student taking notes during an online class


Contrary to popular belief, wider reading encompasses far more avenues than just books. If you’re not a fan of reading, you can still go beyond your A Level requirements by taking other subjects.

We encourage you to take up the following wider reading types for an enhanced learning experience:


Books contain a wide variety of information and can help you develop a deeper understanding of a particular subject or field you wish to pursue in the future. You can easily find a thorough explanation of any topic through this medium of information. Many universities also provide book recommendations to university applicants to stand out!


Apart from learning more about the current developments in your field of interest, you’ll be able to keep up with the latest news about your subject by signing up for newsletters from Royal Society, Academy, and Association websites.


You’ll likely spend a lot of time at university reviewing publications, and it’s important to start understanding how to evaluate and structure them. Having a good understanding of these can help improve your A Level essay answers. Remember to consider the year and authors of the key publications to ensure you’re getting up-to-date information.

Online Courses

Online courses are becoming more popular, and universities such as Reading University have started offering free online studies and courses. These can cover a wide variety of subjects.


One of the best sources for current affairs is news. You should regularly check the news to keep up with the latest developments in your field of study. Having a good understanding of current events can also help you during interviews.


During interviews, you can also talk about relevant lectures and sample sessions. These can provide you with a deeper understanding of the university’s teaching methods.


The Big Bang Competition, the Maths Challenge, and various debating competitions are all great ways to show commitment to your subject. These events can also help develop various skills that you’ll need to succeed in university.

You should also avoid getting too narrow or running out of steam by reading outside of your chosen subject. This can help you improve your time management and organisation skills. At university, you’ll need to have these abilities in order to effectively plan your time around lectures, labs, and leisure time.

How To Start

A student taking notes during an online class

Authors and producers want you to watch and read their work, which is why finding content is not that difficult. Just type in a Google search.

Ask your teachers, librarians, and other experts for advice on how to widen your reading. They will most likely be able to help you find content that interests you.

To help you improve your reading skills, universities have websites that provide a variety of subject resources. Oxford University’s website and Reading University’s site have helpful guides.

If you struggle to find motivation when it comes to wider reading, try setting goals. For instance, you can complete two sections of an online course in one week. Having dedicated time to reading can also help keep you motivated.

Cambridge Home School Online Provides The Tools You Need For Wider Reading and Ace Your A Levels

Wider reading can be very difficult for students to include in their daily schedule and hosts a far greater challenge for students to juggle with their studies. However, the benefits of this practice can be very beneficial to those who want to improve their academic performance and stand out during applications. It allows them to develop their analytical skills and knowledge of intricate details in a text. Cambridge Home School Online’s A Levels program is designed to help students succeed in their further studies and give them a platform to receive exceptional education while helping them balance extracurricular activities.

The online programs offered by Cambridge Home School Online feature various tools that help students analyse and understand literature. It also allows them to improve their understanding of the English Language and learn how to conduct research and analysis. Through our A Levels program, students can improve their academic performance and develop their skills through modern resources.

What Sets Us Apart

Cambridge Home School Online’s A Levels program is designed to help children develop their critical thinking and knowledge of literature. This ensures that they can critically evaluate and explain the text.

To ensure that your child is not overburdened, Cambridge Home School Online utilises various methods to instil a passion for wider reading. We understand that it can be challenging to analyse and understand the works of great authors, and we aim to teach students at their own pace. In addition to audio-visual lectures, our A Level programs also feature case studies and mock exams that help students develop their understanding of the material.

Through our A Levels program, students will be able to develop their skills in effective literary analysis. They will also be able to improve their communication abilities through presentations. In addition, they will be able to access a wide variety of texts that they can read for leisure or information.

The goal of our Online A Level program is to help children develop their confidence in their ability to analyse and understand literature. By the end of the course, they will be able to confidently and accurately interpret the text for various purposes and sources.

Why Cambridge Home School Online is Best for Your Child

 A student taking an A Level online class

Pastoral Support

Many conventional schools encourage overwork among their students, which can result in them feeling exhausted and stressed as they go back home. Cambridge Home School Online takes the time to ensure that our pupils are not overworked and that their stress levels are minimised. This helps us instil passion in our students.

One of the advantages of Cambridge Home School Online’s A Levels program is that it allows students to take advantage of various activities and leisure time. This allows them to spend more time with their families instead of wasting time commuting to and from school.

It is important for students to maintain their academic success and motivation. Cambridge Home School Online has student counsellors available to help them if they are struggling with their studies or if they are experiencing other issues.

Academic Growth

Today, students need to have the necessary skills and knowledge to compete at a global level and secure admission into some of the world’s best universities. Cambridge Home School Online’s A Levels program can help them achieve this.

We at Cambridge Home School Online firmly believe that students need to have the necessary tools and resources to improve their academic success.

Our faculty consists of highly experienced MA/MSc/PhD-certified specialists who utilise an individual approach to learning. They are able to assess their students’ strengths and teach them accordingly.

This ensures that our teachers are able to develop effective teaching techniques and strategies that will help improve the academic performance of their students. Our track record shows that we are committed to academic excellence. In June of 2021, over 86% of our students were able to secure As and A*s in their target subjects. Also, all of our students who applied to various universities received offers.

Cambridge Home School Online believes that equipping students with the necessary resources and tools to excel is very important for academic success. Apart from textbooks, our pupils have access to a wide range of educational resources, such as study guides, past papers, and videos. By giving our students the necessary resources and tools, we can help them perform at their best and incorporate wider reading during their studies.

We also give our pupils a platform to develop their personal skills and talents through various competitions and activities. In addition to honing their academic skills, our pupils participate in various events such as chess tournaments and the Spelling Bee. These programs are designed to help our pupils become well-rounded individuals.

International Students

An A-Level student taking an online class in India


The rise of globalisation has led to an increase in the number of students who are able to pursue educational opportunities outside of their home country. Online schools have been able to capitalise on this opportunity and provide a variety of educational services to students from different backgrounds.

Through the interactions between students from different backgrounds, they can develop a deeper understanding of the customs and norms of other people. This allows them to be more resilient and capable of facing any challenges that they may encounter as they get older.

Through the use of online school education, Cambridge Home School Online has been able to expand its student body to include a wide range of students from different backgrounds. This allows us to provide a platform for our pupils to interact with people from different cultures.

Cambridge Home School Online provides online homeschooling for Primary Prep, Lower School, Upper School, and Sixth Form students, allowing them to study from experienced teachers based in the UK from the comfort of their homes.

For more information on our A Level online classes, contact us today!

Reasons Why Students Should Study International GCSEs

A student taking online IGCSE Sociology classes

IGCSE is an excellent opportunity for international students looking to attain British education. Whether international or local, British education has helped millions of students receive the qualifications they need to study at the university of their dreams. While many local boards provide an inspired curriculum in terms of content, the IGCSEs are also curated to include subjects specific to the country students are from.

For students who are considering other curriculums than their home country, the IGCSE curriculum is an outstanding option to consider.

There is a lot of smoke surrounding the IGCSE program. From the accessibility of the program to the number of affiliated schools, interest in British education has been growing. As a parent, you’re likely confused about how to ensure your child’s education opens doors for them from the world’s best universities.

We’re here to try to help you navigate through the various aspects of the program. Cambridge Home School Online provides versatile British online education for students in Key Stage 2, Key Stage 3, IGCSEs, and A Levels.

Here’s everything you need to know about why students should study Cambridge IGCSEs.

What Are The Salient Features of IGCSE?


A student taking online IGCSE Sociology classes


The grades given by Cambridge International are based on an eight-point scale. Those enrolled in the extended program are expected to reach between A*-E.

The IGCSE is ideal for children who are homeschooled and are looking to study higher education abroad. It features various subjects designed to accommodate students’ varying intellectual abilities. The curriculum of the IGCSE is also flexible.

According to Cambridge International, students have the option of choosing up to 70 subjects for their IGCSE. There are over 190 schools in India that are currently offering this curriculum. Students can choose up to 14 subjects for the extended program.

To learn more about the subjects Cambridge Home School Online offers at the IGCSE level, click here.

1. Global Acceptance

If you’re a third culture individual or an international student, you might have lived in different countries. Doing the IGCSE can help you determine where you want to study next and ensure you’re eligible to study in any country you want.

Various countries worldwide officially recognise the IGCSEs, and they can be used as your passport to access the best universities and colleges after you graduate. Most of the world’s best universities highly regard the qualifications. If you’re interested in discovering more about where the degree is recognised, you can check out Cambridge International’s Recognition Search.

The curriculum by the IGCSE board is designed to provide a consistent and comprehensive education across different countries. It’s also one of the most widely recognised qualifications in the world. If you’re planning on studying abroad, the curriculum of the IGCSE may be just the qualification you need. It can help determine if you can get into the right schools and colleges in other countries.

2. Easier to Navigate Advanced Studies


A student taking notes


Since the IGCSE is a two-year program, many students may wonder what happens if they end up moving before they finish their degree. This is a common scenario for many students worldwide. Fortunately, many schools offer the IGCSE in various countries, and the curriculum can help you seamlessly transition if you progress halfway through your degree.

Students who travel often can also opt for online homeschooling to ensure their education isn’t affected.

3. Wide Range of Courses and Opportunities

The IGCSE may be the answer if you’re looking for something different during your school years. There are a wide variety of courses that you can choose from, such as Art & Design, Computer Science, and Psychology. These courses can help you identify areas of interest you’re passionate about.

The IGCSE board has a wide variety of subjects to choose from. The five main subject groups are Languages, Humanities, Science, Mathematics, Creative And Vocational, And The Arts.

Pursue Language And Cultural Courses

The IGCSE also offers various second and first languages and cultural studies. This allows you to study and immerse yourself in new cultures. Even if your school doesn’t provide the language that you’re interested in, you can still hire a private tutor to help you learn the language.

Gain Skills Beyond Books

The IGCSE aims to create engaged, responsible, and confident learners. In addition, the examinations and syllabuses are designed to help you develop various skills and connect with the real world. For instance, science subjects focus on appreciating the limitations and influence of scientific study. Many courses also encourage students to improve their communication, analytical, and logic skills.

Caters To Students’ Strengths


A student taking online IGCSE Sociology classes


The IGCSE curriculum allows students to explore their subjects at various difficulty levels. For some of these, the program offers an Extended and Core curriculum. The latter is for those capable of challenging themselves in a more rigorous setting. The Core curriculum is typically the preferred choice for most students, focusing on the standard subjects.

Encourages Critical Thinking

The IGCSE curriculum encourages students to think critically about the various topics they’re learning. It also helps them develop their inferential and analytical skills. These principles are aligned with the global learning standards.

The IGCSE curriculum helps students develop their adaptive skills and make the transition to higher education easier. This is beneficial for those who are planning on finishing their IGCSE O Level.

Develop Useful Skills

In addition to social studies and finance, the IGCSE curriculum also provides students with various subjects related to the computer science industry. These subjects are already being incorporated into various high school curriculums worldwide to give students an early start in this field.

Assessment of The IGCSE Curriculum

The IGCSE curriculum has various assessments designed to help students improve their knowledge and skills. These allow them to explore their unique abilities and learning styles.

Excellent Curriculum for Universities

The IGCSE curriculum also helps students develop independent and critical thinking skills. This is very important for them as they enter university and higher education. Students need to be responsible and disciplined to succeed in this field. This is why they must be exposed to these traits as early as possible.

A Practical Approach to Learning


An O-Level student preparing for online classes


The IGCSE curriculum aims to provide students with a practical approach to learning, which includes developing their communication, analytical, and cognitive skills. This is done through various learning methods and assessments.

The various exam questions that the IGCSE gives help students identify their weaknesses and strengths. This type of assessment is also beneficial for those who can meet the academic needs of both the ablest and those who are more likely to find it challenging.

Through this process, students can identify their strengths and weaknesses and determine if they are interested in pursuing their chosen subjects. This helps them realise their academic goals and make informed decisions regarding their studies.

The IGCSE curriculum is widely recognised and is a great choice for international students planning to study overseas after completing the program. Many universities and colleges in other countries also accept this type of education.

How Cambridge Home School Online has helped Thousands Receive Quality British IGCSE Online Education


: An O-Level student preparing for online classes


The success of international students in the IGCSE examinations is very important to them as they enter university and higher education. During these two years, they must perform exceptionally well to succeed. The standalone qualifications offered by the IGCSE are highly regarded and are a passport to higher education.

Those who perform well in the IGCSE examinations and are accepted into some of the world’s most prestigious universities, such as Harvard, Cambridge, Yale, Stanford, Duke, Oxford, and Princeton, will likely receive a scholarship.

Cambridge Home School Online provides a well-rounded and independent IGCSE curriculum to prepare students for success. We believe that many national curricula found worldwide in various countries don’t provide enough opportunities for students to develop their skills and knowledge. Through an interdisciplinary curriculum, we help them develop a deeper understanding of their subjects.

In our Upper School, students can choose a wide range of subjects. However, they should note that A Levels require passing grades in all subjects, including those taken at the IGCSE. For instance, if you want to study psychology, biology, and mathematics in university, you must study these subjects at the IGCSE.

Students can only study certain A level subjects if they have already taken the IGCSE examinations. We recommend that students avoid choosing a few IGCSE subjects as this can prevent them from succeeding in A Levels.

Although you have the option to change your mind about what subjects you want to study in university, this doesn’t mean that you can do so at the A Level junction. By choosing a wide variety of IGCSEs, you’ll be able to afford the best possible opportunities for your future studies.

Cambridge Home School Online is a leading online school that provides comprehensive courses for the IGCSE examinations. We aim to help students improve their skills and knowledge to achieve the best possible grades. Our team of MA/MSc/PhD qualified teachers are trained to make the most of the online setting to ensure that students are provided with quality education.

The goal of Cambridge Home School Online is to provide a well-rounded and independent curriculum that’s designed to prepare students for success. It allows them to be in their own home and have the flexibility to study at their own pace. No matter your level, everyone’s learning experience matters at the school.

Cambridge Home School Online’s Upper School students typically receive higher grades than their peers from other schools. This is because our teachers are highly qualified and have the necessary skills to help them improve their performance. In addition, we keep the school’s classroom size low, which allows for more interactive and engaging lessons.

We also have a large archive of videos and educational resources, such as study guides, presentations, and past papers. These tools allow students to complete their homework and improve their performance. At Cambridge Home School Online, we aim to help students become leaders, confident individuals, and capable of succeeding in their studies. Our students consistently impress our teachers and continue to receive high grades.

Get Started with Online IGCSEs Today!

Since 2002, Cambridge Home School has provided high-quality education to students from various countries, such as the UK, Europe, and the Middle East. Our teachers are highly qualified and have the necessary skills to help them improve their performance.

The use of state-of-the-art technology and a small classroom size help us improve the learning outcomes of our students. We also create a safe and bullying-free environment and provide one-on-one attention to every student. In addition, we have a vast library of educational resources that can help students catch up after school and improve their performance.

Cambridge Home School’s reviews reflect our track record of providing high-quality education. Through the help of our parents, who are also highly involved in the school’s operations, we have been able to help our students become successful and confident individuals.

Cambridge Home School aims to provide our students with the necessary academic growth to achieve the best possible grades. This is done by developing a strong foundation on the necessary skills and knowledge. In addition to being equipped with the necessary tools, our teachers regularly address our students’ academic weaknesses.

Our students enjoy a world-class education, and they can network with highly motivated individuals and gain admission to some of the most prestigious universities in the world, such as Oxford and Cambridge. We work hard to ensure that they have the best possible futures.

Due to the limited number of places in our school, we urge parents to start registering their children at the earliest possible time. We’ll be able to answer any questions you might have and provide you with more information about online school education. We’ll also help you make an informed decision regarding the right choice for your child.

Cambridge Home School Online provides quality British education for students in Key Stage 2, Key Stage 3, IGCSEs, and A Levels, allowing students the ability to study from the best teachers in the world based in the UK, and emphasising individualised attention to learning and retaining information.

Through our faculty, comprising of MA/PhD/MSc certified teachers, we work on teaching students a modern curriculum while ensuring a healthy school-life balance.

Parents and students are encouraged to Contact Cambridge Home School Online to learn more.

What Makes Upper School Online Learning Different From the Conventional Model?

an IGCSE student attending online school

The switch from lower school to upper school (IGCSEs) is critical. At this point, many parents choose an advanced institution to help their children learn better and secure A*s and As in their upcoming examinations. Stellar IGCSE performance enables students to study the right subjects in A Levels. Students also develop a strong, firm foundation that helps them secure top grades in their A Level examinations.

Collectively, good IGCSE and A Level grades become the turning point for students. If they’re equipped with A*s and As, pupils can study their dream program at a prestigious university like Oxford, Cambridge, Yale, Stanford, Columbia, Harvard, Princeton, John Hopkins, and the like.

If you’re a student switching to upper school or a parent making this decision for their child, you must understand there’s a lot at stake. Before you start making more specific decisions, determine which schooling model is right for you: online or conventional?

In this blog, we’ll help you understand why and how upper school online learning stands out from the conventional model. Why should you attend an online school for your upcoming IGCSEs? Is this a smart decision that’ll pay off? Here’s what our IGCSE education specialists have to say.

1. Flexibility: A Game Changer for IGCSE Students


an IGCSE student attending an online class from home


At the IGCSE stage, students are a lot more independent. They develop healthy interests ranging from competitive sports to volunteering to declamation contests to academic clubs, and so on. The IGCSE stage is multi-faceted. Students achieve different types of growth: academic, personal, social, and extracurricular.

Many conventional schools fail to help students pursue both academic and non-academic interests. The conventional schooling structure is rigid and unforgiving, not flexible. Students waste a lot of time commuting to/from school, shuffling in and out of classes, sitting in detention, and so on.

Ideally, school should consume a portion of the day. However, conventional school ends up forming the large majority of a student’s day. Once they return home, they feel too overwhelmed and tired to partake in independent learning.

The online learning model, in comparison, grants much-needed flexibility to students. Pupils attend balanced lectures that begin and end on time. Moreover, commuting hours are cut down altogether. Students free up a lot of additional time each day.

According to a study by Wolfson and Carskadon, adolescents perform significantly better in school when they get good sleep and rest. Another study confirms these findings. It notes that students who get good rest and enjoy a good mood perform better in school.

To secure top grades, IGCSE students must be content, motivated, and well-rested. The online schooling model keeps this balance intact. At CHS Online, our IGCSE students enjoy a lot of free time once their classes end for the day. Pupils spend this time socialising with their friends, playing sports, completing their homework, revising, exploring new hobbies and interests, and so on.

Since their classes are held online, students retain greater energy. As a result, they actively grow and learn throughout the day. The risk of complacency, procrastination, and lethargy is reduced.

As you make the switch from conventional to online upper school learning, you’ll gain a lot more independence as a student. Our pupils use their new freedom responsibly. At CHS Online, our MA/MSc/PhD teachers and school counsellors collectively bring about a mindset change in new students. Pupils learn critical skills: responsibility, organisation, time management, consistency, and so on. As a result, they make the most of their day and consistently achieve their goals.

2. Qualified Support


an IGCSE student using tools provided by an international online school


When parents think about switching from conventional to online schooling for their children, they quickly shut the idea down. Why? They believe that online schooling lacks regulation. This is a common misconception.

As online learning temporarily became the default mode of learning during the pandemic, hundreds and thousands of new “online schools” were set up. We like to call these pandemic schools. They were established during an emergency. As a result, they lacked the experience and expertise required to help students succeed.

Many conventional schools also switched to the online learning model. These institutions also lacked the skills and resources to provide a successful online learning experience. Due to the shortcomings of pandemic schools, the blame fell on the online learning model as a whole.

This is a dangerous perspective as it leaves quality online schooling out of the conversation. Before the pandemic began, there had been many long-standing online schools. Cambridge Home School Online is one of them. We have over 20 years of experience providing quality IGCSE education to students across the globe.

As an institution, we’re not unprepared. Instead, we provide quality resources that cannot be found at some of the most prestigious conventional schools today. As an IGCSE student, make sure you find an experienced online school, not a pandemic school. Once you check this box off the list, you’ll start reaping the benefits of quality IGCSE resources.

At CHS Online, our IGCSE students enjoy the following:

  • Engaging, advanced lessons delivered by MA/MSc/PhD qualified subject specialist teachers
  • An independent, interdisciplinary, and well-rounded IGCSE curriculum
  • Access to quality resources via our eLibrary(books, previous catch-up lessons, videos, PowerPoint presentations, past papers, study guides, etc.)
  • A robust, state-of-the-art online learning system with audio-visual capabilities
  • A weekly lecture series hosted by accomplished personalities (authors, teachers, education specialists, surgeons, scientists, lawyers, architects, etc.)
  • One-on-one success coaching and pastoral support by qualified, experienced, and dedicated school counsellors
  • An open line of communication with their teachers

As an IGCSE student, you will enjoy quality resources that help you get closer to achieving your dream goals. Make sure you take your time and shortlist experienced online schools with excellent track records.

In June 2021, 86% of our IGCSE students secured A*s and As in their target subjects. 83% of our A Level students secured two As and a B or higher, as requested by top universities. Moreover, all students who applied received offers from some of the best universities across the globe.

We’re committed to helping our students succeed, and our track record reflects our razor-sharp focus on student growth. Our pupils work hard and enjoy a range of personal and social pursuits.

3. More Time for Revision


 an IGCSE student checking his revision schedule


Excellent revision is imperative at the IGCSE stage. If you want to secure top grades, you must pay close attention to your lessons, participate in the ongoing class discussion, and revise consistently once you return home. This three-step process becomes a little tricky for students who attend conventional school. The third step is particularly difficult to check off the list since students are simply too tired and overwhelmed to revise.

The online schooling model makes revision a lot more simple and fun. At CHS Online, our eLibrary plays a big role in enabling smooth, streamlined revision. Once your classes end for the day, the learning process shouldn’t stop. Our students get 24/7 access to our eLibrary. You can explore a wide range of topics and brush up on your academic skills from home.

We also use an individualised approach to revision. Every student receives personalised revision instructions from their teachers. We believe that every student has a unique learning path. If two students attempt their IGCSE Math examinations in the same year, their learning trajectories will be very different. Even if they attend the same school and sit through the same lectures, they’ll evolve differently.

Keeping these nuances in mind, our teachers develop a custom revision plan for students. Our MA/MSc/PhD teachers track each student’s academic journey: strengths, weaknesses, knowledge gaps, practical skills, etc. Using this insight, our teachers focus on the right topics accordingly.

A customised approach to revision can help IGCSE students take their grades from a B+ to an A. As students double down on the right areas and revise in a structured, ordered manner, the academic outcome is exceptional.

4. Increased Student-Teacher Time

Most online schools (read: not pandemic schools) maintain a very low student-teacher ratio. At CHS Online, our classrooms comprise 8–10 students, no more. As a result, our teachers provide ample attention to every student. The student-teacher interaction is improved in terms of quality and increased in terms of duration.

As a result, students develop a stronger and deeper interest in their lessons. They also receive individualised guidance from their teachers, as discussed before. Their in-class performance improves significantly.

In comparison, most conventional schools maintain a moderate to high student-teacher ratio. On average, at least 15–20 students are taught in a single classroom. This number can even increase to 25, 30, and 35 depending on the institution.

When one teacher is in charge of so many students, they struggle to focus on each student’s unique learning curve. The quality of teaching is affected. Consequently, students don’t learn as well.

4. A Wider Perspective


 an IGCSE student taking pictures in a new city


At the IGCSE junction, students should start developing a wider perspective. They must be exposed to new ideas, thoughts, and frameworks. The high school learning online model makes this more feasible.

For starters, the top online schools have an ongoing lecture series in place. At CHS Online, we invite some of the most accomplished international personalities to motivate, inspire, and empower our students. Pupils gain more insight from successful professionals excelling in their respective careers. They also listen to varied perspectives and develop a more kaleidoscopic way of thinking.

As the world becomes increasingly cosmopolitan, students must have a global perspective. The online learning model makes this possible by continually introducing new personalities to students.

Additionally, students get the flexibility to travel during the school year. Since our classes are set up online, students can attend them from anywhere: their home, a hotel suite, and so on. Our students often travel with their parents to explore new cultures, meet new people, listen to new languages, appreciate new cultures, and so on.

This is a big learning process in itself. As students are exposed to different parts of the world, they develop a wider perspective. Students also become more accepting of the world they live in. If they grow up in one place with little to no exposure to the rest of the world, their thinking can be linear.

Traveling teaches them the importance of diversity and inclusion. These skills help students excel as individuals in school, university, and the workplace. They have an acute understanding of how to interact with different people and use an intersectional approach in everyday life.

6. Switching to Cambridge Home School Online


a student preparing for her IGCSE exams from home


Are you considering making the switch to upper school online learning? At Cambridge Home School Online, we use a robust, balanced, and independent IGCSE curriculum. Our students secure top grades, develop critical soft and hard skills, explore extracurricular interests, enjoy good mental health, and become well-rounded individuals.

The IGCSE stage is critical. Parents who pay attention to this scholastic junction can steer their children in the right direction. Choosing an excellent IGCSE school online will help you give the gift of quality learning to your child. As they excel in their IGCSE examinations, they’ll also set the stage for excellent A Level performance.

We offer four competitive homeschooling programs: Primary Prep/Key Stage 2 (ages 7 to 10), Lower School/Key Stage 3 (ages 11 to 13), Upper School/IGCSEs (ages 14 to 16), and Sixth Form/AS & A-Levels (ages 17 to 19). Before you begin, explore the following resources:

At CHS Online, we put academic, personal, social, and extracurricular growth first. By focusing on all four growth curves, we help students become high achievers who excel in different areas of their life. If you have any questions, our team would love to speak with you. Please email us at or give us a call.

How to Achieve Qualifications via Online Schooling

a student accessing afterschool online resources

The online schooling experience stands out for its flexibility. Students are not forced to sit in classrooms for unnecessarily long durations. Instead, they attend balanced, well-timed classes from home and get ample time to explore their personal, social, academic, and extracurricular interests after school.

At Cambridge Home School Online, we couldn’t be more proud of our student body. Our pupils achieve a wide range of qualifications in different facets of life throughout their schooling journey.

In this blog, we’ll focus on the art of becoming a high-achieving student. Our MA/MSc/PhD qualified teachers work assiduously to help students develop a strong interest in exploring various interests, activities, hobbies, passions, and pursuits. As students develop a genuine curiosity in life and understand their strengths, their journey to becoming high achievers begins.

This is what makes our students stand out! They achieve a wide range of academic, personal, social, and extracurricular qualifications during their time at Cambridge Home School Online. In fact, we frequently hear from our alumni who continue to add even more qualifications to their arsenal as the years go by.

If you’re interested in learning how to achieve qualifications via high school learning online, our education specialists are breaking it all down. Keep reading!

1. Make the Most of Your Time


a student attending online school


As stated earlier, online schooling leaves students with a lot of additional time. As a student, you must be cognisant of the value of this time.

At CHS Online, we encourage students to spend their time productively. Our definition of productivity also includes fun activities!

We teach students to become conscious of what they learn any time they do something. Whether you’re playing sports, hanging out with your friends, going on a weekend trip with your family, listening to music, or doing anything else, enjoy the moment.

Following the activity, take some time to understand what you learned from said activity. If you were out playing sports, did you learn a new technique? Perhaps you discovered something about your performance. If you were out with friends, did you take something valuable away from the conversation?

Becoming conscious of the learning process is an excellent way to become more skilled: mentally, physically, emotionally, athletically, and academically. We learn a lot of things in life. However, we often never think about them. If we fail to reflect on a lesson consciously, we struggle to retain it in the long run.

Active reflection plays a big role in helping students achieve more in life. As they meet new people and navigate different situations, they learn and retain valuable lessons. Once you start doing this, you’ll excel in many areas of your life.

2. Become Disciplined


a student attending online school


At CHS Online, we help our students become more independent, self-sufficient, and responsible. While these skills are equally valuable, they cannot be developed if a student lacks discipline.

If you want to become a high achiever, you must become more disciplined. As a student, you should be able to create a robust schedule and consistently follow it throughout the day. If you lack discipline, you’ll frequently procrastinate and veer off course.

Discipline adds structure to a student’s life, enabling them to achieve their goals instead of simply thinking about them. The go-getter mentality has been gaining a lot of traction lately. As a student, you must have the drive and determination to pursue your goals confidently and clearly. While being passionate is important, being disciplined is imperative. Discipline will ultimately help you turn your dreams into reality.

The online schooling model is excellent for students who wish to develop this skill. When you attend conventional school, you’re forced to go with the flow. You must switch from one class to the other, attend scheduled meetings, and return home.

Online schooling, however, puts a significant amount of responsibility on a student’s shoulders. Students are not spoon-fed anymore. Instead, they’re required to have the drive and discipline to consume their own meals at the scheduled time. This metaphor helps us understand the difference between the nature of conventional and online schooling.

Online schooling helps students become self-disciplined. While your parents will assist you, you will ultimately be required to set up and attend your own classes. Students are not infantilised; instead, they’re treated as responsible, self-aware pupils who wish to succeed in life. This skill is instilled in students.

Procrastination, lethargy, and complacency are very common in a student’s life. However, modern institutions must have a strong focus on helping students break away from this web. The online schooling model helps achieve this.

Students start learning the importance of self-discipline and self-accountability from the very first lesson. As they develop this skill, they become independent learners who aren’t forced to study, but who want to study. This skill goes a long way in helping students reach more milestones in life.

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3. Make Full Use of the Resources Provided to You


a student attending online school while his mother looks on


As an online student, you will be provided ample resources. At CHS Online, we have set up our own eLibrary. This is filled with a wide range of valuable resources, including books, PowerPoint presentations, videos, previous catch-up lessons, past papers, and more. Make sure you utilise these as much as you can!

To become a high achiever, you must understand that the learning process isn’t restricted to the classroom. Once you’re done with your classes for the day, you should continue to learn. Afterschool resources help sustain the learning process. You can use these tools to supplement your learning as you complete your homework or sit down to revise for the day.

Our students utilise our eLibrary to broaden their knowledge, learn new skills, and refresh the concepts they learned in school. This process will help you become a sharp learner. As you set out to pursue different academic qualifications, you’ll be able to achieve your goals with ease and adroitness. Consistent hard work makes success more achievable. Make sure you utilise all the resources that are provided to you.

We have also started a new lecture series to inspire and motivate our students. Each week, we invite an accomplished lecturer who shares their insights with our students. As pupils listen to fresh perspectives, they gain more clarity about the world they live in, the issues we currently face, and the solutions that must be presented to tackle them. They get a chance to think critically and analyse the world.

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4. Focus on Extracurricular Growth


 a student using a starting block for a race


Academic excellence is important. However, it shouldn’t be your only goal. As an online student, you should have a razor-sharp focus on expanding your extracurricular skillset as well! Online schooling helps you double down on extracurricular growth.

At CHS Online, we provide ample flexibility to students. Your classes will not consume the bulk of your day. Instead, you’ll attend balanced classes that leave you with ample time for personal and social growth. Our students play sports, socialise with their friends, develop new skills, explore their passions and interests, start new hobbies, go on adventures and excursions, travel, participate in tournaments and competitions, and achieve a lot, lot more. Students don’t feel restricted by a rigid schedule.

In most conventional schools, students waste a lot of time and energy shuffling in and out of classes. By the time they return home, they feel too tired, overwhelmed, and fatigued to do anything productive. If they play sports, their performance isn’t optimal. If they socialise with friends, they feel too drained to contribute to the conversation. The afterschool growth trajectory is significantly affected.

Switching to online school is an excellent way to bring normalcy back into a student’s life. Students retain a lot more energy, which helps them perform optimally in and beyond the classroom. They also have more time as additional hours are cut down. Students aren’t required to commute to and from school.

Additionally, online school is structured better than conventional school. The classes are well-timed; they don’t drag on. By creating a clear pathway for extracurricular growth, online schooling helps students add many more feathers to their caps! Our students participate in competitions like the Spelling Bee, play competitive sports like tennis, sailing, fencing, etc., play games like chess, do volunteer work, learn new languages, start blogs, take online courses outside of their curriculum, join school clubs, teach/tutor young students, and explore a wide range of other extracurricular pursuits.

These accomplishments help them get into prestigious universities like Cambridge, Oxford, Harvard, Stanford, Princeton, Yale, Columbia, and the like. Students also become multi-faceted learners. As a result, they enjoy better career growth in the future.

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5. Say “Yes” More Often!


a student attending online school


While saying “no” to some things is important to preserve good mental health, it can hold us back from exciting new opportunities, adventures, and accomplishments. If you’ve been turning a lot of things down, it may be time to start saying yes again. You cannot achieve one stellar qualification after the other if you’re too closed off.

However, balance is very important. If you start saying yes to everything, you’ll feel burned out. So how do you navigate this dilemma? At CHS Online, we help students master the art of prioritisation. If you’re presented with two exciting opportunities at the same time, but you cannot possibly say “yes” to both, take some time to understand what aligns with your interests and goals more.

What will make you feel more satisfied and fulfilled? As you break every opportunity down based on your interest, growth, short-term goals, and long-term goals, you’ll manage to do things that make you happy. Your qualifications will also be more relevant.

If you think you can do multiple things at once, don’t hesitate to tackle the challenge! No matter what you do, there should always be room for growth. As you push yourself to a healthy extent, you’ll do your best without feeling overwhelmed. This balance may seem tricky at first, but you’ll eventually master it. Speak with our teachers to discuss how we help students establish this balance and achieve excellence.

6. Maintain an Open Line of Communication with Your Teachers


 a teacher coaching a student


Your teachers are ultimately the best resource available to you. Online schools particularly stand out for their qualified, experienced, empathetic, and supportive faculty. At CHS Online, our MA/MSc/PhD qualified teachers go the extra mile to steer students in the right direction.

Your schooling experience will be fun, exciting, and challenging (in a good way). As you gear up to secure top grades, you’ll need guidance, support, and acknowledgement every step of the way. This is when your teachers will come in handy. Our teachers evaluate each pupil’s unique performance and help them become better learners. They also identify new opportunities for students, enabling them to pursue relevant activities that promote better growth.

At CHS Online, we provide one-on-one success coaching and pastoral support to every student. Our teachers and counsellors work closely with each student to help them achieve their full potential. As an online student, make sure you’re open, honest, and communicative with your teachers and counsellors.

Obstacles like stress, anxiety, and burnout often prevent students from achieving qualifications in school. If you encounter any personal, social, or academic problem, actively and unhesitatingly discuss it with your teachers and counsellors. They’ll help you take the best course of action and get back on track!

At Cambridge Home School Online, we proudly teach the Cambridge homeschool curriculum to students across the globe. As one of the most experienced online British private schools, we’re the first choice for thousands of parents.

We offer four competitive homeschooling programs: Primary Prep/Key Stage 2 (ages 7 to 10), Lower School/Key Stage 3 (ages 11 to 13), Upper School/IGCSEs (ages 14 to 16), and Sixth Form/AS & A-Levels (ages 17 to 19). For more information, explore the following resources:

If you have any questions, we’re always happy to help! Please email us at or give our team a call.

Online Education for Primary Prep Students in Bangladesh

: a primary prep student attending online school in Bangladesh

According to UNICEF, the official starting age for primary school in Bangladesh is 6 years old. Over the years, Bangladesh has restructured its education system to ensure that more students attend school.

Today, nine out of ten children attend some form of school across Bangladesh. While conventional schooling has always been the norm in South Asia, the scholastic landscape has changed drastically in recent years.

Following the pandemic, online schooling has become immensely popular across Bangladesh. While the online learning model is suitable for students of all ages, it’s especially popular among younger children who attend primary prep school (ages 7 to 10).

This blog will take a closer look at online education for primary prep students in Bangladesh. How does this novel system work? Is it effective? How does it compare to conventional schooling? Should you consider making the switch for your children? Our education specialists are answering all your questions. Keep reading!

1. How Does Online Schooling Work in Bangladesh?

a child attending online school in Bangladesh


If you’re new to the online schooling model, you may have doubts about its functioning and efficacy. It’s important to put your misconceptions aside and develop an objective view of the online learning system.

Compared to conventional schooling, online schooling entails online classes. Students use a computer, laptop, or tablet to attend formal, structured, scheduled live classes. Initially, the online learning wave spread across Dhaka and Chattogram. Today, it has also reached Khulna, Sylhet, Rajshahi, Rangpur, Mymensingh, Barishal, and other smaller cities across Bangladesh.

As the country embraces technology, online schooling has become much more accessible to students. While older students can set up and attend their own classes, primary prep students require help from their parents.

As a parent, you will be required to set up a study station for your children. Ideally, this should be in a separate room. If you set up a desk and table in your child’s bedroom, they may get distracted as their classes continue. If you want to retain high levels of focus and attentiveness, turn your guest room or library into a study room.

Primary prep students respond particularly well to online learning. This is primarily because the online schooling system offers greater flexibility to students. Children are not required to commute to and from school. They can attend classes from home, which helps them free up a lot of extra time.

Students don’t return home feeling exhausted and overwhelmed. Instead, they preserve their energy throughout the day and utilise it for personal, social, and extracurricular activities like sports, socialising with friends, exploring new interests and hobbies, developing new skills, and so on.

The online schooling model helps create a healthy balance that steer students in the right direction from a very young age. The culture of overworking students and pushing them to unhealthy limits is expertly tackled. A lot more flexible and balanced, online schooling allows young students to develop a genuine interest in their lessons and thrive.

2. What Do Primary Prep Children Study?

 a student attending online school in Bangladesh


The Cambridge curriculum, albeit with some changes. At Cambridge Home School Online, we believe that the national curriculum is robust and balanced. However, it has some shortcomings. It’s a tad too prescriptive in nature and subject to political turbulence. In addition, it lacks comprehensiveness.

As an institution, we’ve retained the best aspects of the national curriculum and added our own touch to it. Our independent, interdisciplinary, and well-rounded primary prep curriculum covers greater academic breadth and depth. It also focuses on skill-building and practical learning.

Our students get a chance to learn different topics, subtopics, and concepts dualistically: theoretically and practically. As a result, they develop a nuanced, polished understanding of their subjects.

Our students perform much better than their counterparts from other schools. This is thanks to our MA/MSc/PhD qualified faculty. Our teachers go above and beyond to deliver engaging, entertaining, retentive, and focused lessons that yield impressive results. As a result, students pay close attention to their lessons, actively participate in class, ask questions, indulge in healthy class discussions, and sustain the learning process.

Our classes are never dull. By combining knowledge with fun, we ensure that 7-to-10-year-olds are fascinated by every lesson, so much so that they don’t want to break concentration.

3. Can My Children Attend Classes From Anywhere?

Yes! This is the beauty of online schooling. Since the classes are held online, your children can attend them from anywhere in the world. If you’re planning a work trip, you can take your children along without worrying about disrupting their education.

At CHS Online, many families go on vacation. However, as a parent, you will be required to plan everything in advance. Select a location with a similar time zone. Additionally, ensure you can set up a quiet, distraction-free room for your child. Whether you’re staying at a hotel or a family vacation home, your child should be able to attend distraction-free online classes. Once these boxes are checked off, you’re good to go.

This little slice of flexibility goes a long way in helping young students have varied new experiences. As children explore different places, they learn about new cultures and traditions, meet new people, enjoy international cuisine, and explore the local history, art, and architecture. This plays a big role in shaping their life.

4. Is Primary Prep Online Schooling Safe?

 a student attending online school


Absolutely. At CHS Online, our primary prep students attend online classes from the safety and comfort of their homes. For starters, the risk of virus contraction is eliminated. Students don’t directly interact with other students. As a result, you don’t have to worry about your child falling sick by catching a cold, virus, or bacterial infection from another student.

Additionally, primary prep online schooling helps tackle the pressing issue of school bullying, harassment, and abuse in Bangladesh. The conventional schooling model leaves students vulnerable to being attacked by their peers: verbally, physically, and emotionally. Students are taunted, ostracised, peer pressured, and ridiculed. If these instances continue, young students can become withdrawn and develop a strong dislike for school.

The online learning system directly tackles these problems. Students attend expertly moderated classes. Our online teachers maintain a safe, healthy, happy, and wholesome online learning atmosphere. If any student misbehaves, they are warned and then promptly removed from the online session.

We believe that good student mental health is paramount. Young students are prone to developing self-doubt. Their confidence is affected when their interests, passions, and dreams are thwarted instead of applauded. Over time, students begin to doubt themselves when they think of new activities/interests/hobbies to pursue. Their academic growth also declines.

Our MA/MSc/PhD qualified teachers work closely with each student to help them feel confident in their skills and excited about their aspirations. No dream is too far-fetched. Children have a vibrant imagination that must be fuelled, not dampened. We encourage students to keep pushing and achieve any dream they have. Their peers also motivate and inspire them. By creating a strong network, we help students succeed and thrive.

Our student-teacher ratio also helps us reduce the risk of school bullying. In most conventional schools, a minimum of 15–20 students are crammed into a single classroom. This number often exceeds to 35 and even 40.

When a classroom comprises such a high number of students, the risk of bullying increases. Why? The teachers are unable to track each student’s activity. Think about it. It’s impossible for one teacher to keep track of what 30 students are doing at any given time.

At CHS Online, we maintain a low student-teacher ratio of 8:1. This helps us ensure that every student receives ample one-on-one attention from their teachers. Our teachers closely track each student’s performance, activity, and involvement. If there is any misconduct, they promptly identify it and take remedial measures accordingly. Nothing is swept under the rug. Our proactive approach helps ensure a safe, quality online learning experience for every pupil.

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5. Why Should I Choose Cambridge Home School Online for My Children?

children completing their homework


Presently, you can choose between dozens of online schools in Bangladesh. However, most of these institutions were set up during the pandemic. As a result, they lack the experience and expertise required for quality online schooling.

At CHS Online, we have over 20 years of experience in providing a quality British online education to primary prep students. Our experience has helped us make a lot of relevant changes over the years. In 2022, we have a good grasp of how to deliver engaging, effective, and retentive lessons that keep students on track. Our primary prep students secure top grades and enjoy a healthy personal, social, and extracurricular life.

CHS Online equips students with the tools and expertise they need to succeed. For starters, we follow an independent curriculum, as highlighted above. Additionally, we have a team of qualified, experienced, extensively trained, and skilled MA/MSc/PhD teachers. They work tirelessly to help each student reach their full potential.

We also provide each student with access to a vast online library of educational resources. We call this our eLibrary. Students can access hundreds of valuable resources: books, previous catch-up lessons, PowerPoint presentations, videos, and so much more. These tools come in handy for all students, but they’re particularly useful for young students who are in the process of building a strong academic foundation. Once their classes end for the day, students can continue the learning process by using our resources.

This helps sustain the learning process. We teach primary prep students how to use our eLibrary independently. However, parents should ideally help them out until they get a hang of it. You can watch the resources with your child. This is a great way to help your child out with homework/revision and have a good bonding experience.

CHS Online also prides itself on providing one-on-one success coaching and pastoral support to every student. We believe that every student should enjoy good mental health. While older students are more susceptible to facing problems like stress and burnout, younger students can also face similar pressures.

As the academic bar is raised to new levels, primary prep children have also started succumbing to the pressure. Children are pushed to unhealthy extremes by unrelenting teachers. This approach often triggers anxiety in children.

For starters, we avoid this approach and use an empathy-centric teaching model. That’s not all. We also check in with students to ensure they’re content with their classes, teachers, peers, and overall learning experience. As we provide guidance and support based on each child’s unique response, we help them enjoy a healthy, happy, and enriching online schooling experience.

At Cambridge Home School Online, we proudly teach the Cambridge homeschool curriculum to students across Bangladesh, India, and Pakistan. As one of the most prestigious, trusted, and experienced online British private schools in South Asia, we’re the first choice for thousands of parents.

Explore our four competitive homeschooling programs: Primary Prep/Key Stage 2 (ages 7 to 10), Lower School/Key Stage 3 (ages 11 to 13), Upper School/IGCSEs (ages 14 to 16), and Sixth Form/AS & A-Levels (ages 17 to 19).If you’re ready to take the first few steps towards online schooling, use the following resources:

Whether you’re interested in high school online learning, school options for working parents, secondary schools, or primary school programs, CHS Online should be your first consideration. As the pioneers of online schooling in South Asia, we’re committed to helping students succeed. We also provide scholarships and bursaries to students who require financial assistance in Bangladesh. Thank you for trusting our institution. Thank you for trusting us.