Primary Prep School (Key Stage 2)
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Primary Prep (Key Stage 2)


At Cambridge Primary School, we use a rigorous, independent, and well-rounded topic curriculum to help students become creative, critical, and capable learners. Young students have a natural curiosity about the world they live in. This curiosity must be further built and satiated to enhance the learning experience. We inspire our students to appreciate the diversity of different societies and understand their own identity. Pupils develop a strong understanding of their local area and how that compares across the globe. They also gain a foundational understanding of key geographical terms and questions.

Our goal is to build a range of new skills in students. As they understand themselves, the world, other people, and new concepts, they become well-rounded learners. We place a strong emphasis on Geography and History. Students are taught engaging, interactive, stimulating, and retentive lessons that help them develop a genuine interest in these two key subjects. Our MA/PhD qualified subject specialist teachers cover everything from climate zones to early civilisations. We understand each student’s unique learning pace and adjust the lessons accordingly, helping them have an enriching and individualised learning experience. As a result, students stay on track and gain more from their lessons.


Our teachers continually assess students during our live lessons. We use summative tests, group projects, activities, assignments, worksheets, and pop quizzes to help students achieve impressive academic growth.


Homework is given at the end of each week. Students get a chance to polish their skills and cover more ground. We plan homework around a range of different topics and subtopics, taking special care to cover everything in the syllabus.



Parents are given 24/7 access to their children’s coursework. We also maintain an open line of communication between parents and teachers to ensure complete transparency. Additionally, we hold 3 parent-teacher consultations each year, one in every term.


Miss Aiken

About The Teacher

From Miss. Aiken

Miss. Aiken is an experienced and dedicated teacher who is very friendly and approachable. She enjoys her teaching and this really shows in lessons. Children enjoy their lessons and achieve exceptionally high test results.

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