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The study of Geography can be highly beneficial for students at an advanced level, helping them better understand complex natural events and how nature affects our everyday lives. It gives them an understanding of how the Earth’s physical structure has developed and how the human race is affecting the environment as time progresses.


If you are interested in the many natural intricacies of the world, we live in, kudos! You’re on track towards the fruitful career of your dreams. Studying geography can land you into many widely-sought careers that can be beneficial regardless of where you are in the world, such as Sociology, Civil Engineering, Geology, and Archaeology.


Unfortunately, many international students cannot get the guidance they need to tackle this complex subject and make a career in this field. To help students flourish in these respectable careers, Cambridge Home School Online provides motivated, English-speaking students from around the world avail quality homeschooling globally.

Course Details


  • Cambridge 9696


  • 2 Year

Delivery Method

  • LIVE online classes of 8-10 students

Start Date

  • September – July (Rolling enrolment throughout the year


Why Study A-Level Geography?

Apart from the careers mentioned above that a student can pursue if they decide to embark on this study, studying Geography at an Advanced Level can lead to many benefits for a child. A student needs to have a course that helps them understand the world from a theoretical point of view, rather than just mathematical. Geography helps students gain proficiency in understanding and analysing nonfiction text.

Understanding the world we live in and how it operates is hugely important for students to understand at this age, and Geography can help children do just that. Studying this course will provide students with the knowledge they need to be well-rounded, aware of their surroundings and have an integral understanding of how the world works, traits that are highly sought by many of the leading Universities in the world!

How Cambridge Home School Online Tackles A-Level Geography

Having a diversified studying guide for a subject like Geography can be difficult to find for many students worldwide. Many students who have a passion for the subject resort to studying by themselves to understand everything about the course. The inability to receive the right guidance can lead to them getting a lower grade than their potential merits.

To help students learn and understand Geography concepts to the best of their abilities, Cambridge Home School Online prides itself on our various teaching methods, utilising them in a way that helps our students critically evaluate the text and understand the importance of learning this subject. We aim to help students learn this field of study from the ground up and help them better understand the world around them.

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About The Teacher

Mrs Clements has a doctorate in European Studies and International Relations, and she has taught in international schools. She has also worked with various subjects, including History, Sociology, and Media Studies. Having a Post-Graduate Certificate in Education, she has a broad knowledge and expertise in teaching and assessment. She is also an assessment specialist for Cambridge International Education.


Her background and expertise allow her to effectively address the diverse cultural backgrounds of students. Her work is featured in various academic journals, and she is a member of a variety of professional groups. Mrs Clements enjoys being able to influence so many young lives. She is always looking for ways to improve teaching and stimulate different learning styles.

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