Lower School (Key Stage 3)
Art & Design


At Cambridge Home School Online, we strongly believe that students must be given the opportunity to understand their creative inclinations and demonstrate their creativity in different ways. If students don’t receive such avenues, they may face creative blockages that affect their academic, personal, and social life. By offering a well-rounded art and design curriculum, we ensure that our students can tap into their inner creativity and artistry.

The curriculum is designed to generate a strong interest in different artistic pursuits, including painting, drawing, 3D design, sculpting, mixed media, and more. Students learn about different forms of art and grapple with the work of notable artists over the years, decades, and centuries. They also take a deep dive into the fascinating types of art across different cultures and countries.

Students are encouraged to take inspiration from these mediums and form their own artistic expression. While some students develop an affinity for observational drawing, others are more inclined towards creating sculptures with clay, and so on. We understand that each student has a unique set of artistic interests. Based on this understanding, we give students the opportunity to explore their passion for art. We also cover different visual components like colour, line, space, shape, form, texture, and value. These concepts are presented to students in a fun, engaging, and dynamic manner. As a result, they develop a keen interest in their art and design lessons.

Our creative, dedicated, energetic, and passionate teachers put their heart and soul into delivering stimulating lessons that resonate with each student. By helping students sharpen and demonstrate their artistic skills, we ensure that they become confident, creative, and artistically inclined learners. Their self-understanding, self-assuredness, self-expression, cognition, and communication skills are also improved. Students develop a sense of individual identity and don’t shy away from fine-tuning it as their creative inclinations evolve over time.


We offer a range of assessments during our live lessons. These include summative tests, group activities, presentations, and artistic explorations.

 Using these assignments, our teachers help students become creative learners who utilise their skills with confidence.

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a teacher delivering an online lesson in Wales


Homework is given at the end of each week. Students get a chance to polish their artistic skills and cover more ground. We plan homework around a range of different topics and subtopics, taking special care to cover everything in the syllabus.

Students may have to research key artistic concepts, learn about new artists, understand art forms across different culture, explore art history, and complete similar tasks.


Parents are given 24/7 access to their children’s coursework. We also maintain an open line of communication between parents and teachers to ensure complete transparency.

Additionally, we hold 3 parent-teacher consultations each year, one in every term.



Parents are informed about the specific equipment that is required in each session, if any. Students are generally required to possess basic drawing and painting materials that are required for the completion of the art and design course. Everything is communicated to parents in advance.

Course Outline

Students are taught an expertly curated 2-year programme. They complete a range of activities that help build their confidence, skills, knowledge, and creative interest. We explore formal elements and connect students to the work of artists. We also take a closer look at the overarching themes of history, culture, and expression that are associated with art. Students participate in group activities, complete group projects, and create standalone artworks during this critical stage of their artistic growth and development journey.

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Key Components/Units to be Completed Not applicable at Key Stage 3. No qualification to be attained.


Meet The Teacher

Mrs. Rees is a highly experienced artist and educator with over 20 years of teaching experience at IGCSE, A Level and Foundation Diploma. Friendly and patient, she communicates requirements most effectively and in a way that is inspiring and very enjoyable to learn. Grades in her class are considerably higher than those expected in most schools.

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