Sixth Form (A Levels)
Art, Design & Media


The Art, Design & Media curriculum is designed for creative students who wish to further develop their skills. Students who are interested in studying creative art or any design subject in university are strongly encouraged to pass this course and secure top grades.

Our MA/MSc/PhD qualified teachers help students understand the importance of expression and communication. They learn how to define and capture their own aesthetic experience and the aesthetic experiences of others around them. Students also develop a strong understanding of visual perception. As a result, they become capable of using art and design more uniquely, creatively, and independently.

Most components of the syllabus require practical work. As students work on different projects, they develop strong observation and analysis capabilities. The visual world must be understood and captured with sensitivity, a high level of skill, imagination, creativity, and personal expression. We equip students with the knowledge and practical tools they need to understand and solve common design problems, appreciate art, and create art.

Students learn the critical relationships between colour, texture, and spatiality. They reflect on notable artists’ and designers’ work, which teaches them how to perceive and reflect on their own work. Our students secure top grades and become well-positioned to study art and design-related subjects in university. They produce aesthetically impressive work in their scholastic, professional, and personal life.

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We offer a range of assessments during our live lessons. These include summative tests, worksheets, pop quizzes, group activities, and more. Using these assignments, our teachers assess each student’s skills and knowledge.


Homework is given at the end of each week. Students get a chance to polish their skills and cover more ground. We plan homework around a range of different topics and subtopics, taking special care to cover everything in the syllabus.

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Parents are given 24/7 access to their children’s coursework. We also maintain an open line of communication between parents and teachers to ensure complete transparency. Additionally, we hold 3 parent-teacher consultations each year, one in every term. Parents can also set up consultations with teachers at mutually convenient times.

Course Outline

The course is designed to be completed over two years. Students must pass three key stages: the exploratory stage, the pathway stage, and the confirmatory stage. The exploratory stage entails the exploration of a range of critical art and design disciplines and principles. In the pathway stage, students develop greater skills and knowledge. As a result, they become capable of specialising in one or two disciplines. In the final stage—the confirmatory stage—students specialise in a single discipline. They also produce a major final art and design project.


Key Units Taught

  1. Contemporary and historical cultural contexts in the field of art, design and media
  2. The importance of visual language for recording and responding
  3. The potential and limitations of a variety of media and processes
  4. How to identify personal progression routes and present work effectively to others
  5. Optional units include:
  • Media development
  • Information and interpretation
  • Combined experimental studies in Art, Design and Media


Students are required to possess specific design and painting materials, different surfaces to work on, and activity-related tools. The course requires students to use different colours, textures, and forms for mixed media and sculpture. To achieve this, they will be required to obtain specific items based on the topics being covered for the day. Students are encouraged to keep a digital camera (a smartphone is acceptable) handy. They also need a computer and Wi-Fi connection. As the course progresses, more specialised equipment/materials may be needed. These are always communicated to students beforehand for hassle-free and timely acquisition.

Dr Trentham

Meet The Teacher

Mrs. Urquhart-Edwards MA RCA is a highly experienced and respected educator who has exhibited widely including the USA, London, China and Europe. Educated at the Royal College of Arts and having taught at St. Martins College and Wimbledon College of arts, Mrs. Urquhart-Edwards knows all there is to know about how to progress a young creative into the world of art and design.

Friendly and patient, Mrs. Urquhart-Edwards will guide you with deep personal interest in your work towards the fulfillment of your goals. She will fully prepare you for University level study and beyond.

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