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Global Provision of Lower School Spanish Homeschooling with Cambridge Home School OnlineCambridge Home School Online Online

Learning a second language is highly beneficial for students at a young age. Apart from social benefits, it has been known to enhance students’ memory and retention abilities and help in creative thinking and problem-solving skills.

Learning Spanish for English-speaking students is an exceptional way of embedding an interest in cultures, ideas, or peoples outside their own experiences. It broadens their minds and opens them up to resources, ideas, and ways of life that would otherwise be impossible for them to access.

Cambridge Home School OnlineCambridge Home School Online Online boasts highly qualified Spanish teachers with a modern curriculum who can help your child master the language easily. Having a firm grasp of Spanish is paramount for your child to attain a multitude of opportunities as they grow up.

Through Cambridge Home School OnlineCambridge Home School Online OnlineSchool’s Lower School Spanish program, we enable students of years 7, 8, and 9 to perfect their understanding and application of the Spanish Language through our Lower School online homeschooling program.

Course Details


  • Independent Curriculum informed by the best of Cambridge and English National Curriculum


  • 1 Year

Delivery Method

  • LIVE online classes of 8-10 students

Start Date

  • September – July (Rolling enrolment throughout the year


What Sets Us Apart

Cambridge Home School OnlineCambridge Home School Online Online prides itself on the many ways we teach language to children, in a way that helps them perfect it in a short period and gather the confidence to speak it fluently.

We utilise various methods to instil a passion in your child for the language and ensure that your child isn’t overburdened. Learning a new language can be difficult, but Lower School is the best age for your child to learn it. Our resources include audio-visual lectures, case studies, and mock exams that help your child remember correct grammar usage. Our primary focus areas can be divided into four parts: speaking, reading, listening, and writing.

Students enrolled in our class will master the art of effective communication and respond to a range of information, media and texts. Additionally, we help students gain confidence in their communication skills through presentations on everyday situations. Students will gain access to a range of texts that they may read for information and leisure to understand different writing styles and tones.

By the end of our program, we aim to help children see themselves as proficient in Spanish in reading and writing, with the ability to confidently and accurately use words for a range of different audiences and purposes.

Why Choose Cambridge Home School

Pastoral Support

Having the right support system can help students manage their mental health. By understanding their problems, our school counsellors can help them overcome their fear of failure and instil a sense of confidence that will help them for the rest of their lives. They also provide complete guidance and support at all times. Addressing and managing these problems is essential for a student’s mental health. It can be hard for students to feel secure and understood if they’re not supported properly. Our school counsellors help them manage their concerns and keep them on track.


Academic Support

Teaching a foreign language to young students is a difficult process and needs special teaching methods that can help students understand the intricacies and social contexts in speech. At Cambridge Home School OnlineCambridge Home School Online Online, we have a team of highly-trained and experienced subject specialist teachers to help your child have a fundamental understanding of the Spanish language.

Small Online Classroom Size

Often, the curriculum for students is homogenised and does not take modern trends into account. Students are often not given the attention they require from their teachers, affecting their learning and retention capabilities. A large number of students in the same room makes it difficult for teachers to track their academic progress. To remedy this, we have limited the number of students in a class to a maximum of 10 so that teachers can give students the attention they need to learn and retain information.

An IGCSE student taking an online class in Dubai

Meet Our Teacher

Senora Dove leads our Spanish language department for students of Lower School, IGCSE and A-Level. She has an infectious passion for Spanish and Spain, translated into practical and memorable classroom sessions. She has been acclaimed by students and parents alike for her friendly attitude and ability to get the best out of her pupils.

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