Quality Homeschooling to Help Children Succeed Academically

Our Interactive Online Schools

At Cambridge Home School Online, we believe that students learn best when they develop a genuine interest in their lessons. We structure engaging, interactive, and focused classes to help students remain engrossed in their lessons. Pupils between the ages of 7 and 19 are provided a world-class private education that helps them secure top grades and gain an academic edge.

primary pref

Primary Prep (Ages 8 – 10)

Building a strong academic foundation is imperative. Our teachers help students get off to a great start for enhanced academic progression. We utilise engaging audio-visual elements to generate a strong interest in the lessons. Your child will reap the benefits of a concrete foundation in English, Mathematics, Science, Topic, Art, Languages and Cultures, and more subjects.

Lower School (Ages 11 – 13)

Curious and critical thinkers, young students in this age bracket love to build their interest in their favourite subjects. We cement the fundamentals and cover new bases to sharpen their academic skills and deepen their academic knowledge. Confidence and skills are honed. Students develop a passion for learning and gear up for rigorous learning in Upper School.
upper school

Upper School (Ages 14 – 16)

Pupils confidently apply their knowledge, skills, and understanding to succeed in their chosen examination subjects. Our MA/MSc/PhD qualified subject specialist teachers deliver individualised lessons in small classrooms. Picking up on each student’s strengths and weaknesses, our teachers help students develop a good grasp of their IGCSE curriculum. We set the stage for academic excellence and help our students secure grades their parents can be proud of.

Sixth Form (Ages 17 – 19)

This is the academic stage where grades matter most. Students are provided a deep knowledge of their selected subjects. Topics and subtopics are explored in detail to help students prepare exceptionally well for their A Levels examinations. Our students ace their examinations and attend top-tier universities like Oxford, Cambridge, Harvard, Yale, and MIT, among others. They also gain essential soft and hard skills that help them perform well in undergrad and grad school.


How To Apply

Our school is almost always full; we have very few places available. Explore the enrolment process to give your child the gift of superior learning and academic progression.