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The homeschooling movement began pacing in the 1970s when the educational theorist John Holt argued that the focus of most schools is to turn young minds into compliant employees.

While there are many reasons parents decide to pursue home education, such as financial, religious, or philosophical concerns, online homeschooling has gained more popularity during the last few years.

Academic institutions worldwide transitioned into online classes during the COVID-19 pandemic when health and safety concerns were a priority, but so was ensuring children’s bright futures.

Even when the world began reopening after lockdowns were lifted, parents who realised the myriad benefits still preferred enrolling their children in online private British schools.

Why do Parents Worldwide Prefer Online British Schools Over Mainstream Options?  

At first, it was just convenience and comfort. Then, no more snack preps, reduced fuel costs, and no time wasted commuting or rushing children to dress up so that they don’t miss their school buses convinced many parents that online schooling is indeed better than mainstream schools.

With the rising concerns regarding the climate crisis, reduced carbon footprint and the eco-friendly nature of online homeschooling are other benefits that cannot be missed.

However, parents can go to great lengths to improve their children’s mental and physical well-being. Despite the difficulties they face each day to ensure their children receive the best education, they continue doing what’s best for their children and their future.

Research shows unhappiness, unsatisfactory standards, special needs, bullying, and inability to secure a place at the preferred school were the top reasons parents often switch to online education programs. Another compelling reason for parents choosing online schools was their positive influence on the mental health of young children.

Before enrolling your children in top online schools like the Cambridge Home School Online, learn how the school’s outstanding faculty prioritises children’s mental and physical health when devising the curriculum and activities to help them excel.

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Mental Health Concerns Students Worldwide Experience

Mental health is a serious matter that afflicts hundreds of millions of people worldwide. While homeschooling isn’t a panacea, online international schools are believed to be beneficial for the mental health of students.

Depression, anxiety, and other mental health concerns can impact the performance of the school and college-going students. Parentshttps://cambridgeschoolonline.com/

can mitigate the problem by enrolling children in online British schools to enhance their ability to focus and learn, retain information, socialise, and excel at anything they do with confidence.

Roughly one-third of children and teens are diagnosed with anxiety disorders after feeling excessive peer pressure. This was especially true for students who were stressed out for trying to improve their GPAs while participating in extracurriculars as well.

Homeschooling helps lower stress and minimises anxiety attacks and depressive moods. Students don’t have to face awkward interactions or feel unsafe, uncomfortable, and unwelcome in social settings. Moreover, with over 21% of students experiencing some form of bullying in brick-and-mortar schools, the violence, depression, harassment, discrimination, anxiety, and mental health issues associated with bullying can hinder their ability to learn.

Parents seeking quality British education online for their children in the UK, the Middle East, Europe, Central Asia, and other regions with a similar time zone as the UK can enrol their children in Primary Prep, Lower School, Upper School, and Sixth Form.

Our premium educators provide a safe learning environment that encourages students to learn at their own pace. As one of the best international schools online, our institute has helped numerous students get the attention they need to outgrow their potential.

The MA/MSc/PhD qualified teachers at Cambridge Home School Online help students develop essential soft and hard skills. While over 80% of the students secure top grades, they also develop critical skills that improve their capabilities, increase their chances of acceptance into top universities, and achieve rapid career progression.

The near-perfect score our top online school has received on TrustSpot from students and parents worldwide signifies why our institution is a good fit for every student, even those with mental health concerns.

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Cambridge Home School Online – A Flexible Alternative to Conventional Schools

Students of online schools can benefit from flexible schedules that work in their favour. While in-person classes are live at Cambridge Home School Online, students can access the extensive eLibrary resources and watch videos, read books, or access recorded lectures at any time that works best for them.

Students worldwide, even in developing countries, can access and afford high-quality Cambridge education directly from the UK. They can plan their schedules to prevent burnout and have ample time to enjoy other activities that are good for their mental and physical health.

The format works exceptionally well for families that frequently relocate or wish to travel the world. They don’t need to worry about making living arrangements and spending more money on hostels, food, flights, and so on.

We encourage students to travel the world, explore historical landmarks, experience different cultures and traditions, and meet new people. Travelling is a great way for students to learn acceptance and inclusivity – both of which are very important for us at Cambridge Home School Online.

Our Online British School Allows Learning at an Individualised Pace

The qualified teachers we’ve got on board are trained to give personalised attention to each child. They use different teaching techniques and resources to help students retain maximum information without feeling stressed or anxious.

The limited number of students in each class allows the teachers to gain insights into the pace and learning capacities of each student. They work with the parents to devise flexible schedules that make it easier for students to work ahead in certain lesson plans while rewatching or rereading others they find confusing at their own pace.

We use the eminent Cambridge online homeschooling curriculum and encourage healthy class discussions with interactive audio-visual and edutainment resources to keep students engaged. This allows us to cover extensive academic grounds while helping students grasp key concepts and secure A*s and A’s in their prime IGCSE subjects.

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Experience Only Healthy Competition at Our Online IGCSE School

Research shows that only a small percentage of students thrive in competitive environments. The rest feel depressed and lose interest in ultra-competitive situations. Our school’s teachers focus on every student instead of how they measure up to their peers.

When children are given a non-judgemental learning environment where they don’t fear bullies, they don’t feel lost in the crowd. The healthy learning environment at Cambridge Home School Online has enabled students to receive offers from the top universities worldwide.

From Harvard to Yale, Cambridge, Oxford, Stanford, MIT, Princeton, Columbia, John Hopkins, and Berkeley, our students have secured scholarships and admissions in prestigious universities with their hard work and support from our education specialists.

Cambridge Home School Online Encourages Physical Activity for Better Mental Health

Online homeschooling allows children to spend more time outdoors doing physical activities that will improve their mental and physical health as well as socialising capabilities. Children are free to move around and stretch even during lesson hours, which keeps them from losing focus or becoming antsy.

The freedom in the learning process is also better for their emotional health. They can learn without comprising daily chores, which makes learning more enjoyable. The extra time can be used to bond with the family, run daily errands, and learn other important life skills. Students can also spend more time engaging in social activities that help the greater community or practice their favourite sports to win a medal at the Olympics.

World’s Best British Online School for Learning Autonomy and Independence

While online schooling enables parents to support children in all their struggles, our educators focus on teaching them to become in charge of their learning. They encourage students to communicate their struggle areas and passions and tailor the teaching methods to address them promptly so that students don’t lose interest or feel upset when they fall behind.

Children enrolled in online British schools don’t need to follow the crowd or worry about competition. Having more autonomy gives them more confidence and motivates them to finish work on time and learn analytical and critical life skills that will benefit them later in life. Consequently, they thrive in different facets of their life: examinations, hobbies, sports, careers, and more.

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All Teachers at Our Online British School Cater to the Special Needs of Children

Children often feel pressurised to keep up with the lessons in conventional classroom environments. To blend in with the rest of the class, they often disengage with their individual interests or needs.

Our safeguarding systems are curated empathically to provide educational and emotional freedom to children to protect their well-being. We ensure none of the children worries about fitting in because we teach them to stand out.

Our educators encourage children to express themselves and accommodate all special needs, whether it requires spending more time on a particular course or repeating any lesson. We create a relaxed environment where children can express themselves freely without embarrassment.

Strategies to Prevent Burnout and Support the Mental Health of Children

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#1- Encourage Healthy Habits

A healthy lifestyle is key to a healthy mindset, which can significantly impact children’s mental health. Encourage children to eat well, establish a sound sleeping schedule, and plan physical activities they enjoy. You’ll notice increased energy levels, improved mood, and overall mental and emotional well-being.

#2- Designate a Peaceful Study Area

Sometimes boundaries are an incredible way to keep mental health intact. Pick a peaceful spot at home with fewer distractions to help your child concentrate during online school lessons, homework, and exams. Tell everyone to avoid making unnecessary noises during school hours to help your child become more productive.

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#3- Set a Positive Environment

Avoid anger outbursts and other behaviours that can increase anxiety and stress. Your home should exude positive vibes, with everyone speaking in soft and empathic tones. Also, avoid putting too much pressure on the children or yourself to ensure nothing impedes your child’s mental health.

#4- Encourage Breaks

Short walks, healthy snack times, quick naps, and other activities to break away from the hustle and bustle of routine life can uplift the morale of children, just like adults. Practice meditation with your children, watch documentaries or play games under the open sky to reduce stress.

#5- Prioritise Self Care

Following a regular schedule also helps improve productivity, but we encourage students to reach out whenever they feel burned out or stressed about meeting deadlines. We suggest parents and children prioritise self-care to live a happier and healthier life. Cheer children to learn new hobbies, enjoy adventures, and catch up with friends while you pamper yourself. A healthy parent with a positive outlook on life is the best way to help them succeed beyond expectations.

As parents, you shoulder the responsibility of finding international online schools perfect for your children. We welcome you to explore our curriculum, meet our education specialists, and discuss your concerns before enrolling your children in our online homeschool.

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Our goal is to ensure that no parents ever worry about the quality of education when spending their hard-earned money on brightening their children’s futures. Our conscientious and qualified teachers, coupled with the low teacher-student ratio, help us provide individualised attention to help each child excel.

If you’re eager to jump on board to join the online homeschooling trend, reach out so that our representatives can walk you through the important term dates and admissions process.

Submitting the application form is also easy, but if you need guidance, we’re here to help. You can also connect with us to learn more about the free structure, bursaries and scholarships, and other details.

Established in 2002, our institution has been providing quality Cambridge online education to students for over two decades. Read our reviews for our competitive homeschooling programs: Primary Prep/Key Stage 2 (ages 7 to 10), Lower School/Key Stage 3 (ages 11 to 13), Upper School/IGCSEs (ages 14 to 16), and Sixth Form/AS & A-Levels (ages 17 to 19).

By switching to online British schooling, students can enjoy a healthy school-life balance, secure top grades, prevent bullying, explore hobbies, and develop a range of important skills. You can also reach out via our live chat box or send an email to receive prompt support from our qualified professionals, who can help answer all your questions.


Why has online homeschooling become more popular recently?

Online homeschooling has gained popularity due to its convenience, comfort, and the flexibility it offers for personalised education. The COVID-19 pandemic further highlighted its effectiveness in ensuring educational continuity.

How does online homeschooling benefit a child’s mental and physical well-being?

Homeschooling can have a positive impact on mental health by reducing stress, anxiety, and exposure to bullying, allowing students to focus on learning in a safe and comfortable environment.

Can online homeschooling cater to children with special educational needs?

Yes, online schools like Cambridge Home School Online are designed to cater to the special needs of children by providing empathetic, personalised attention and the ability to adapt the pace of learning to each student.

What are the benefits of enrolling in Cambridge Home School Online?

Cambridge Home School Online offers small class sizes, personalised attention from MA/MSc/PhD qualified teachers, and a curriculum that helps students excel academically and develop essential soft and hard skills.

How does Cambridge Home School Online support healthy competition among students?

The school focuses on individual student growth rather than comparison with peers, creating a non-judgemental learning environment that supports personal achievement and well-being.

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