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Photography has a unique alphabet that enables us to communicate globally. While not the most conventional choice for an A-Level course, photography carries a wide range of benefits that students can use to build a career in this industry. There are many reasons to study photography, such as the opportunity to improve your photographic skills and expand your visual vocabulary. The main benefit of studying photography is that it provides you with an extended period to explore and learn about the world around you.

Although it may seem like a distant pursuit, studying photography has plenty of relevance in the corporate world. Most undergraduate photography students have a limited understanding of what it means to be a photographer. Having the depth of knowledge that A-Level photography provides will help them understand what they can expect in this profession and hone their skills.

In this era, digital publishing and film are becoming more prevalent in response to the implementation of educational theories about photography. To help students hone their photography skills and take the first step towards having the career of their dreams, Cambridge Home School Online provides a rigorous photography course to help students actualize their potential.

Course Details


  • SEG Level 3 Diploma in Art, Media and Design with a concentration on photography. 500/8476/8 (A-Level equivalent qualification)


  • 2 Year

Delivery Method

  • LIVE online classes of 8-10 students

Start Date

  • September – July (Rolling enrolment throughout the year

Course Outline

This course aims to give students the skills to create stunning portraits using various photographic processes. It covers black and white photography, digital darkroom techniques, and studio equipment.

Things To Know Before Applying

This course is designed for ambitious, creative individuals ready to develop their photographic skills alongside expressive and creative ways of working. This course is focused on your academic work and research. In addition, it includes an essay section and a reflection on how you have developed your photographic techniques and ideas.

Throughout the first year, you will learn various digital and analogue techniques, and in the second year, you will refine and master these skills. This course will teach you how to develop and enhance your photographic skills and understand how to take your passion and turn it into a profession.

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Meet Our Instructor!

Mr Gonzalez is the head of our photography program for A-Levels. He is an internationally renowned photographer who has exhibited his work all around the world. He has also had his work featured in various publications.

He is a passionate and talented photographer who enjoys teaching his students. He is able to provide his students with an excellent opportunity to develop their skills and knowledge in photography.


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