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Economics is a broad concept that explores the world around us. It is used to explain how society works and how it affects us financially, socially, and culturally. Although Economics is not listed as a ‘facilitating subject’ by the Russell Group, it is highly regarded and can provide the foundations for further studies and careers. Economics is also one of the most difficult courses that one can take up in A-Levels.

To facilitate students that wish to take up a career in Economics and give them a strong foundation on core economic concepts, Cambridge Home School Online provides a quality homeschooling program that can get them well on their way towards achieving excellent marks.

Course Details


  • Cambridge 9708


  • 2 Year

Delivery Method

  • LIVE online classes of 8-10 students

Start Date

  • September – July (Rolling enrolment throughout the year


What Sets Us Apart

Cambridge Home School Online prides itself on the many ways we teach French to children, in a way that helps them critically evaluate text and explain it categorically. We aim to help students learn the language from the ground up, and help them easily carry a conversation with confidence.

We utilise various methods to instil a passion in your child for the language and ensure that your child isn’t overburdened. Learning a new language can be difficult, but Lower School is the best age for your child to learn it. Our resources consist of audio-visual lectures, case studies, and mock exams that help your child remember correct grammar usage. Our primary focus areas can be divided into four parts: speaking, reading, listening, and writing.

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Why Choose Cambridge Home School​?

Cambridge Home School Online prides itself on the many ways we teach Economics to children in a way that helps them critically evaluate several metrics and explain them with ease.

We utilise various methods to instil a passion in your child for the study of production, consumption, and transfer of wealth, and ensure that your child isn’t overburdened. Analysing statistics that provide insight on the economy can be difficult, and we understand if a student takes longer to grasp what is expected of the course. Our teachers ensure that students are taught at their own pace and are not left behind. Our resources consist of audio-visual lectures, case studies, and mock exams that help your child fully understand the literature in the curriculum.

By the end of our program, we aim to help children see themselves as economists and have the ability to confidently and accurately analyse information for a range of different audiences and purposes.


What will you study within A-level Economics?

Specific content within A-level Economics may vary depending on the school where you study. The topics covered may include the difference between productivity and production, different economies, and government roles. Cambridge Home School Online takes special care to ensure that everything taught in the class is relevant to the A-Level exams and the student’s future in this field.

Upon studying Economics, you will develop your communication, problem-solving, and analytical skills. Economics can also lead to a wide range of careers in finance and economics. Some of these include Chartered Accountant, Investment Analyst, and Forensic Accountant.

How Cambridge Home School Online Tackles A-Level Economics

Economics is undoubtedly one of the more challenging courses offered in A-Level, which is why Cambridge Home School Online takes special precautions to ensure that students can fully comprehend complex concepts and implement them in case studies and everyday situations.

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Why Choose Cambridge Home School Online?

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Pastoral Support

Most schools have a culture that encourages overworking students. This excessive workload leads to them feeling exhausted and overwhelmed as they go back home, which can affect their personal development.

 At Cambridge Home School Online, we take the time to ensure that our students are not overworked and minimise their stress levels. This helps us instil passion in students for their studies.

Academic Growth

In the modern era, students require premier education to compete at a global stage and secure admission to some of the best universities in the world. At Cambridge Home School Online, we believe that students should have the necessary tools to improve their academic success. Our panel of instructors consists of MA/MSc/PhD qualified specialists who implement an individual approach to learning wherein students are assessed based on their strengths and taught accordingly. They take note of their learning styles and develop a plan that fits their needs.

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International Students

Globalisation has been a recurring theme since the turn of the millennium, and students now have opportunities to seek educational opportunities all over the world. While homeschooling may seem limiting, online schools have used this as an opportunity to enable certain facets of schools that simply would not be possible without the internet. Many online schools cater to students from around the world with the common goal of receiving the best possible education.

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Meet Our Teacher

Mrs Boland heads our Economics department for A-Levels. She holds a Master’s degree in Economics as well as receiving qualifications as a secondary school teacher (PGCE). She has been teaching for over 20 years in courses relating to the Business and Economic sectors. Apart from teaching, she is also an examiner for Business and Economics and a coursework moderator. Her enthusiastic demeanour and willingness to teach students at their pace makes her a favourite among students and parents alike.


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As a testament to our high-quality services and results-oriented approach, Cambridge Home School Online boasts over 100 excellent reviews from satisfied parents from around the world. 

With an average rating of 4.7 out of 5 on TrustSpot, we’re proud to have provided motivated, English-speaking international students with the tools they need to thrive.