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Technology plays a vital role in facilitating learning. As an online school, we leverage technology to deliver smooth, streamlined, well-structured, and effective online lessons. When the right platform, tools, add-ons, and elements are used, the online learning experience is improved significantly.

At CHS Online, we strive to help students secure top grades. In order to do this, we start by maximising student engagement in the classroom. Students absorb and retain more knowledge when they are focused, alert, and immersed in their lessons.

Our MA/MSc/PhD qualified teachers use the power of technology and media to generate greater interest in the lessons, boost engagement levels, and achieve excellent learning outcomes.

In this blog, we’ll offer a closer look at how we increase student engagement with technology. We’ll highlight the critical role of digital media and technology in helping us achieve our goals. Let’s begin!

1. Advanced Online Learning Platform


a student attending an online class


At CHS Online, we believe that a robust, power-packed, and smooth online learning platform is the first step in helping students succeed. As online schooling popularises across the globe, many new institutions have been established. However, these schools lack an advanced foundational platform necessary for delivering lessons, tracking student schedules, displaying resources, and so on.

Without such a platform, online schools cannot smoothly teach students, monitor their performance, keep parents in the loop, and complete a wide range of other essential tasks. Administrative efficiency is weakened, which ultimately affects students at a micro level.

At CHS Online, we use a state-of-the-art platform that provides everything students need: lectures, resources, schedules, meetings, opportunities to communicate with other students, counselling history, performance data, grade analysis, and so much more.

By equipping each student with a user-friendly, fast-loading, and comprehensive system, we ensure that the online learning process becomes much easier. This plays a big role in boosting engagement levels. Students don’t feel frustrated by lagging systems and weak technology. Since everything is on track, the legwork is reduced.

We automate a lot of tasks, so students don’t have to worry about handling dozens of critical chores and recalling information. By feeding everything to the system and leveraging the power of automation, we ensure that students can focus on what’s important: academic growth. Students remain engaged in the classroom, focus on their lessons, gain more knowledge, and achieve academic excellence.

2. Multimedia Technology


a student attending an online lesson


The power of multimedia technology cannot be denied. In 2023, students don’t just want regular lessons. Instead, they want visually and sonically appealing lessons. At CHS Online, we leverage the power of audio and video to engage students and maximise class interactivity. Our online lessons are visually and sonically powerful. As a result, students gravitate towards them and pay consistent attention.

Our lessons are packed with rich visuals and animations for young students. Primary prep and lower school students have a lower attention span than older IGCSE and A Level students. As a result, they require greater stimulation. We capture their attention by breaking critical concepts down into visually exciting and fun illustrations, animations, and video content.

By simplifying the learning process, we ensure that young students don’t feel frustrated by the complexity of their lessons. Since we use a well-rounded, interdisciplinary, and independent curriculum, our lessons are more advanced. However, students don’t feel burdened by their curriculum because of our reliance on multimedia technology. This doesn’t mean that our teachers take a back seat. If anything, they teach more proactively to help students learn the ropes and excel.

At CHS Online, we have a team of dedicated MA/MSc/PhD teachers. To further ensure the efficacy of multimedia technology, our teachers deliver lessons to small groups of 8–10 students, no more. This helps us maximise classroom engagement. Since the classroom isn’t crammed with students, each pupil receives one-on-one attention from their teachers. If they have any questions about their lessons, they can ask their teachers immediately and receive prompt support.

When combined with individualised support from teachers, multimedia technology is even more effective. Students learn better, progress faster, and achieve consistent academic growth. This is an excellent way to increase student engagement with technology.

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3. Active Student Discussion

At CHS Online, we use technology to generate active student discussions. Our online chat option allows students to communicate with each other, share their opinions, and engage in a productive, stimulating, and thought-provoking discussion.

Technology helps us streamline student communication, which is the foundation for healthy learning. When students bounce ideas off each other and understand each other’s perspectives, they unlock new facets of their lessons. The conversation isn’t unidirectional. Instead, it’s multifaceted and nuanced.

4. Online Activities and Exercises


a student performing an online activity


Academic growth is not possible without hands-on activities and exercises. At CHS Online, we use technology to plan a range of exciting activities, exercises, projects, presentations, and more.

Before the class, our teachers carefully identify the learning objectives, evaluate the classroom’s collective academic strengths and weaknesses, plan hyper-specific learning activities, and set metrics for post-activity student performance tracking.

Our activities include:

  • Quizzes
  • Games
  • Stimulations
  • Debates
  • Discussion
  • Feedback
  • Guest speaker video series
  • Case studies
  • Concept maps
  • More

Online activities also help students develop the ability to think critically and reflect on their lessons. We encourage students to recall information from previous lessons and activities, combine previous knowledge with new knowledge, apply their knowledge inside and outside the classroom, implement feedback from teachers and peers, improve their subsequent work, and elevate their performance.

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5. Online Library

At CHS Online, we believe that online resources help students learn better, complete their homework with confidence, revise consistently, and improve their grades. Our online library is replete with a wide range of resources, including previous catch-up lessons, books, videos, PowerPoint presentations, past papers, and other essential learning tools. As students utilise these resources, they can set their own learning pace and enjoy the benefits of flexible learning.

Our online resources are neatly presented on an advanced portal. As a result, students don’t face any issues exploring, accessing, downloading, and bookmarking the required resources. Technology has helped us maintain a comprehensive, streamlined, and compartmentalised online library.

According to a student at our institution, “Cambridge Home School Online’s eLibrary makes it so much easier for me to find and track resources. At my previous school, we were given physical resources. Over time, it would become very difficult to maintain folders of paperwork. We would often get important resources laminated, but it was still tricky to keep them in good condition.

Switching to an online library has made the entire process much more convenient and streamlined. I can access resources and save them at my convenience. My teachers also update the library every other day, which helps me find new resources for different topics and subtopics whenever I want. If I’m stuck with my homework or need to revise for the day, I can use the search option to find specific resources without any hassle.”

At CHS Online, we also encourage students and parents to share their feedback on our resources. If they have any recommendations, we’re willing to analyse the suggested resources and determining whether they’re suitable for our library.

6. Online Lecture Series


a student watching an online video at Cambridge Home School Online


At CHS Online, we believe that video content is an extremely powerful tool. In 2023, YouTube is considered one of the most popular video-sharing and social media platforms. Videos are extremely effective for students who have relatively shorter attention spans. They make learning easier and simpler.

Generation Z learners prefer videos over printed books for learning. This doesn’t mean that textbooks should be replaced with video content. Instead, text and video-based content should be combined to achieve powerful results.

At CHS Online, we recently launched a YouTube video series. Every week, we invite renowned scholars, teachers, authors, artists, scientists, doctors, and other experts to deliver engaging, exciting, and insightful lectures to our students.

Our online lecture series is incredibly powerful, effective, and popular. Since video is the perfect medium for children and teenagers, they watch video-based lectures more intently.

Videos are packed with information. As a result, students gain more knowledge, learn new things, diversify their thought process, and leave with many new ideas. The learning process is enhanced, and consequently, learning outcomes are improved. Embracing video content is indubitably one of the best ways to increase student engagement with technology.

7. Flexible Learning

Online learning is a lot more flexible in nature. Technology helps make the learning process easier, less stressful, and more effective. Since students have the flexibility to attend school from home, they save a lot of time and feel less overwhelmed.

The conventional schooling model often leaves students feeling tired, stressed, and fatigued by the end of the day. This is because conventional school lasts for a lot longer than online school. For starters, students waste a lot of time commuting to and from school. Once they reach school, they spend the bulk of the day shuffling in and out of classrooms. When they return home, students have very little time to rest, recharge, and explore other activities for the day. This affects their personal, social, and extracurricular life.

According to a CHS Online alumnus, “The switch to online learning helped me save so much time and energy. I didn’t realise how draining regular school was. I felt so tired and didn’t have the energy to hang out with my friends, pursue my hobbies and interests, and revise for the day. Online school helped me add extra hours to my day. I can play sports, participate in extracurricular events, go on adventures and excursions, and enjoy a healthier school-life balance.”

When technology and learning are combined, the benefits are spectacular. Students feel more energised and start excelling in different aspects of their life.

8. Adapting to Technology


a student attending online school


In 2023, good technological know-how is considered a strong skill. Students who can easily adapt to technology perform better in the classroom and achieve greater career success. This is because technology is incorporated into everything. It connects students to the real world and prepares them for the workforce.

By weaving technology into the fabric of our institution, we ensure that students have a good grasp of technological tools, software, and processes. Students are well-prepared for the modern office and perform exceptionally well. Whether they’re collaborating with their peers, accessing information, or performing chores that require tech prowess, students don’t face a learning curve. They’re not intimidated by the digital demands of the future. Instead, they rise to digital challenges with ease and adroitness.

Adaptability to technology plays a pivotal role in helping students innovate, excel, and stand out. They can perform a wide range of demanding digital tasks without any hesitation.

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What role does an advanced online learning platform play at CHS Online?

An advanced online learning platform is key to providing a smooth and effective learning experience, offering everything from lectures to resources and performance tracking, which in turn enhances student engagement and academic success.

How does multimedia technology enhance learning at CHS Online?

Multimedia technology, including audio and video, enriches the learning experience by delivering content that is visually and sonically engaging, helping to maintain student focus and interest in their lessons.

What benefits do online activities and exercises offer CHS Online students?

Online activities and exercises facilitate hands-on learning experiences, encouraging students to think critically, apply their knowledge, and actively engage with their peers, thereby deepening their understanding of the subject matter.

How does access to an online library at CHS Online support student learning?

CHS Online’s comprehensive online library provides students with a variety of resources, such as catch-up lessons and past papers, allowing them to review material at their own pace and enhance their learning process.

What is the significance of the online lecture series in CHS Online’s educational approach?

The online lecture series at CHS Online brings experts from various fields to share insights with students, supplementing traditional learning with diverse perspectives and keeping students engaged with current academic and real-world topics.

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