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Ages 16 to 19 (Year 12, Year 13)

We accept applications from younger students if they have high grades in their IGCSEs or equivalent

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Considered the apex of a student’s teenage academic journey, Cambridge A Levels carry immense weight. They’re the gold standard in advanced school-age education. A quality A Levels education helps motivated, ambitious, and driven students become future leaders. This high-level qualification is accepted, lauded, and cherished by most countries across the globe.


If students wish to study their desired program at a prestigious university like Cambridge, Oxford, Yale, Harvard, Stanford, and the likes, they must secure top grades in their A-Levels examinations. At CHS, we shoulder this responsibility. Our MA/PhD qualified subject specialist teachers to provide a quality, individualized, and focused education to A-Level students.

At this academic juncture, students must develop academically and personally. While we focus on academic growth, we also instil a range of soft skills in students, including time management, confidence, critical thinking, stress management, work ethic, and consistency, among others. These skills help our A Level students become confident, disciplined, and organised learners. They prepare for their examinations exceptionally well and secure top grades.

Our students receive a world-class preparation for university. At CHS, we equip them with:

  • Unrivalled teaching support
  • Advanced online learning software systems
  • Access to a vast online library of educational resource
  • One-on-one success coaching and pastoral support
  • An independent, well-rounded, and interdisciplinary curriculum
  • Targeted career advice
  • Interview technique advice

We ensure that our students are a step ahead of their contemporaries and on track to achieve stellar academic success. Our students secure top grades in their A Level examinations and fill their UCAS applications with confidence and adroitness.

Today, some of the best universities have a highly competitive academic environment. Students who aren’t intellectually prepared for university or don’t possess the right soft and hard skills can fall behind. We offer numerous advantages to our A Level students. As a result, they perform well in university and achieve outstanding academic success as they pursue a higher education.

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We offer a limited number of places. At CHS, we select the most qualified, motivated, and committed candidates. If you want to increase your chances of enrolment, submit an early application. For more information, feel free to speak with our chatbox. We’re happy to answer any questions you may have as an aspiring A Level student or a parent.

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