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Music is undoubtedly one of the toughest yet most rewarding courses students can take during their A-Levels. It has several benefits that can translate well into almost any career path a student chooses in the future and allows students to develop mastery in their passions and hone their skills through understanding the technicalities of music.

Studies have shown that music can stimulate various parts of the brain, including the limbic system and the auditory system. This course will provide students with transferable skills. Performance and presentation skills are very useful for anyone who works in music. Various skills can be developed in musicians that are very important to academic success.

Music can also help people maintain good mental health, and studies have shown that it can improve mood and creativity and help with anxiety and self-doubt. It can also help people regulate their emotions. Doing so allows them to avoid going through multiple exams in a row. It also helps them reach a higher grade as it only takes one exam.

Unfortunately, many international students cannot get the guidance they need to tackle this complex subject and make a career in this field. To help students get the grades their talent merits, Cambridge Home School Online provides motivated, English-speaking students worldwide avail quality music homeschooling globally.

Course Details


  • AQA 7272


  • 2 Year

Delivery Method

  • LIVE online classes of 8-10 students

Start Date

  • September – July (Rolling enrolment throughout the year


What To Expect When Taking Up A-Level Music?

The A-Level Music course taught by Cambridge Home School Online follows the current AQA A-Level specification. The A-level Music specification is well-regarded by universities and colleges due to its comprehensive structure, which provides a firm basis for further study.

The course will consist of the following sections:

Composition: 25%

Two compositions are required for the exams. These must be submitted in the form of a recording, which should be accompanied by a score, a lead sheet, or a written account. The recording can be done live or electronically and carried out by the student or accompanied by other musicians. Both works will be monitored as they are performed, and the candidate’s work is their own.

Performance: 35%

All submitted exams will be announced through the candidates’ announcement, which the teacher will only see. All students must be aware that they are responsible for finding another performer for the course if they wish to perform alongside them. This should not be a problem as instrumental teachers usually have other students who could perform with the candidates.

Performances should consist of at least 10 minutes. Each student should have their own instrumental teacher to help them select their repertoire. We can also provide instruction throughout the course.

Appraising Music: 40%

Students will be able to aurally analyse the various elements and devices listed in the specification throughout the course. They will also apply this analysis to different pieces in the same area of study to learn more.


Why Choose Cambridge Home School Online?

Having a diversified studying guide for a subject like music can be difficult to find for many students worldwide. Many students who have a passion for the subject resort to studying by themselves in an attempt to understand everything about the course. The inability to receive the right guidance can get a lower grade than their potential merits.

To help students learn and understand musical concepts to the best of their abilities, Cambridge Home School Online prides itself on our various teaching methods, utilising them in a way that helps our students critically evaluate the text and understand the importance of learning this subject. We aim to help students learn this field of study from the ground up and help them have a better understanding of musical themes, patterns, and analysis tools.

Each week, students attend two live interactive music classes with experienced teachers. These classes are video-recorded and provide an excellent resource for revision. Students’ work is listed below their assignments and units, and they can also access tutorials and other resources for their skills development.


Students can also attend live interactive lessons via the online learning portal. These lessons can be scheduled at any time and students can watch them in their own time. Each student receives feedback and support from their teacher while participating in group discussions. They also benefit from the social networking features of the classes.

We utilise various methods to instil a passion in your child for the subject and ensure that your child isn’t overburdened. Our resources include audio-visual lectures, case studies, and mock exams that help your child understand and retain information. By the end of our program, we aim to help children have a thorough understanding of music and have the ability to confidently and accurately explain the course during their A-Level examinations.


Meet Our Teachers

Mr Gazard

Mr Gazard is a musician and teacher who has been involved in music education for over two decades. He has worked as a school music teacher and has also been a secondary curriculum advisor for Buckinghamshire.

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Meet Our Teachers

Mrs  Werry

Mrs Werry has worked in secondary schools for over 20 years, and she has been the director of music and a specialist leader in education at a large school in London. Her writing credits include a variety of articles and columns for Music Teacher Magazine, as well as a diary of the head of the department. She has also co-written two books.


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