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According to Peter Drucker, a management guru, knowledge must be improved and challenged to keep it relevant and relevant to today’s world. Learning is a lifelong process that requires continuous improvement. Developing new skills and perspectives is also important to improve your performance in life and your career.

Online learning is a great way to improve your skills and personal interests. It’s convenient and flexible, and it can be done from anywhere. It’s also ideal for children that travel with their families frequently.

Many online homeschools allow students the liberty to study from wherever they are from some of the most experienced teachers.

At Cambridge Home School Online, our teachers are highly experienced and passionate about providing students with the best possible education. They use a variety of audio and video content to deliver exceptional lessons.

The facility for students to study quality British school online education from anywhere, coupled with modern educational resources that help them exceed, makes our students form a passion for life-long learning. Here’s how.

Develop Innovation Skills

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Due to the rapid emergence and evolution of new business models and technology, students must have the necessary skills to succeed in the future. This is why teachers must be able to encourage innovation in the classroom.

One of the most effective ways to introduce innovation skills into online homeschooling is through project-based learning. This type of learning allows students to develop their skills in problem-solving and collaboration. In this way, you’ll be able to encourage them to think critically about how they can help solve a specific societal issue. In addition to being able to develop these skills, students also improve their design skills.

Cambridge Home School Online assigns various home-based projects that help students connect what’s taught in classrooms with how they can implement core concepts in the real world. In this way, we can encourage them to think critically about how they can help solve a specific societal issue.

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For instance, in their groups, they’ll be able to start by going online and researching the issue that they have chosen. They’ll then be able to come up with multiple solutions within 15 minutes. After they have come up with various ideas, they should then discuss their ideas and choose the best combination of them.

In the next class, they should create a poster, a web page, or an article that explains how they will solve their problem. You can then ask the groups to present their solution in a follow-up lesson. Such assignments are a mainstay in Cambridge Home School Online’s curriculum, regardless of age or subject.

Encourage Critical Thinking

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Encouraging students to think critically can help them become lifelong learners. It can help them develop their curiosity and improve their academic performance. Having abundant ideas and information can also inspire them to think critically about concepts.

One of the most topical ideas in the media right now is the concept of fake news. Due to the rise of social media, the amount of fake news posted on the internet is also increasing. Your students must think critically about what they are reading.

Our classes encourage students to think out of the box and due their due diligence through various methods. Having online homeschooling dynamic in their studies allows them to become fully aware of the benefits of the internet, which they can use to be informed accordingly.

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Encourage Independent Learning

Due to the increasing number of teachers focusing on the importance of independent learning, many schools are now starting to adopt this concept. This can help them provide their students with the necessary tools and confidence to become lifelong learners.

One of the most effective ways to encourage your students to engage with the class is by reducing the time teachers spend on “teacher talk.” This type of feedback can often encourage some students to sit back and not participate in the class.

Instead of “teacher talk,” Cambridge Home School Online encourages students to reflect on their own learning by keeping a journal. This allows us to monitor their progress and identify areas of their learning that they can improve. It can also help them develop a deeper understanding of their own learning.

For instance, our teachers may ask them to consider the topic of today’s lesson and share their thoughts on what they learned.

Another great way to encourage independent learning is by preparing quizzes. This activity can help them develop a deeper understanding of their learning and encourage them to think critically about what they are reading.

Set SMART Goals

A student taking an A Level online class

One of the most important factors an online school should consider when it comes to developing a meaningful learning process is setting goals. This can help motivate and engage your students.

The goal-setting process can be done in different phases: SMART goals, which are short-term goals that are specific and measurable, and MEasurable goals, which are goals that are focused on keeping track of progress.

One of the most effective ways Cambridge Home School Online encourages students to set goals is using visual tools. Our wide array of audio-visual resources allows students to keep track of their curriculum and set a plan of action on how to learn.

Online British Education with Cambridge Home School Online

Cambridge Home School Online is touted on TrustSpot as one of the best online schools in the UK and is a great choice for parents looking for a facility that will help their children secure top grades while also protecting their mental health.

We offer a wide range of British secondary school study programs online. Some of these include Primary Prep/Key Stage 2, Lower School/Key Stage 3, Upper School/IGCSEs, and Sixth Form/A Levels. Students from other countries, including Europe and the Middle East, are strongly encouraged to apply.

We employ a team of qualified MA/PhD/MSc teachers and implement an independent curriculum to help our students reach their academic goals. At the same time, we take great care of their mental health. This is why we hold regular parent-teacher consultations and provide our students with a healthy school-life balance.

At Cambridge Home School Online, our students have a balanced schedule that allows them to spend more time with their families and passions. This has helped us maintain excellent academic performance.

Most of our students can obtain As and A*s in their A Levels and IGCSE examinations. They also perform well in their studies and develop soft and hard skills to succeed in their future careers. We believe that by focusing on personal growth and academic development, we can create individuals who are well-rounded individuals.

Before you start considering online schooling for your child, it is important that you thoroughly review our admissions process and fee structure. We also provide various scholarships and bursaries.

If you need additional assistance, please feel free to contact us through our contact form.


How does Cambridge Home School Online utilise technology in its teaching approach?

Cambridge Home School Online leverages audio and video content to provide interactive and engaging lessons, enabling students to study from any location and gain knowledge from experienced teachers.

What methods are employed by Cambridge Home School Online to foster innovation in students?

Through project-based learning and home-based projects, students are encouraged to solve real-world problems, which enhances their problem-solving, collaboration, and critical thinking skills, along with their design capabilities.

How is critical thinking encouraged in Cambridge Home School Online’s curriculum?

By engaging with current topics such as fake news and promoting research-based learning, students are encouraged to think independently and discerningly, enhancing their analytical abilities and curiosity.

What strategies are used to promote independent learning at Cambridge Home School Online?

Cambridge Home School Online reduces the emphasis on ‘teacher talk’ in favour of student-led learning, such as keeping learning journals and participating in quizzes, which fosters self-reflection and a deeper understanding of the subject matter.

How does Cambridge Home School Online help students with goal setting?

The school supports students in setting SMART goals by using visual tools to track progress and plan learning, aiding in maintaining motivation and engagement in their studies.

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