An IGCSE student focusing on an online class in Dubai

The diversely-populated city of Dubai is known for its vibrant culture and friendly people. It also boasts a talented and motivated student population. If you plan to attend college in the city, you’re not alone.

Getting good grades is very important for students to be successful in their studies and eventually join a prestigious university. It can help them maintain their focus and avoid getting distracted by external factors.

If you’re struggling with your grades, you must take the necessary steps to address the issue. Doing so will allow you to get back on track and eventually achieve top grades. Online learning has become one of the most popular ways for students to improve their grades. One of the main reasons why more students in Dubai are opting for online education is the vast opportunities it provides and the high calibre of teachers they can study from.

In this blog, we’ll discuss the various advantages of this type of education and how it can help students in Dubai.

1. Flexibility

An A-Levels student planning their schedule in Dubai

One of the main advantages of online schooling in the UK is its ability to provide students with greater flexibility. Due to the high stress levels that students experience in traditional schools, especially in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and Sharjah, many are choosing to transfer to online schools.

One of the biggest advantages of online learning is its ability to provide students with more balance. It allows them to maintain their focus and avoid getting distracted by other factors. It will also help them avoid getting overwhelmed by their various lessons.

Online learning can also help students retain and absorb more knowledge through a more balanced schedule and engaged teachers. This allows them to develop a deeper understanding of their learning concepts.

At Cambridge Home School Online, we’ve noticed that many of our students in the various homeschooling programs in Dubai perform better in their studies after the first few months of using online learning. This is because they’re gradually adapting to the new environment and learning more consistently.

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2. The Focused Teaching Approach

An IGCSE student taking an online class in Dubai

Today, many of the leading online schools in Dubai are equipped with stellar faculty members. This means that their students can receive a more balanced and engaged education. Having a top-tier faculty can help boost their academic performance.

Our online private school faculty members are highly experienced and qualified subject specialist teachers. They’re able to deliver effective and engaging lessons using state-of-the-art audio-visual technology.

Today, technology is at the centre of human interaction and connectedness. The use of interactive videos and pictures can help students develop a deeper understanding of the concepts they’re learning. It can also help them keep their attention focused on the learning process.

Our teachers use state-of-the-art technology to deliver engaging and interactive lessons. They can also customise the materials and make the learning process more exciting.

A study commissioned by Microsoft noted that the average student’s attention span tends to decrease yearly. To combat this, we create stimulating and engaging lessons that keep students engaged throughout the entire learning process.

3. Student Mental Health

a mother watching her child complete her homework

As the academic climate gets more competitive, students are more prone to experiencing stress and anxiety. In addition to being bullied, students in Dubai are also experiencing other issues such as peer pressure, burnout, and harassment. Most of these problems can be caused by the traditional school system.

The prevalence of these issues can have a negative effect on a student’s academic performance. These issues can also affect a student’s mental health and prevent them from achieving good grades. Online schools can help prevent these issues by maintaining a moderate level of moderation.

At Cambridge Home School Online, our teachers are trained to identify bullying signs. This additional step helps us ensure that our students are safe and that they are being taught the proper skills to prevent these types of issues from happening in the first place.

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At our online school, our teachers are also trained in developing soft skills such as empathy and respect for their students. These skills help them build strong relationships with their fellow students and make them feel valued and included in the learning process. We take the necessary steps to ensure our students are happy and healthy.

In addition to being taught to identify signs of bullying, our teachers are also trained to prevent favouritism. This additional step helps us ensure that our students are safe and that they are taught the proper skills to avoid these issues from happening in the first place. Having a healthy and happy state of mind can help students improve their academic performance and make them feel motivated to do their best.

Online Homeschooling in Dubai with Cambridge Home School Online

At Cambridge Home School Online, we offer various competitive homeschooling programs for children. These include the Primary Prep/Key Stage 2, Lower School/Key Stage 3, Upper School/IGCSEs, and Sixth Form/A-Levels. We are currently serving students in the UK, Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and Central Asia, with plans of expanding our reach in the future.

We have a track record of providing excellent academic results. In June 2021, 86% of the students in our IGCSE program secured A*s and As, and almost 80% of our A Level students were able to secure two As and higher. All our students who applied to various universities worldwide were offered offers from some of the most prominent schools such as Oxford, Cambridge, Harvard, and Yale.

The right online school model can help boost academic performance. It can also help prevent common issues that prevent students from achieving their goals.

Using an interdisciplinary, independent curriculum to help our students improve their academic performance, we allow them to develop an educational edge and excel at their chosen subjects.

Our students develop a deeper understanding of their subjects and improve their grades through our curriculum. This helps them feel more confident and make informed decisions when choosing their career prospects and university programs.

Since our teachers have taken the time to prepare each student thoroughly, they don’t have to start from scratch and develop a deep understanding of their subjects. They can easily adapt to the pace of the program.

In addition to providing a full-featured curriculum, we also offer academic booster programs in Dubai. These programs are designed to help students develop a strong foundation in their studies. During the summer, our teachers provide a variety of activities that allow our students to develop new skills and explore new interests. If you have any questions regarding our British international school online in Dubai, please contact us.


What are the benefits of online learning for students in Dubai?

Online learning provides flexibility, a focused teaching approach using advanced technology, and support for student mental health, enabling Dubai-based students to improve their academic performance and overall wellbeing.

How does online schooling offer greater flexibility for students?

Online schools like Cambridge Home School Online allow students to learn at a pace that suits them, helping to balance their education with other aspects of their lives and reduce the overwhelm from traditional schooling environments.

What teaching approaches do online schools in Dubai use to enhance learning?

Leading online schools in Dubai utilise experienced teachers and state-of-the-art audio-visual technology to deliver interactive and engaging lessons, focusing on keeping students’ attention and making the learning process exciting.

How do online schools like Cambridge Home School Online support student mental health?

Cambridge Home School Online has trained teachers to recognize signs of bullying and foster an inclusive environment that prioritizes soft skills such as empathy, thereby promoting a healthy and supportive learning atmosphere.

What academic achievements have students from Cambridge Home School Online attained?

Students enrolled at Cambridge Home School Online have demonstrated exceptional academic results, with a high percentage obtaining top grades in IGCSE and A-Level examinations and securing offers from prestigious universities worldwide.

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