Are Private School Teachers More Qualified?

In recent years, the debate around education quality has intensified, with particular scrutiny on the qualifications of those at the helm of teaching – the educators themselves. The question of whether private school teachers are more qualified than their public school counterparts is one that merits attention, especially in the context of online private schools like Cambridge Home School Online, which has set a new precedent in educational excellence since its inception.

The Qualifications of Private School Teachers

Advanced Academic Credentials

At the core of Cambridge Home School Online’s philosophy is the belief that a teacher’s qualifications significantly impact their ability to deliver high-quality education. Unlike the varied requirements across public schools, teachers at Cambridge Home School Online boast MA/MSc/PhD certifications, ensuring that students are guided by experts in their respective fields.

  • MA/MSc/PhD Certified Teachers: Each educator brings a wealth of knowledge and an advanced understanding of their subject matter, making them not just teachers but subject specialists.
  • Subject Specialisation: This approach ensures that students receive education that is not only comprehensive but also deeply insightful, catering to the intricacies of each subject.

Benefits of Being Taught by MA/PhD Qualified Subject Specialist Teachers

Tailored Teaching Methodologies

Teachers with higher academic qualifications are often better equipped to design and implement teaching methodologies that cater to the diverse learning styles of their students. This bespoke approach is particularly beneficial in an online setting, where engagement and interaction are paramount.

  • Adaptability: The ability to tailor lessons to individual student needs, accommodating various learning styles and paces.
  • Innovative Techniques: Utilising a range of teaching aids and digital resources to enhance lesson delivery and student comprehension.
Deep Understanding of Examination Systems

A profound understanding of the examination system is critical, especially for students preparing for pivotal assessments. Teachers at Cambridge Home School Online, with their advanced qualifications, offer invaluable insights into exam structures, marking schemes, and success strategies.

  • Exam Preparation: Focused guidance on exam techniques and best practices to maximise student performance.
  • Feedback and Improvement: Detailed, constructive feedback to help students identify and work on their weaknesses.

A Day in the Life of an Online Teacher

Preparing For The Day To Begin

The day for an online teacher at Cambridge Home School Online starts much before the actual classes commence. Preparation is key, and it involves a series of well-thought-out steps to ensure that the lessons for the day are delivered seamlessly.

  • Lesson Preparation: Checking and organising all necessary digital resources, from PowerPoint presentations to interactive tools, to ensure a smooth lesson flow.
  • Communication: Reviewing and responding to any direct messages from students or parents, fostering an open line of communication.

Taking A Class

The digital classroom is a dynamic environment where the teacher’s expertise and the advanced technology of the online platform come together to create an engaging learning experience.

  • Interactive Learning: Through video links and live interactions, students and teachers engage in a two-way communication, making the learning process more effective and enjoyable.
  • Resource Utilisation: The use of multimedia resources and digital tools to present information in a more accessible and engaging manner.

After Lessons

The role of an online teacher extends beyond the live class sessions. The period after lessons is crucial for reinforcing learning and ensuring that each student’s needs are met.

  • Lesson Recap and Accessibility: Each session is recorded and made available on the school’s website, allowing students to revisit lessons for revision or catch up on missed classes.
  • Personalised Attention: With smaller class sizes, teachers have the opportunity to provide individual feedback, addressing specific areas where a student may need extra support.

The Role of Technology in Enhancing Education

In an era where technology permeates every aspect of life, its integration into education has transformed traditional teaching methods. Cambridge Home School Online harnesses this potential to provide an enriching learning experience.

  • Advanced Audio-Visual Tools: The use of cutting-edge technology not only makes lessons more engaging but also aids in the retention of information.
  • Interactive Platforms: Online classrooms are equipped with interactive features that encourage student participation and make learning a more collaborative process.

Challenges and Misconceptions

Despite the proven effectiveness of online education, there are still misconceptions that need to be addressed. Understanding these challenges is key to appreciating the value that institutions like Cambridge Home School Online bring to the educational landscape.

  • Engagement Concerns: The myth that online learning is less engaging than traditional classroom settings is debunked by the interactive and dynamic nature of virtual classrooms.
  • Quality of Education: Doubts about the quality of online education are dispelled by the high qualifications of the teaching staff and the comprehensive curriculum offered.


The debate on whether private school teachers are more qualified than their public counterparts may continue, but the evidence from Cambridge Home School Online’s approach to education is compelling. With MA/MSc/PhD certified teachers at the helm, students are assured of a learning experience that is not only academically enriching but also holistically supportive. The advanced qualifications and subject specialisation of the teachers ensure that each student receives education tailored to their individual needs, maximising their potential for success.

In conclusion, the qualifications of teachers, particularly in private online schools like Cambridge Home School Online, play a pivotal role in shaping the educational outcomes of students. The blend of high academic credentials, innovative teaching methodologies, and advanced technology creates an environment where students are not just taught but are inspired to learn.


Do private school teachers have higher qualifications than public school teachers?

Private school educators often hold advanced academic credentials, such as MA/MSc/PhD degrees, making them specialists in their subjects. This level of qualification is more common in private education settings compared to public schools, where the requirements can vary significantly.

How do advanced qualifications of teachers benefit students?

Teachers with higher qualifications are adept at creating customised teaching methodologies, catering to the diverse learning styles and needs of their students. This personalised approach, especially in an online setting, enhances student engagement and comprehension.

What role do private school teachers play in exam preparation?

Private school teachers, particularly those with advanced degrees, possess a deep understanding of examination systems. They provide focused guidance on exam techniques and strategies, coupled with constructive feedback, to help students excel in their assessments.

How do private school teachers use technology to enhance learning?

Institutions like Cambridge Home School Online utilise cutting-edge audio-visual tools and interactive platforms in their teaching. These technologies facilitate a more engaging and retentive learning experience, debunking myths that online learning is less effective than traditional methods.

What are the common misconceptions about online education, and how are they addressed?

One major misconception is that online learning is less engaging than in-person classes. However, the dynamic nature of virtual classrooms and the use of interactive technologies ensure that online education is highly engaging and effective.

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