In recent years, the mental health of students has become a pressing concern, with a notable rise in anxiety disorders among young learners. This infographic highlights that by 2020, 9.2% of children were diagnosed with anxiety issues, signaling a need for a supportive and understanding educational environment.

Factors such as a lack of empathy from educators, bullying by peers, and the pressure of an overwhelming academic workload can significantly contribute to a student’s anxiety levels. Teachers who are perceived as lacking empathy may inadvertently cause students to develop self-doubt and hinder their learning process. Bullying, an issue that has been associated with school environments for a long time, continues to be a source of distress, impacting a student’s mental health, well-being, and academic performance.

To combat these challenges, a balanced approach to education is essential. It’s vital that schools foster a supportive atmosphere where students are encouraged but not overburdened. This includes creating an inclusive environment that actively addresses and prevents bullying and promotes understanding and empathy among teachers and students alike.

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Anxiety Among Students- Infograph

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