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The study of Geography consists of how the various elements of land contribute to its overall physical makeup. By studying geography, students can develop a deeper understanding of global issues. Studying geography also helps them develop nonfiction reading skills and overcome the limitations of traditional reading materials.

Cambridge Home School provides experienced subject-specialist teachers who use modern resources and diverse teaching methods. This helps students worldwide access quality online education for Geography.

Cambridge Home School Online’s Geography program is designed to help students understand the intricacies of this area of study. Cambridge Geography encourages students to become more interested in the world around them. They can also develop a deeper understanding of the environment by learning about the Earth’s natural processes.

Course Details


  • CIE IGCSE 0976 Geography


  • 2 Year

Delivery Method

  • LIVE online classes of 8-10 students

Start Date

  • September – July (Rolling enrolment throughout the year

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What Sets Us Apart

At Cambridge Home School Online, we pride ourselves on our various teaching methods and utilise them in a way that helps our students critically evaluate the text and understand the importance of learning this subject. We aim to help students learn this field of study from the ground up and achieve a better understanding of the world around them.

Through our Upper School IGCSE Geography Homeschooling program, students will be able to identify geographic similarities and differences between places. They will also learn about the various processes and systems that affect the environment. By studying different regions, students will be able to deepen their understanding of the world’s environment. They will learn how physical and human factors coincide and influence climate change and human activities.

We utilise various methods to instil a passion in your child for the subject, ensuring that they aren’t overburdened. Our resources include audio-visual lectures, case studies, and mock exams that help children practice correct grammar usage. Our primary areas of focus can be divided into four parts: Antarctica, Weather and Climate, Hydrology, and Tectonic hazards.

Students enrolled in our class will have a fundamental understanding of globalisation, tourism, population, and energy efficiency. Additionally, we help students gain confidence in their communication skills through presentations on everyday situations.  They will also gain access to a range of texts that they may read to gain more knowledge and better understand different writing styles and tones.

By the end of our program, we aim to help children achieve a thorough understanding of Geography and be able to explain the course confidently and accurately during their Upper School/IGCSE examinations.

Why Choose Cambridge Home School

Quality Educational Resources

Cambridge Home School Online wholeheartedly believes that good teaching and educational resources are key factors in helping students reach their potential. To ensure this, we provide a wide variety of online tools that allow students to enhance their studies and make the most of their learning.

We understand that students may sometimes get confused about certain topics or subtopics. That’s why we organise various resources that they can browse to help them get their questions answered. The key to long-term academic excellence is having a firm grasp of core concepts. Our quality educational resources ensure that our students understand fundamental theories and notions, thereby improving their overall retention abilities.

Our online resources are regularly updated to include new content to provide a better learning experience for our students. Students are encouraged and rewarded for making an effort for their studies.


Academic Advantage

At Cambridge Home School Online, we provide subject-specialist teachers who are qualified to deliver engaging and retentive lessons. Our instructors use cutting-edge technology to help students develop a deeper understanding of their lessons, making it easier for them to retain key information.

Most conventional schools suffer from a poor student-teacher ratio, with many schools having multiple classrooms and teachers who deliver lessons to over 25 students at a time. Often, the curriculum for students is homogenised and doesn’t take modern trends into account. Students are often not given the attention they require from their teachers, which can affect their learning and retention capabilities. Catering to a large number of students in the same room makes it difficult for teachers to track their academic progress as well.

Cambridge Home School Online ensures that the number of students in our classrooms is small and manageable so that our teachers can keep track of each student’s progress and provide them with the help they need to keep up with their peers. Through this method, our teachers can identify and monitor the weaknesses and strengths of their students and plan their progress accordingly.

Balance Between School and Play

Students often feel pressured by their teachers to improve their grades to impress their peers. This can lead to academic overload, making them feel tired and frustrated. Instead of putting young minds through undue pressure, they need a platform to grow and grow passionate about their studies.

At Cambridge Home School Online, while we believe that academic growth should be the top priority, we also understand that students should also be rewarded for their hard work through a routine that extracurricular activities that can help them rejuvenate.

With Cambridge Home School Online, students can enjoy a healthy school-life balance. As classes are held online, they gain access to a more personalised schedule wherein they can save time and avoid having to commute to and from school. This time can be utilised for personal growth and social development.

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Meet The Teacher

Mrs. Clements heads Cambridge Home School Online’s IGCSE  Geography program, and has several years of experience in teaching in international schools.

Her background and expertise allow her to effectively address the diverse cultural backgrounds of students. Her work is featured in various academic journals, and she is a member of a variety of professional groups. Mrs Clements enjoys being able to influence so many young lives. She is always looking for ways to improve how she teaches and stimulate different learning styles.


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