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Every year, Cambridge International surveys over 2,500 schools worldwide to find out what their students have chosen to study next year. The survey also asks about the subjects they have chosen to examine.

Although not all schools participate in the survey, the results provide a good idea of what British education students are choosing to study next year. They also help identify the trends that are affecting their studies. Here are some key insights into how Cambridge International students fare in global admissions acceptance.

How Many Cambridge International Students Pursue Higher Education?

According to the surveys conducted in 2017, 2018, and 2019, over 90% of Cambridge International students attend university.

The UK, Canada, and Australia were the top three countries most popular for Cambridge International students to study in 2019. Other countries ranked highly were South Africa, Malaysia, and the Netherlands.

Schools that have upheld Cambridge Education believe the main factors that influenced their students’ decision to study in the UK, Canada, or Australia were the availability of career opportunities and the reputation of their universities.

In 2019, over 70% of Cambridge International students went on to study at a top-ranked university. This is significantly higher than the 53% who went on to study at a top-ranked school in 2018.

How Many Students Stay In Their Home Country?

A student giving an online assessment

While many students go abroad to study at university, around three in five students stay in their home country. One of the main reasons these students choose to stay home is the cost of doing so.

According to the survey results, 30% of schools noted that students attending university abroad have increased. This is attributed to the increasing number of international education programs.

Popular Subjects Among Cambridge Students

The most popular subjects for Cambridge International students studying at university have remained the same over the past couple of years. However, the popularity of computer science and ICT programs has increased. Other popular subjects included biology, law, and creative arts and design.

Engineering and business have remained the most popular subjects for students from Cambridge schools. This year, computer science/ICT has replaced medicine as the third most popular choice. The top 10 list features a wide variety of subjects, which is a testament to the quality of the Cambridge curriculum. In addition to these, other popular fields such as law, psychology, and economics are also featured.

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What Are The Most Striking Trends From The Last Three Years?

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The decline in the number of students studying in the US and UK is attributed to the strong currencies of these two countries. This has caused many students to look for better value elsewhere.

The increasing number of international students is also helping them understand the various study options available. Many teachers additionally noted that their students are more likely to consider countries such as the Netherlands and Canada.

Despite the decline in international students studying in the UK and the US, British education is still popular for schools in China and Europe.

The survey results, released for the 2020-21 academic year, revealed that over 70% of Cambridge International students were accepted to one of the world’s top universities.

The vast majority of Cambridge International students who took the A-Level curriculum went on to university. Almost half of them stayed in their home country, with some students from countries such as Indonesia, Pakistan, and the US. Despite the pandemic, the UK, Australia, and the US were still the preferred destinations for international students.

The survey results show that many students still decided to study in other countries despite the pandemic. This was because countries closing their borders did not prevent international students from attending different universities.

One exception was Australia, which prevented international students from entering the country. This resulted in some students having to start their education online. This experience could influence their decisions regarding their future destination. For instance, students in Indonesia could pay the same fees as those in Australia, but they could not go to university there.

Although the data collected by the survey shows that international students are still choosing to study in other countries, it doesn’t tell them whether or not they actually took up their place. For instance, the number of students who were accepted into the UK was significantly different from the number of visas issued.

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The Brexit Effect

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The UK’s decision to leave the European Union had little effect on the country’s status as a destination for international students. However, the fee status of European students has changed. For instance, during the 2021–22 academic year, fewer students from the EU entered the UK than in previous years.

The Republic of Ireland and the Netherlands have gained from Brexit. Both countries have made it easier for European students to study in their universities by allowing them to move freely across the EU. This has also increased the number of people interested in learning more about these countries’ destination brochures.

Financial concerns

The prolonged lockdowns in some countries could also affect the destination choices of international students. For instance, more students are choosing to stay closer to home due to the lower cost of education in Asian universities.

In addition, the payment structure of some university courses in Canada and the US has also added appeal to them. For instance, if you’re studying at Cambridge International, you can get a whole year’s credit for every course you’ve taken. This will help you shorten your degree and reduce the cost.

How Online British Education with Cambridge Home School Online is Helping Students Go Abroad

Cambridge International education is one of the most widely accepted in the world. To help students take advantage of the many opportunities that British education can provide, Cambridge Home School Online helps motivated, English-speaking students from around the world study from some of the best subject-specialist MA/PhD/MSc qualified teachers worldwide.

Despite the challenges that online learning can pose, it is still very easy if you are willing to put in the time and effort. Most technical issues preventing people from understanding are easily solved by implementing a positive mindset and planning. With all the benefits of online education, many students will agree it’s worth it with all the benefits of online education.

At Cambridge Home School Online, we provide a quality British online education to students worldwide. We offer four homeschooling programs that help students get the guidance they need, from when they start school to pre-university. Parents can view our list of programs as well as subjects offered here. We’re proud to provide a high-quality learning opportunity in many subjects to students who may otherwise have been unable to find the right guidance.

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What percentage of Cambridge International students proceed to higher education, and which countries are their preferred study destinations?

Over 90% of students who have completed their education with Cambridge International move on to university. In recent years, the United Kingdom, Canada, and Australia have emerged as the most favoured destinations for these students, due to the promising career prospects and the high reputation of universities there.

Are many Cambridge International students staying to study in their home country?

Yes, approximately three out of every five Cambridge International students opt to pursue higher education in their home country. Financial factors, particularly the cost savings of domestic education, significantly influence this decision.

Which academic subjects are most sought after by Cambridge International students?

Engineering and business studies consistently attract a high number of Cambridge International students, with computer science/ICT recently surging in popularity, surpassing even medicine. Other common fields of study include biology, law, and creative arts and design, reflecting the broad and versatile nature of the Cambridge curriculum.

What impact has Brexit had on the choices of Cambridge International students for higher education?

Brexit has somewhat altered the dynamics of student choice, with a noted decrease in EU students entering the UK. Conversely, countries such as the Republic of Ireland and the Netherlands have become more attractive to European students, thanks in part to their policies allowing free movement across the EU and their educational offerings.

How does Cambridge Home School Online support students in gaining international education?

Cambridge Home School Online extends its services to English-speaking students globally, offering education from highly qualified teachers via online homeschooling programs. They aim to facilitate students’ access to British education and support them right up to pre-university levels, despite any geographical or logistical constraints.

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