As we navigate the digital era, online education has become a staple. But with the benefits come challenges, particularly when it comes to online exams, which can be a source of stress for both children and parents. To help your child tackle their online assessments with confidence, here are some practical tips you can implement right away:

  1. Understand the Rules: Familiarise yourself and your child with the specific rules and guidelines of online exams. Reading them together can prevent any confusion during the test.
  2. Create a Study Sanctuary: Designate a quiet space for your child’s study sessions. A dedicated table and chair, free from distractions and equipped with necessary power outlets for devices, can make all the difference in their concentration levels.
  3. Emphasise Revision: Encourage regular review sessions. Remember, learning is only as effective as the revision that follows. Help them set aside time for each subject, focusing on their weaker areas to ensure steady improvement.
  4. Encourage Breaks and Well-being: Regular breaks are crucial for maintaining focus and reducing exam anxiety. Ensure your child balances study with activities that promote well-being.
  5. Test Run Technology: Technical glitches during an exam can be a nightmare. Help your child perform a ‘tech-check’ prior to the exam to ensure all software and hardware are running smoothly.
  6. Practice with Past Papers: Familiarity breeds confidence. Practicing with past exam papers can give your child a clear idea of what to expect and help them manage their time effectively during the actual exam.

Remember, a prepared child is a confident student. By integrating these strategies, you can help your child excel in their online examinations.

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useful tips to prepare your children for online exams

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