A student taking online IGCSE Sociology classes

IGCSE is an excellent opportunity for international students looking to attain British education. Whether international or local, British education has helped millions of students receive the qualifications they need to study at the university of their dreams. While many local boards provide an inspired curriculum in terms of content, the IGCSEs are also curated to include subjects specific to the country students are from.

For students who are considering other curriculums than their home country, the IGCSE curriculum is an outstanding option to consider.

There is a lot of smoke surrounding the IGCSE program. From the accessibility of the program to the number of affiliated schools, interest in British education has been growing. As a parent, you’re likely confused about how to ensure your child’s education opens doors for them from the world’s best universities.

We’re here to try to help you navigate through the various aspects of the program. Cambridge Home School Online provides versatile British online education for students in Key Stage 2, Key Stage 3, IGCSEs, and A Levels.

Here’s everything you need to know about why students should study Cambridge IGCSEs.

What Are The Salient Features of IGCSE?


A student taking online IGCSE Sociology classes


The grades given by Cambridge International are based on an eight-point scale. Those enrolled in the extended program are expected to reach between A*-E.

The IGCSE is ideal for children who are homeschooled and are looking to study higher education abroad. It features various subjects designed to accommodate students’ varying intellectual abilities. The curriculum of the IGCSE is also flexible.

According to Cambridge International, students have the option of choosing up to 70 subjects for their IGCSE. There are over 190 schools in India that are currently offering this curriculum. Students can choose up to 14 subjects for the extended program.

To learn more about the subjects Cambridge Home School Online offers at the IGCSE level, click here.

1. Global Acceptance

If you’re a third culture individual or an international student, you might have lived in different countries. Doing the IGCSE can help you determine where you want to study next and ensure you’re eligible to study in any country you want.

Various countries worldwide officially recognise the IGCSEs, and they can be used as your passport to access the best universities and colleges after you graduate. Most of the world’s best universities highly regard the qualifications. If you’re interested in discovering more about where the degree is recognised, you can check out Cambridge International’s Recognition Search.

The curriculum by the IGCSE board is designed to provide a consistent and comprehensive education across different countries. It’s also one of the most widely recognised qualifications in the world. If you’re planning on studying abroad, the curriculum of the IGCSE may be just the qualification you need. It can help determine if you can get into the right schools and colleges in other countries.

2. Easier to Navigate Advanced Studies


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Since the IGCSE is a two-year program, many students may wonder what happens if they end up moving before they finish their degree. This is a common scenario for many students worldwide. Fortunately, many schools offer the IGCSE in various countries, and the curriculum can help you seamlessly transition if you progress halfway through your degree.

Students who travel often can also opt for online homeschooling to ensure their education isn’t affected.

3. Wide Range of Courses and Opportunities

The IGCSE may be the answer if you’re looking for something different during your school years. There are a wide variety of courses that you can choose from, such as Art & Design, Computer Science, and Psychology. These courses can help you identify areas of interest you’re passionate about.

The IGCSE board has a wide variety of subjects to choose from. The five main subject groups are Languages, Humanities, Science, Mathematics, Creative And Vocational, And The Arts.

Pursue Language And Cultural Courses

The IGCSE also offers various second and first languages and cultural studies. This allows you to study and immerse yourself in new cultures. Even if your school doesn’t provide the language that you’re interested in, you can still hire a private tutor to help you learn the language.

Gain Skills Beyond Books

The IGCSE aims to create engaged, responsible, and confident learners. In addition, the examinations and syllabuses are designed to help you develop various skills and connect with the real world. For instance, science subjects focus on appreciating the limitations and influence of scientific study. Many courses also encourage students to improve their communication, analytical, and logic skills.

Caters To Students’ Strengths


A student taking online IGCSE Sociology classes


The IGCSE curriculum allows students to explore their subjects at various difficulty levels. For some of these, the program offers an Extended and Core curriculum. The latter is for those capable of challenging themselves in a more rigorous setting. The Core curriculum is typically the preferred choice for most students, focusing on the standard subjects.

Encourages Critical Thinking

The IGCSE curriculum encourages students to think critically about the various topics they’re learning. It also helps them develop their inferential and analytical skills. These principles are aligned with the global learning standards.

The IGCSE curriculum helps students develop their adaptive skills and make the transition to higher education easier. This is beneficial for those who are planning on finishing their IGCSE O Level.

Develop Useful Skills

In addition to social studies and finance, the IGCSE curriculum also provides students with various subjects related to the computer science industry. These subjects are already being incorporated into various high school curriculums worldwide to give students an early start in this field.

Assessment of The IGCSE Curriculum

The IGCSE curriculum has various assessments designed to help students improve their knowledge and skills. These allow them to explore their unique abilities and learning styles.

Excellent Curriculum for Universities

The IGCSE curriculum also helps students develop independent and critical thinking skills. This is very important for them as they enter university and higher education. Students need to be responsible and disciplined to succeed in this field. This is why they must be exposed to these traits as early as possible.

A Practical Approach to Learning


An O-Level student preparing for online classes


The IGCSE curriculum aims to provide students with a practical approach to learning, which includes developing their communication, analytical, and cognitive skills. This is done through various learning methods and assessments.

The various exam questions that the IGCSE gives help students identify their weaknesses and strengths. This type of assessment is also beneficial for those who can meet the academic needs of both the ablest and those who are more likely to find it challenging.

Through this process, students can identify their strengths and weaknesses and determine if they are interested in pursuing their chosen subjects. This helps them realise their academic goals and make informed decisions regarding their studies.

The IGCSE curriculum is widely recognised and is a great choice for international students planning to study overseas after completing the program. Many universities and colleges in other countries also accept this type of education.

How Cambridge Home School Online has helped Thousands Receive Quality British IGCSE Online Education


: An O-Level student preparing for online classes


The success of international students in the IGCSE examinations is very important to them as they enter university and higher education. During these two years, they must perform exceptionally well to succeed. The standalone qualifications offered by the IGCSE are highly regarded and are a passport to higher education.

Those who perform well in the IGCSE examinations and are accepted into some of the world’s most prestigious universities, such as Harvard, Cambridge, Yale, Stanford, Duke, Oxford, and Princeton, will likely receive a scholarship.

Cambridge Home School Online provides a well-rounded and independent IGCSE curriculum to prepare students for success. We believe that many national curricula found worldwide in various countries don’t provide enough opportunities for students to develop their skills and knowledge. Through an interdisciplinary curriculum, we help them develop a deeper understanding of their subjects.

In our Upper School, students can choose a wide range of subjects. However, they should note that A Levels require passing grades in all subjects, including those taken at the IGCSE. For instance, if you want to study psychology, biology, and mathematics in university, you must study these subjects at the IGCSE.

Students can only study certain A level subjects if they have already taken the IGCSE examinations. We recommend that students avoid choosing a few IGCSE subjects as this can prevent them from succeeding in A Levels.

Although you have the option to change your mind about what subjects you want to study in university, this doesn’t mean that you can do so at the A Level junction. By choosing a wide variety of IGCSEs, you’ll be able to afford the best possible opportunities for your future studies.

Cambridge Home School Online is a leading online school that provides comprehensive courses for the IGCSE examinations. We aim to help students improve their skills and knowledge to achieve the best possible grades. Our team of MA/MSc/PhD qualified teachers are trained to make the most of the online setting to ensure that students are provided with quality education.

The goal of Cambridge Home School Online is to provide a well-rounded and independent curriculum that’s designed to prepare students for success. It allows them to be in their own home and have the flexibility to study at their own pace. No matter your level, everyone’s learning experience matters at the school.

Cambridge Home School Online’s Upper School students typically receive higher grades than their peers from other schools. This is because our teachers are highly qualified and have the necessary skills to help them improve their performance. In addition, we keep the school’s classroom size low, which allows for more interactive and engaging lessons.

We also have a large archive of videos and educational resources, such as study guides, presentations, and past papers. These tools allow students to complete their homework and improve their performance. At Cambridge Home School Online, we aim to help students become leaders, confident individuals, and capable of succeeding in their studies. Our students consistently impress our teachers and continue to receive high grades.

Get Started with Online IGCSEs Today!

Since 2002, Cambridge Home School has provided high-quality education to students from various countries, such as the UK, Europe, and the Middle East. Our teachers are highly qualified and have the necessary skills to help them improve their performance.

The use of state-of-the-art technology and a small classroom size help us improve the learning outcomes of our students. We also create a safe and bullying-free environment and provide one-on-one attention to every student. In addition, we have a vast library of educational resources that can help students catch up after school and improve their performance.

Cambridge Home School’s reviews reflect our track record of providing high-quality education. Through the help of our parents, who are also highly involved in the school’s operations, we have been able to help our students become successful and confident individuals.

Cambridge Home School aims to provide our students with the necessary academic growth to achieve the best possible grades. This is done by developing a strong foundation on the necessary skills and knowledge. In addition to being equipped with the necessary tools, our teachers regularly address our students’ academic weaknesses.

Our students enjoy a world-class education, and they can network with highly motivated individuals and gain admission to some of the most prestigious universities in the world, such as Oxford and Cambridge. We work hard to ensure that they have the best possible futures.

Due to the limited number of places in our school, we urge parents to start registering their children at the earliest possible time. We’ll be able to answer any questions you might have and provide you with more information about online school education. We’ll also help you make an informed decision regarding the right choice for your child.

Cambridge Home School Online provides quality British education for students in Key Stage 2, Key Stage 3, IGCSEs, and A Levels, allowing students the ability to study from the best teachers in the world based in the UK, and emphasising individualised attention to learning and retaining information.

Through our faculty, comprising of MA/PhD/MSc certified teachers, we work on teaching students a modern curriculum while ensuring a healthy school-life balance.

Parents and students are encouraged to Contact Cambridge Home School Online to learn more.


What is the IGCSE and how does it benefit international students?

The International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) is a globally recognized British educational qualification that offers a diverse curriculum, accommodating students’ varying intellectual levels and subject interests, which is particularly advantageous for international students seeking higher education abroad.

How does the IGCSE programme facilitate students moving between countries?

The IGCSE programme’s consistent curriculum across different countries allows for a seamless transition for students who move before completing the course, with many international schools offering IGCSE making it easier to navigate advanced studies.

What variety of subjects does the IGCSE offer?

IGCSE provides a broad spectrum of over 70 subjects, including languages, humanities, sciences, mathematics, and arts, enabling students to pursue areas of interest and prepare for various career paths.

How are IGCSE students assessed?

IGCSE assessments are designed to evaluate a range of student abilities and learning styles, with some subjects offering Core and Extended curriculum options to cater to different student strengths.

How does Cambridge Home School Online support IGCSE students?

Cambridge Home School Online offers a comprehensive IGCSE curriculum with experienced MA/MSc/PhD qualified teachers, utilizing modern educational resources and technology to facilitate a balanced school-life and prepare students for university and beyond.

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