Online Schooling in Scotland

The trend towards online schooling is gaining significant traction in Scotland, particularly in cities like Edinburgh, Glasgow, and Aberdeen. Scottish parents are increasingly recognising the benefits of virtual learning environments for their children.

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a teacher providing individualised attention to a student in Scotland
a student attending online school on his laptop in Scotland

Excellent Academic Support

At CHS Online, we provide our Scottish students with up-to-date educational resources, ensuring they receive a modern education that prepares them for future challenges. Our dedicated team of MA/MSc/PhD qualified teachers delivers focused lessons in small class sizes, maintaining a low teacher-student ratio. This approach contrasts with many conventional schools in Scotland, where larger class sizes can dilute the effectiveness of teaching and student engagement.

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One-on-One Pastoral Support

At CHS Online, we believe that students face a wide range of obstacles today. If they don’t enjoy a healthy school-life balance, they may feel overburdened, overworked, and overwhelmed. This can affect their mental health and academic performance. We firmly believe that happy learners are better learners. If students aren’t content, motivated, and empowered, they cannot perform to their fullest potential.

We have a team of qualified school counsellors who provide personalised pastoral support andsuccess coaching to each student. They build trust to make sure that students feel comfortable opening up about any academic or non-academic struggles they may be facing.

Today, many students feel stressed and anxious for a range of reasons. Younger students may not receive enough time for personal growth and social development. This could affect their performance and increase the risk of tantrums. Older students face a range of complex obstacles that affect their stress and anxiety levels. They may face problems in their personal life (self-doubt, academic shortcomings, etc.) or social life (peer pressure, bullying, relationship problems, etc.).

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a school counsellor checking in with a student in Scotland
a mother helping her client revise for his exams in Scotland

Switching to Online Learning in Scotland

As online schooling gains more momentum across Scotland, many parents are making the transition for their children. If you’re in the middle of your research, take your time. This decision should be given the careful thought it deserves. Speak with your child so you can consider their opinion on the matter.

At Cambridge Home School Online, we’re committed to helping students succeed academically, personally, and socially. In addition to providing excellent teaching support to each student, we also equip them with additional online learning tools.

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