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Known for its rich culture, art, history, traditions, and food, Qatar is one of the most popular independent emirates in the Middle East. Qatari students are recognised for their strong focus on achieving excellent grades. Committed, driven, focused, and creative, they perform exceptionally well across the board: academically and non-academically.

Over the past few years, online schooling has started popularising across Qatar. Presently, many Qatari students are sending their children to online schools.

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Prioritising Academic Excellence

As an institution, we believe that excellent academic support is imperative. Our MA/MSc/PhD qualified subject specialist teachers use cutting-edge online teaching software solutions to deliver engaging, stimulating, interactive, and retentive lessons. Students have a lower attention span than adults, especially younger children. If they aren’t engaged well, they may break focus and zone out during their classes.

We prevent this from happening. Our teachers use advanced audio-visual technology to make each lesson more fun, engaging, and easily understandable for younger students.

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Building Critical Soft and Hard Skills in Students

At Cambridge Home School Online, we have a strong focus on academic growth. However, that’s not our sole priority. We also work towards ensuring that our Qatari students enjoy immense personal growth and social development. Our teachers plan a range of in-class and at-home activities for students. These activities help students develop a range of critical soft skills (problem-solving, responsibility, empathy, teamwork, communication, time management, etc.) and hard skills (reading, writing, research, budgeting, public speaking, the ability to use computer programs, etc.).

By focusing on these two categories of skills, we help students become well-rounded, accomplished individuals who are academically accomplished and street smart. Many conventional schools don’t have a strong focus on checking off both of these boxes. Unfortunately, students bear the brunt of this oversight. Their learning trajectory is affected, which affects their higher education and career prospects.

In addition to helping students develop invaluable soft and hard skills, we also help them become morally and ethically responsible individuals. Students learn about local, national, and international issues like climate change. Older students also learn how to be financially responsible individuals. By helping students get a good grasp of ground realities, we help them excel in life.

Making the Switch to Cambridge Home School Online in QatarOnline

Are you considering applying for enrolment at CHS Online? Established in 2002, we’re one of Qatar’s most trusted online schools. As an institution, we have a strong focus on helping our students secure top grades. Over the years, our Qatari students have attended some of the top universities globally, including Oxford, Cambridge, Harvard, Yale, Stanford, Berkeley, and Princeton, among others. We’re immensely proud of our track record and hope to cement the wave of online schooling in Qatar.

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