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With a diverse and varied history that dates back centuries, Bristol is one of England’s most significant and popular cities. The area has boasted numerous scholars and intellectual minds that have gone on to do great things in the fields of art, science, and academia. Students in Bristol are hard-working, motivated, and accepted into some of the best universities in the world.

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An IGCSE student preparing for online classes in Bristol

Academic Advantage

For students to achieve the best possible grades, it takes more than just going to school and listening to a teacher; students must be provided with all the tools necessary to learn how to implement what they learn in class in the real world.

At Cambridge Home School Online, our panel consists of MA/MSc/PhD qualified teachers who are trained to deliver engaging and retentive lessons in an online setting. Our teachers use cutting-edge technology to help students develop a deeper understanding of their lessons, making it easier for students to retain key information.

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Modern Educational Resources

It’s not uncommon for many schools to have the same curriculum for years on end, which can lead to students learning outdated and irrelevant concepts when they reach higher education. Students must be provided with resources that take modern trends into account so that they can have a better understanding of how to implement them in the real world.

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An A-Level student participating in an online class in Bristol
A lower school student preparing for online classes in Bristol

Achieving School-Life Balance

While securing top grades is should be a priority for any school, a teaching institute that only cares about academic performance is bound to limit growth for its students. At Cambridge Home School Online, we believe that students should feel valued and supported at school, and a healthy school-life balance can help them manage their academic performance. The lack of a healthy school-life balance can affect students’ willingness to learn, leading to depression and overworked students.

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