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The online schooling experience stands out for its flexibility. Students are not forced to sit in classrooms for unnecessarily long durations. Instead, they attend balanced, well-timed classes from home and get ample time to explore their personal, social, academic, and extracurricular interests after school.

At Cambridge Home School Online, we couldn’t be more proud of our student body. Our pupils achieve a wide range of qualifications in different facets of life throughout their schooling journey.

In this blog, we’ll focus on the art of becoming a high-achieving student. Our MA/MSc/PhD qualified teachers work assiduously to help students develop a strong interest in exploring various interests, activities, hobbies, passions, and pursuits. As students develop a genuine curiosity in life and understand their strengths, their journey to becoming high achievers begins.

This is what makes our students stand out! They achieve a wide range of academic, personal, social, and extracurricular qualifications during their time at Cambridge Home School Online. In fact, we frequently hear from our alumni who continue to add even more qualifications to their arsenal as the years go by.

If you’re interested in learning how to achieve qualifications via high school learning online, our education specialists are breaking it all down. Keep reading!

1. Make the Most of Your Time


a student attending online school


As stated earlier, online schooling leaves students with a lot of additional time. As a student, you must be cognisant of the value of this time.

At CHS Online, we encourage students to spend their time productively. Our definition of productivity also includes fun activities!

We teach students to become conscious of what they learn any time they do something. Whether you’re playing sports, hanging out with your friends, going on a weekend trip with your family, listening to music, or doing anything else, enjoy the moment.

Following the activity, take some time to understand what you learned from said activity. If you were out playing sports, did you learn a new technique? Perhaps you discovered something about your performance. If you were out with friends, did you take something valuable away from the conversation?

Becoming conscious of the learning process is an excellent way to become more skilled: mentally, physically, emotionally, athletically, and academically. We learn a lot of things in life. However, we often never think about them. If we fail to reflect on a lesson consciously, we struggle to retain it in the long run.

Active reflection plays a big role in helping students achieve more in life. As they meet new people and navigate different situations, they learn and retain valuable lessons. Once you start doing this, you’ll excel in many areas of your life.

2. Become Disciplined


a student attending online school


At CHS Online, we help our students become more independent, self-sufficient, and responsible. While these skills are equally valuable, they cannot be developed if a student lacks discipline.

If you want to become a high achiever, you must become more disciplined. As a student, you should be able to create a robust schedule and consistently follow it throughout the day. If you lack discipline, you’ll frequently procrastinate and veer off course.

Discipline adds structure to a student’s life, enabling them to achieve their goals instead of simply thinking about them. The go-getter mentality has been gaining a lot of traction lately. As a student, you must have the drive and determination to pursue your goals confidently and clearly. While being passionate is important, being disciplined is imperative. Discipline will ultimately help you turn your dreams into reality.

The online schooling model is excellent for students who wish to develop this skill. When you attend conventional school, you’re forced to go with the flow. You must switch from one class to the other, attend scheduled meetings, and return home.

Online schooling, however, puts a significant amount of responsibility on a student’s shoulders. Students are not spoon-fed anymore. Instead, they’re required to have the drive and discipline to consume their own meals at the scheduled time. This metaphor helps us understand the difference between the nature of conventional and online schooling.

Online schooling helps students become self-disciplined. While your parents will assist you, you will ultimately be required to set up and attend your own classes. Students are not infantilised; instead, they’re treated as responsible, self-aware pupils who wish to succeed in life. This skill is instilled in students.

Procrastination, lethargy, and complacency are very common in a student’s life. However, modern institutions must have a strong focus on helping students break away from this web. The online schooling model helps achieve this.

Students start learning the importance of self-discipline and self-accountability from the very first lesson. As they develop this skill, they become independent learners who aren’t forced to study, but who want to study. This skill goes a long way in helping students reach more milestones in life.

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3. Make Full Use of the Resources Provided to You


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As an online student, you will be provided ample resources. At CHS Online, we have set up our own eLibrary. This is filled with a wide range of valuable resources, including books, PowerPoint presentations, videos, previous catch-up lessons, past papers, and more. Make sure you utilise these as much as you can!

To become a high achiever, you must understand that the learning process isn’t restricted to the classroom. Once you’re done with your classes for the day, you should continue to learn. Afterschool resources help sustain the learning process. You can use these tools to supplement your learning as you complete your homework or sit down to revise for the day.

Our students utilise our eLibrary to broaden their knowledge, learn new skills, and refresh the concepts they learned in school. This process will help you become a sharp learner. As you set out to pursue different academic qualifications, you’ll be able to achieve your goals with ease and adroitness. Consistent hard work makes success more achievable. Make sure you utilise all the resources that are provided to you.

We have also started a new lecture series to inspire and motivate our students. Each week, we invite an accomplished lecturer who shares their insights with our students. As pupils listen to fresh perspectives, they gain more clarity about the world they live in, the issues we currently face, and the solutions that must be presented to tackle them. They get a chance to think critically and analyse the world.

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4. Focus on Extracurricular Growth


 a student using a starting block for a race


Academic excellence is important. However, it shouldn’t be your only goal. As an online student, you should have a razor-sharp focus on expanding your extracurricular skillset as well! Online schooling helps you double down on extracurricular growth.

At CHS Online, we provide ample flexibility to students. Your classes will not consume the bulk of your day. Instead, you’ll attend balanced classes that leave you with ample time for personal and social growth. Our students play sports, socialise with their friends, develop new skills, explore their passions and interests, start new hobbies, go on adventures and excursions, travel, participate in tournaments and competitions, and achieve a lot, lot more. Students don’t feel restricted by a rigid schedule.

In most conventional schools, students waste a lot of time and energy shuffling in and out of classes. By the time they return home, they feel too tired, overwhelmed, and fatigued to do anything productive. If they play sports, their performance isn’t optimal. If they socialise with friends, they feel too drained to contribute to the conversation. The afterschool growth trajectory is significantly affected.

Switching to online school is an excellent way to bring normalcy back into a student’s life. Students retain a lot more energy, which helps them perform optimally in and beyond the classroom. They also have more time as additional hours are cut down. Students aren’t required to commute to and from school.

Additionally, online school is structured better than conventional school. The classes are well-timed; they don’t drag on. By creating a clear pathway for extracurricular growth, online schooling helps students add many more feathers to their caps! Our students participate in competitions like the Spelling Bee, play competitive sports like tennis, sailing, fencing, etc., play games like chess, do volunteer work, learn new languages, start blogs, take online courses outside of their curriculum, join school clubs, teach/tutor young students, and explore a wide range of other extracurricular pursuits.

These accomplishments help them get into prestigious universities like Cambridge, Oxford, Harvard, Stanford, Princeton, Yale, Columbia, and the like. Students also become multi-faceted learners. As a result, they enjoy better career growth in the future.

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5. Say “Yes” More Often!


a student attending online school


While saying “no” to some things is important to preserve good mental health, it can hold us back from exciting new opportunities, adventures, and accomplishments. If you’ve been turning a lot of things down, it may be time to start saying yes again. You cannot achieve one stellar qualification after the other if you’re too closed off.

However, balance is very important. If you start saying yes to everything, you’ll feel burned out. So how do you navigate this dilemma? At CHS Online, we help students master the art of prioritisation. If you’re presented with two exciting opportunities at the same time, but you cannot possibly say “yes” to both, take some time to understand what aligns with your interests and goals more.

What will make you feel more satisfied and fulfilled? As you break every opportunity down based on your interest, growth, short-term goals, and long-term goals, you’ll manage to do things that make you happy. Your qualifications will also be more relevant.

If you think you can do multiple things at once, don’t hesitate to tackle the challenge! No matter what you do, there should always be room for growth. As you push yourself to a healthy extent, you’ll do your best without feeling overwhelmed. This balance may seem tricky at first, but you’ll eventually master it. Speak with our teachers to discuss how we help students establish this balance and achieve excellence.

6. Maintain an Open Line of Communication with Your Teachers


 a teacher coaching a student


Your teachers are ultimately the best resource available to you. Online schools particularly stand out for their qualified, experienced, empathetic, and supportive faculty. At CHS Online, our MA/MSc/PhD qualified teachers go the extra mile to steer students in the right direction.

Your schooling experience will be fun, exciting, and challenging (in a good way). As you gear up to secure top grades, you’ll need guidance, support, and acknowledgement every step of the way. This is when your teachers will come in handy. Our teachers evaluate each pupil’s unique performance and help them become better learners. They also identify new opportunities for students, enabling them to pursue relevant activities that promote better growth.

At CHS Online, we provide one-on-one success coaching and pastoral support to every student. Our teachers and counsellors work closely with each student to help them achieve their full potential. As an online student, make sure you’re open, honest, and communicative with your teachers and counsellors.

Obstacles like stress, anxiety, and burnout often prevent students from achieving qualifications in school. If you encounter any personal, social, or academic problem, actively and unhesitatingly discuss it with your teachers and counsellors. They’ll help you take the best course of action and get back on track!

At Cambridge Home School Online, we proudly teach the Cambridge homeschool curriculum to students across the globe. As one of the most experienced online British private schools, we’re the first choice for thousands of parents.

We offer four competitive homeschooling programs: Primary Prep/Key Stage 2 (ages 7 to 10), Lower School/Key Stage 3 (ages 11 to 13), Upper School/IGCSEs (ages 14 to 16), and Sixth Form/AS & A-Levels (ages 17 to 19). For more information, explore the following resources:

If you have any questions, we’re always happy to help! Please email us at enquiries@chsonline.org.uk or give our team a call.


What benefits do students gain from online schooling at the IGCSE stage?

Online schooling provides flexibility, allowing IGCSE students to engage in a range of personal, social, and extracurricular activities after school, fostering a well-rounded development.

How does Cambridge Home School Online encourage students to become high achievers?

Cambridge Home School Online’s qualified teachers guide students to explore various interests and develop genuine curiosity, which is crucial for becoming high achievers across different facets of life.

What role does discipline play in a student’s journey to achieving high qualifications?

Discipline is crucial for students aiming to achieve high qualifications, as it provides a structured approach to reaching their goals and turning aspirations into reality.

How can IGCSE students at Cambridge Home School Online make the most of their time?

Students at Cambridge Home School Online are encouraged to spend their time productively, participating in fun activities and reflecting on what they learn to gain skills beyond academics.

What resources are provided by Cambridge Home School Online to help students excel?

Cambridge Home School Online offers an extensive eLibrary, weekly lecture series, personalized guidance from MA/MSc/PhD qualified teachers, and one-on-one success coaching, which all contribute to students’ academic excellence.

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