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While Saudi Arabian parents have always given precedence to conventional schools, the learning landscape has changed drastically over the past three years. During the COVID-19 pandemic, online schooling became the default mode of learning. While many parents and students initially resisted this transition, they quickly began to notice its benefits.

Compared to conventional schooling, online schooling offers greater flexibility to both students and parents. Students learn from the comfort and safety of their homes. The risk of virus contraction, school bullying, and peer pressure is minimised.

Parents also reap the benefits of the online homeschooling model. They can provide their children a safe, quality education without worrying about being overwhelmed throughout the day. As a parent, you can resume work or chores while your children attend online classes from home. You will not be required to check in on your children or assist them during their classes.

This format is immensely successful in Saudi Arabia. In this blog, we’ll offer more insight. How can students benefit from British online homeschooling in Saudi Arabia? Moreover, how do we, as an institution, help students secure top grades and enjoy a healthy school-life balance? Keep reading.

1. Greater Interest in Lessons

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In 2022, technology has become a pivotal part of our lives. Children particularly flock to electronic devices like smartphones, tablets, computers, and gaming consoles. Online homeschooling combines education with children’s natural affinity for technology.

Online classes are cleverly designed, structured, planned, and executed to maximise student interest and engagement. At Cambridge Home School Online, we use advanced audio-visual technology to build student interest and gradually retain it throughout the class.

Technology has its benefits and downsides. By leveraging the benefits, we help students pay closer attention to their classes, actively engage with their peers, ask questions, and perform exceptionally well on their examinations.

2. Flexibility

a student attending online school in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia is recognised for its culture of overworking students. On paper, this may sound like a great approach. The harder a student works, the better the learning outcome, right? Well, not quite. When students are pushed beyond their limits, they develop academic stress, anxiety, and even burnout. Instead of performing better, they begin to dread their studies. Over time, their performance begins to decline.

At Cambridge Home School Online, we incorporate flexibility into our schooling approach. Students attend balanced, well-structured, and engaging classes. In conventional schools, students waste a lot of time shuffling in and out of classes, sitting idly, and commuting to/from school.

The online homeschooling model smartly saves this time and utilises it for afterschool growth. Our classes end 3–4 hours earlier than in conventional schools. As a result, students don’t return home feeling overwhelmed and exhausted. They retain optimal energy levels. Our students play sports, socialise with their friends, make new friends, develop essential skills, explore their hobbies and interests, do volunteer work, and embark on fun adventures and excursions. The learning process never stops!

By giving our students the gift of additional time and energy, we help them enjoy a healthier school-life balance. Our students don’t get frustrated with their classes. Instead, they learn and play happily. This is one of the most notable benefits of online homeschooling. As more and more Saudi Arabian parents pick up on this benefit, they’re making the transition to the online learning model for their children.

3. Effective Learning

Online schooling is recognised for its rigorousness. At Cambridge Home School Online, we have a team of MA/MSc/PhD qualified subject specialist teachers on board. We deliver focused, engaging, and effective lessons to students in small groups (8–10 pupils each). This approach helps us provide one-on-one attention to each pupil.

While some conventional schools follow the same approach in Saudi Arabia, most don’t. As many as 25 or even 30 students are crammed into a single classroom. Their teachers struggle to provide individualised attention to every student. Why? There are simply too many pupils in the classroom. Over time, students lost interest in their lessons.

To excel in school, each student’s learning patterns, strengths, weaknesses, and performance must be carefully analysed and understood. Teachers cannot do this for 25–30 students at a time. When the student-teacher ratio is reduced, the student-teacher bond also strengthens. This approach is found in most online schools across Saudi Arabia, including our institution.

4. A New, Effective Curriculum

a high school student attending online school in Saudi Arabia

As a British online school, we use an independent homeschooling curriculum that covers greater educational breadth and depth. Our curriculum is significantly more comprehensive and balanced than the national curriculum taught in Saudi Arabia. It covers topics and subtopics that aren’t addressed in the national curriculum.

The curricular switch also plays a big role in improving academic performance. Our students cover more academic ground, learn valuable skills, and understand the intricacies of their subjects. This helps them perform better on their examinations.

At Cambridge Home School Online, we provide a quality Cambridge online education to students across four competitive homeschooling stages: Primary Prep/Key Stage 2 (ages 7 to 10), Lower School/Key Stage 3 (ages 11 to 13), Upper School/IGCSEs (ages 14 to 16), and Sixth Form/AS & A-Levels (ages 17 to 19).

Are you considering making the switch to online learning in Saudi Arabia? Explore the following pages for more insight and guidance:

When you’re ready, schedule a consultation with our education specialists and teachers. We’re committed to helping students succeed and become well-rounded individuals.

As an online private school, we prioritise transparency. Parents receive 24/7 access to their children’s homework. We also plan three parent-teacher consultations (one in each term) to ensure that parents are aware of their children’s progress at all times.

Presently, we’re accepting applications from students in Riyadh, Jeddah, Mecca, Medina, Dammam, Taif, Al Khobar, Tabuk, and Al Hofuf, among numerous other cities across Saudi Arabia. Increase your chances of acceptance by submitting an early application.


How has the learning landscape in Saudi Arabia evolved with online schooling?

The transition to online schooling, particularly during the COVID-19 pandemic, has revolutionised education in Saudi Arabia. Online learning has become the norm, offering students and parents a flexible, safe, and engaging environment to continue their studies, without the concerns associated with traditional classroom settings such as health risks and social pressures.

What are the advantages of the online homeschooling model for parents and students in Saudi Arabia?

Online homeschooling provides a unique combination of flexibility, safety, and efficiency for learning. Parents can enjoy peace of mind and tend to their responsibilities while children engage in classes from home. For students, it minimizes the risk of virus contraction and eliminates the commute and downtime associated with conventional schooling, allowing for more personal development activities.

In what ways does Cambridge Home School Online’s approach to education enhance student engagement and interest?

Cambridge Home School Online harnesses advanced audio-visual technology to deliver engaging and interactive online classes. This approach leverages students’ inherent interest in technology to keep them engaged, encouraging active participation and improving performance in exams.

How does the curriculum of Cambridge Home School Online differ from the national curriculum in Saudi Arabia?

The independent homeschooling curriculum at Cambridge Home School Online is broader and more comprehensive than the national curriculum in Saudi Arabia. It delves deeper into subject matters, thereby enriching students’ knowledge and skills and enabling them to achieve higher academic performance.

What support does Cambridge Home School Online offer to parents regarding their children’s education?

Cambridge Home School Online maintains a transparent relationship with parents, providing round-the-clock access to their children’s homework. Additionally, the school schedules three parent-teacher consultations annually, facilitating parents to stay informed about their child’s academic progress.

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