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One of the main reasons why families choose to homeschool is the flexibility to learn wherever they want. For some, this means taking on the road.

With the flexibility to learn remotely, families can create an immersive learning experience that isn’t tied down by location. For many families, taking the road is a reality. They use the attractions and sights along the way to teach their child, but there are ways to ensure that this doesn’t get in the way of their academic pursuits.

Online Homeschooling Options for Traveling Students

Before the rise of online education, people used to dream of being able to get a quality education while travelling. With the increasing number of schools offering online programs, students have more options than ever before.

For many students, the travelling part of their education can be a major factor that prevents them from finishing their sixth form diploma. There are various reasons why this can happen, such as a parent’s job that allows them to travel for a lot of the year.

Online homeschools are known to provide a variety of resources and programs that can help students finish their education while travelling.

Around the World

One of the biggest advantages of online education is that it allows students to work from anywhere in the world. With the availability of high-speed internet connections, students can connect to the internet in almost every corner of the globe.

While still in the sixth form, students can travel to new places and meet new people. Unlike traditional school students, who only travel once a year, online students can travel throughout the year.

With the flexibility of time and place, parents can still send their children to school while they’re away. However, they must still follow the same state tests that require students to be at certain locations each year.

Online education is also ideal for students who are travelling. It allows them to work from wherever they are, and it allows them to customise their learning.

Global Citizens

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For families who regularly travel, online education can provide a great opportunity to expand their cultural horizons. It allows students to immerse themselves in new cultures while still maintaining their A level grades.

For instance, a parent from Indiana who worked in Japan for several months might want to bring their child to school to improve their foreign language skills. Online education can provide this opportunity. It allows them to develop a deeper understanding of the local culture and improve their global citizenship skills.

Immersive Education

The increasing number of immersive education opportunities offered by online education has been known to improve student engagement and academic outcomes.

Through the use of landmarks and attractions, students can enhance their learning and explore new areas. For instance, they can view the original Constitution of the country they’re studying.

Although online education is not for everyone, it can be very beneficial for families open to providing their children with unique and modern teaching methods.

Travelling with Cambridge Home School Online

Through Cambridge Home School Online, students can take online school classes from anywhere they have an Internet connection. This allows them to achieve a level of convenience that traditional schools can’t provide. Regardless of where you are in the world, we allow your child to receive quality British education online, so they don’t get held back while travelling. We also offer an alternative pathway for those students who need to travel.

Contact us today to learn about how we help students get the absolute best that online primary education school has to offer.


Why do families choose online homeschooling for travelling?

Families opt for online homeschooling due to its flexibility, which allows students to continue their education seamlessly from any location while travelling.

Can students complete their education while travelling?

Yes, with online homeschooling, students have the flexibility and resources to continue and complete their education while travelling, even during their sixth form years.

How does travelling impact a student’s online education?

Travel provides a rich, immersive educational experience. Online schooling accommodates travel schedules, allowing students to study from anywhere in the world without disrupting their academic progress.

What are the advantages of online schooling for globally mobile families?

Online schooling offers globally mobile families the chance to expand cultural knowledge and global citizenship skills while maintaining academic rigor and achieving high academic standards.

How does Cambridge Home School Online accommodate travelling students?

Cambridge Home School Online provides a robust online education that students can access from any location with an internet connection, ensuring they receive a quality British education while travelling.

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