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While a quality schooling experience is important, it’s not enough. If the learning process isn’t sustained, students can easily forget concepts, break out of the habit of consistent learning, and fall into the trap of procrastination.

At Cambridge Home School Online, we provide live sessions to students during the school year. However, we also offer academic booster classes during the school holidays. These additional classes help students learn new concepts, revise old concepts discussed during the school year, develop new skills, and have fun!

It’s the summer vacation, after all. No student should feel like they’re “studying” during their vacation. By combining learning with fun activities and entertainment, we help make our sessions enjoyable for students.

In this blog, we’ll offer a closer look at our all-new academic booster classes. What are they? How are they structured? How can your child benefit from them? Let’s dig deeper! If you have any questions, please feel free to drop them in the comments below. You can also speak with our chatbot. Let’s get started!

1. Four Categories

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Our booster classes have been distributed across four stages. Parents can choose between:

  • Prep Booster Classes (Ages 7 to 10)
  • Lower School Booster Classes (Ages 11 to 13)
  • Upper School IGCSE Booster Classes (Ages 14 to 16)
  • Sixth Form A Level Booster Classes (Ages 17 to 19)

Across each stage, we achieve a range of different tasks. Our MA/MSc/PhD qualified subject specialist teachers are focused on helping students cover new ground, revise the ground previously covered, and have fun! We plan a wide range of stimulating, engaging, and exciting activities to keep students engrossed in the classes.

We want students to have a good time and gain essential academic insights that help them in the upcoming school year. Whether your child is 8, 10, 14, or 19, they must secure excellent grades. This isn’t optional; it’s necessary.

Stellar grades play a big role in deciding the future academic and professional trajectory that students follow. If your child secures top IGCSE and A Level grades, they’ll study a prestigious program at an esteemed university like Cambridge, Oxford, Berkeley, Stanford, Harvard, Columbia, and the like.

This, in turn, will help them enjoy a successful career in the future. Think of this like the domino effect. We keep this in mind when structuring our academic booster classes. The goal is to help address common weaknesses that prevent students from excelling in their academics.

It’s possible that a certain child struggles with time management. Perhaps another student requires memory improvement sessions. Similarly, a student could struggle with focusing in class. Our teachers identify each student’s learning weaknesses and strengths. Using this insight, they personalise the class to ensure that every student benefits from the sessions on a one-on-one basis.

This is achievable for our teachers as our student-teacher ratio is fairly low (8-10 students per group). As a result, teachers can provide individualised attention to every student. Within a few days, they understand the ins and outs of each student’s learning personality. This invaluable insight helps them continually restructure the program based on the pupil’s progress.

2. Fun, fun, fun!

a student attending Cambridge Home School Online's academic booster classes

Enjoyment is a big part of the school holidays! If children don’t have fun during their vacation, was it even a vacation? While we’re focused on academic growth, we’re also focused on ensuring that every student has a lot of fun during the academic booster sessions.

Our teachers use advanced audio-visual technology to make the sessions more engaging and interactive for students. We also plan fun presentations, activities, group exercises, games, and excursions to ensure that students enjoy themselves, have a memorable time with their teachers and peers, and build strong connections.

Not only do our students leave the sessions with stronger academic skills, but they also leave with strong friendships and advanced skills. We build a range of soft and hard skills in students, including respect, empathy, teamwork, responsibility, conflict management, leadership, and the like.

3. Open to All!

Cambridge Home School Online’s academic booster classes are open to all! Whether you’re a student enrolled in our institution or any other institution, you can benefit from our sessions during your school holiday. This helps us bring the CHS Online experience to students living across the world.

As pupils get a taste of the online learning experience, they also get a chance to gauge whether the transition is right for them. We recommend discussing our academic booster sessions with your children if you’re a parent.

Our classes aren’t exclusively academic. In fact, we combine the online schooling structure with the summer program style to create a unique mix. Acting as the perfect “booster” session, our classes help students perform even better in school.

At CHS Online, we enjoy an excellent track record. In June 2021, 86% of our IGCSE students secured A*s and As in their target subjects. 83% of our A-Level students secured two As and a B or higher, as requested by top universities. Moreover, all students who applied received offers from some of the best universities across the globe.

By equipping each student with the academic tools and non-academic support they need to succeed, we help them become well-rounded, talented, creative, and responsible learners.

a student enjoying Cambridge Home School Online's academic booster classes

Have you been thinking of switching from conventional schooling to high school learning online for your children? We offer four competitive homeschooling programs: Primary Prep/Key Stage 2 (ages 7 to 10), Lower School/Key Stage 3 (ages 11 to 13), Upper School/IGCSEs (ages 14 to 16), and Sixth Form/AS & A-Levels (ages 17 to 19).  Explore the following links to find out more about our approach, policies, philosophy, and guidelines:

Homeschooling Process
Term Dates
Application Form
Scholarships & Bursaries
Grades & Fees
Online Reviews

Once you’re ready, submit an early application for your child. With over 20 years of experience, we’re fully focused on equipping our students with the tools they need to secure top grades, enjoy a healthy school-life balance, and perform well in other facets of their life. We’re ready when you are!


What are Cambridge Home School Online’s Academic Booster Classes?

Our academic booster classes are special programs designed to supplement students’ learning during school holidays. They focus on introducing new concepts, revising past materials, developing new skills, and incorporating enjoyable activities to make learning fun and effective during the break.

Who can attend the Academic Booster Classes?

The booster classes are open to all students aged 7 to 19, whether they are currently enrolled at Cambridge Home School Online or not. These classes offer a glimpse into our online learning environment and serve as a beneficial academic experience for students worldwide.

How are the Academic Booster Classes structured?

The classes are categorized into four age-specific stages: Prep Booster for ages 7-10, Lower School for ages 11-13, Upper School IGCSE for ages 14-16, and Sixth Form A Level for ages 17-19. Each class is tailored to address common learning gaps and build both academic and soft skills, all while maintaining a low student-teacher ratio for personalised attention.

What kind of activities can students expect in the Academic Booster Classes?

In addition to traditional learning, students will engage in various fun activities. These may include interactive presentations, group exercises, games, and even excursions. The goal is to blend education with entertainment, ensuring students enjoy their holiday while improving their academic skills.

How successful are Cambridge Home School Online’s programs?

Our track record boasts high achievement, with 86% of our IGCSE students attaining A*s and As, and 83% of A-Level students securing top university requisite grades in June 2021. Our comprehensive approach not only prepares students academically but also supports their overall development as responsible and creative individuals.

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