7 Tips For Students to Master Upper School Mathematics

Upper School Math is very important for students to succeed in college and universities. Besides being able to perform well in academics, a student’s ability to solve problems is also very important for success in life. Mathematics embeds a habit of trial and error in students, creating a desire to improve.

For many students, finding new ways to improve their maths skills can be hard. This is why they must take the time to develop their own study habits.

According to a survey conducted by an organisation that focuses on the study of industrial and applied mathematics, over 400 teachers from the UK. were asked what they would like to see in their students’ maths education. They found that flexibility and a diverse pool of resources were integral in helping improve the quality of education among Upper School mathematics students.

According to Michelle Montgomery, the project director of the MathWorks Challenge at SIAM, students can have a successful maths education even if they naturally tend to be good at maths. She noted that mathematical modelling could help students excel in their studies.

Here are a few simple yet effective strategies to help them achieve their goals.

1. Eliminate Distractions

It’s easy to get distracted when it comes to studying. Try turning off your phone and taking a break from social media and other electronic devices during your study breaks. This will help you focus on the task at hand.

2. Create Groups Among Colleagues

Looking to better focus on solving complex equations? One way to do this is by finding a group of students who are also interested in learning more. Conversation with each other will allow you to develop new strategies in maths. Although it’s not for everyone, studying in a group can greatly improve your skills.

An online school with smaller classroom sizes than traditional schools can make it easier for students to find like-minded study groups. The online setting also helps students stay in touch through social media groups and instant messaging.


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3. Work Through Problems Backwards

Upper school maths problems often involve several steps. It’s easy to make a mistake at one stage of the process, leading to frustration and learning new strategies. One way to avoid this is to work through the problem in reverse. This method can help you explain the formula or method’s logic.

4. Relate Problems To Real Life

Some high school maths problems are also related to real-world situations. For instance, finding the volume of a container can be a problem that’s commonly seen in textbooks. However, even though it might take longer to solve this type of problem, it can help students develop their knowledge and improve their skills. Another way to solve this problem is to find a container in your house. This will allow you to practice the method in a real-world context.

5. Study at Different Intervals

For years, students and teachers have debated the best time of the day to start learning certain subjects. The truth is, depending on your preference, studying maths in the morning may benefit some students, while it may be better to focus in the evening or at night. To test your results, try studying at a different time of the day. Although it’s not necessary to change your habits, it’s important to try a new time to study.

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6. Take Breaks

For many students, maths is the most challenging subject in high school, leading many to feel stressed. To avoid getting stuck in maths, take breaks throughout your studies. These breaks can help keep you focused and keep you sharp.

7. One-On-One Meetings with Your Teacher

Traditional classrooms are designed to teach the majority of students. In most cases, the teacher will deliver lessons in a way designed to help the students behind.

However, there are also some students who can be very effective at learning maths faster. To help students who prefer taking their time, a one-on-one meeting with their maths teacher should be arranged. This will allow them to work in the best way for them.

Cambridge Home School Online ensures students get the attention they need. Through smaller classroom sizes, teachers can assess the needs of each student, effectively helping them keep up with the year’s course load.

Our classroom environment allows students to receive a personalised approach and is conducted in a way designed to help them reach their goals. Online homeschooling sessions enable students to access the same quality of education regardless of where they are.

What Teachers Recommend

According to Michelle Montgomery, director of MathWorks, the key to successful modelling work is identifying the factors that influence a problem and developing a strategy to solve it. This process can be done using various tools and techniques, such as gut checking and hypothesis testing. Besides being able to work on a problem, the ability to use maths skills can also help students make informed decisions regarding the world around them.

Teachers understand that maths can be an especially tricky subject for some students because of their specific skills. While some students can easily tackle complex mathematical concepts, others may find it takes them hours of practice to comprehend.


According to teachers, the key for students to achieve exceptional maths skills is to study in an environment that encourages inquisitiveness. In addition, guidance through qualified teaching staff can help them address their issues and resolve them in time before the rest of the class moves on to another lesson.

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Why is Upper School Math significant for a student’s future success?

Upper School Math equips students not only for academic achievements but also for solving real-life problems. It instills a discipline of perseverance and continual improvement, crucial for success in various aspects of life beyond college and university.

What methods can students employ to enhance their maths skills according to educational experts?

Educational experts suggest that students engage in methods such as eliminating distractions, participating in study groups, applying mathematical problems to real-life situations, varying study times, and taking breaks to enhance maths skills. Additionally, they can benefit from one-on-one meetings with teachers to receive tailored instruction.

How does studying in groups help students improve in maths?

Studying in a group, especially in an online school with smaller class sizes, fosters collaboration and the development of new problem-solving strategies among students. This communal learning approach can significantly enhance a student’s ability to tackle complex mathematical equations.

What unique strategies are recommended for tackling difficult maths problems?

One innovative strategy is to approach problems backward, starting from the solution and working towards the beginning to understand the logic behind mathematical methods. Additionally, applying mathematical problems to real-world contexts can deepen understanding and improve problem-solving skills.

How does Cambridge Home School Online cater to the individual learning needs of maths students?

Cambridge Home School Online prioritises individual attention with smaller class sizes, enabling teachers to assess and address each student’s needs. This personal approach ensures students can keep up with the curriculum and achieve their educational goals effectively.

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