a student attending online school in India

While India is recognised for its rich culture, vibrant history, impressive monuments, friendly locals, and beautiful natural landscapes, the country is also known for its multi-talented students. In recent years, Indian parents have been looking into the benefits of providing their children a quality British education.

If you want your children to achieve academic excellence, attend a prestigious university, and enjoy a successful career in the future, make sure you focus on building a strong foundation through quality schooling.

At Cambridge Home School Online, we believe that Indian students carry immense potential. Unfortunately, this potential isn’t always actualised. By switching to the British education system, parents can help their children enjoy excellent academic progression and become well-rounded, capable, and talented learners.

In this blog, we’ll highlight the benefits of studying the esteemed British curriculum in India. Why should you make this switch for your children? Moreover, how will your children benefit from this transition across the five most critical facets of their life: academic, personal, social, moral, and ethical growth? Let’s dig deeper. Continue reading, take notes, and feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions.

1. Quality of Education

 a student attending online school in India

The British curriculum is known for covering a vast range of topics in great depth. At Cambridge Home School Online, we go a step further. Our MA/MSc/PhD qualified subject specialist teachers teach a well-rounded, independent, and interdisciplinary British curriculum. This covers excellent academic breadth and depth, enabling students to develop detailed insights, develop a mastery of their subject, and secure top grades.

We equip students with the educational tools they need to gain more clarity across each subject, topic, and subtopic. By choosing the British curriculum, you’ll give your child the gift of quality schooling. Our students study exceptionally well, secure impressive grades, and excel in other areas of their life (sports, extracurricular events, the Spelling Bee, etc.).

2. Exposure

By teaching the British curriculum to international students, we help them enjoy a collective learning experience. Presently, we provide a quality British international school online education to students living in the UK, Europe (including Western Russia), the Middle East, Central Asia, and South Asia. We cover dozens of countries, including India, Pakistan, Russia, South Africa, China, Hong Kong, Kuwait, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Thailand, and South Korea, among others.

Our students have a diverse learning experience as they interact with their peers from different cities, countries, and continents. Every student shares one goal: excelling in their studies. While they may come from different backgrounds, have different cultures, and speak other languages beyond English, they ultimately learn together and appreciate the importance of diversity, inclusion, acceptance, and multi-cultural celebration.

As the world becomes increasingly cosmopolitan, this is an essential skill that every student must develop. The British curriculum helps bring international students together and instil the value of celebrating differences. As students navigate their life, they recognise the beauty of heterogeneity and become successful achievers who aren’t held back by vices like discrimination and prejudice.

3. Grades

 a student preparing for her exams in India

The British curriculum helps students develop a nuanced understanding of different topics. At Cambridge Home School, we combine this approach with a few of our own strategies. We teach the British curriculum to small groups of 8-10 students.

Moreover, we provide students with access to a vast online library of educational resources (videos, catch-up lessons, presentations, study guides, past papers, worksheets, etc.). Students can access these resources whenever they want, especially when they’re completing their homework or revising for the day. By equipping students with these tools, we ensure that the learning process never stops.

Moreover, keeping the student-teacher ratio as low as possible ensures that each student receives one-on-one attention from our esteemed teachers. These additional measures help our students study the British curriculum more rigorously. As a result, the learning outcomes are simply spectacular.

In June 2021, 86% of our IGCSE students secured A*s and As in their target subjects. 83% of our A-Level students secured two As and a B or higher, as requested by top universities. Moreover, all students who applied received offers from some of the best universities globally.

4. Personal and Social Growth

The British curriculum is well-balanced and rigorous. Compared to the local curriculum taught in India, it promotes excellent academic growth without requiring students to restrict themselves to their studies.

At our Cambridge home school online, Indian students who study the British curriculum also enjoy immense personal and social growth. We ensure that our students reap the benefits of a flexible schooling experience. While we double down on academics, we also focus on skill-building.

Our students are encouraged to play sports, socialise with their friends and family, go on excursions, participate in competitions like the Spelling Bee, do volunteer work, go on family trips to learn about new cultures, have diverse experiences, and develop new hobbies.

We believe that personal and social growth are just as important as academic excellence. By focusing on all three aspects, we help students enjoy a healthy school-life balance. We also provide one-on-one success coaching and pastoral support to every student. This helps students enjoy good mental health while excelling in school.

a student attending a Science lesson in India

At Cambridge Home School Online, we provide a quality British online education to students across India, including Delhi, Calcutta, Mumbai, Chennai, Jaipur, Bengaluru, Agra, Hyderabad, Varanasi, Ahmedabad, Pune, and Lucknow, among other notable cities. If you want to make the switch to online schooling for your children, take a closer look at the following links:

We offer four homeschooling programs: Primary Prep/Key Stage 2 (ages 7 to 10), Lower School/Key Stage 3 (ages 11 to 13), Upper School/IGCSEs (ages 14 to 16), and Sixth Form/AS & A-Levels (ages 17 to 19).

By providing the academic and non-academic support students need to succeed in school, we help them perform exceptionally well and have an enjoyable online learning experience. Let’s get started!


What benefits does the British curriculum offer to Indian students?

The British curriculum, renowned for its academic rigour and breadth, provides Indian students with an opportunity to delve deeply into their subjects, fostering a strong academic foundation. This prepares them well for high academic achievement and is beneficial for personal, social, moral, and ethical growth.

How does Cambridge Home School Online cater to international students, including those from India?

Cambridge Home School Online offers an international British curriculum that creates a diverse and collective learning environment for students from various regions, including India. This approach promotes inclusivity and appreciation for cultural diversity, essential skills in a cosmopolitan world.

What kind of academic performance have students at Cambridge Home School Online achieved?

Students at Cambridge Home School Online have shown exemplary performance in their examinations. As of June 2021, a significant majority of IGCSE and A-Level students achieved top grades, with many receiving offers from prestigious universities worldwide.

Can the British curriculum improve personal and social development for students in India?

The British curriculum supports not just academic growth but also personal and social development. It encourages students to engage in sports, social activities, and other enriching experiences, fostering a well-rounded education and a balanced school-life.

How can Indian students access the academic resources at Cambridge Home School Online?

Students have access to a wealth of online resources, including videos, lesson replays, study guides, and worksheets, which support continuous learning and revision, making the British education system a comprehensive and ongoing educational experience.

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